Zenyatta Bred to Medaglia d’Oro

Zenyatta, April 2016. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta, April 2016. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

We’re pleased to share the news that Zenyatta was bred to Medaglia d’Oro this morning. She will be checked in fifteen days to determine if she is in foal.

Thank you to the staff at Darley and Lane’s End Farm. We look forward to a happy and healthy year to come.

Team Z


  1. Monty being a great partner!Sheena

  2. No luck for Proconsul in his debut today,could only finish 8th.One wonders what happened the day Frankel was conceived.The stars aligned.Viren’s boy wins the Dee in the colours made famous Mad Moose!Sheena

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Oh, next time for Proconsul. Beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

  3. Dear Sheena,

    Running late this morning. Enjoy all the politics, racing and of course the ospreys. Rachel Alexandra’s daughter, Rachel’s Valentina runs today in the KY Oaks. Sure hope Fibbs shows up soon. It would be disastrous indeed if he doesn’t! Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Angel Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  4. Good luck to Rachel’s Valentina today.Your mum will be proud of you.Hugs Sheena.

  5. Bonjour Zenyatta,

    How are you doing with no baby to care for?

    I am still curious as to how you feel about this.
    I don’t know much about horse breeding so I
    just wonder and just continue to ask.

    Maybe someday I will get an answer.

    I wonder why a different sire was chosen. None of our
    business, of course, but it would be nice to know.

    Oh well!

    Hope it is good news, and hope it is a girl this time.

    Love to you, Zenyatta!

    Pardon me, Zenyatta, for my ignorance sometimes.

    Lise from Maine

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I too don’t know much about horses and what they know or don’t know. There are a lot more people here who know much more, But I do have some opinions based on what I have learned the last few years. I saw Zenyatta racing in 2009 and I was hooked.
      I think that Zenny is doing fine. She had Ann with her for a few days after Z16 passed. She also had her pasture friend. If anyone knows how to handle this it is Lane’s End, they not only care for her but she is so special and very much loved.
      I think that perhaps since it hasn’t worked out twice (certainly not his fault) with War Front, perhaps a change of sires was needed. But I only assume this.
      We won’t know for awhile if she in foal, but we certainly can hope so….

      As far as Medaglia d’Oro he is only 17 so he is still young, he had a very good career while he was active. He even raced in Dubai in 2004 and took 2nd. That is not such a easy accomplishment. He also is the sire of Rachael Alexander, and that perhaps made the decision easier. Especially since Rachel’s Valentina is doing so well. Best of luck to Rachel’s Valentina her in the Kentucky Oaks today. I hope she runs like her Momma did in the Oaks. If memory serves me correctly she won by over 20 lengths.

      We won’t know for awhile if she is in foal, I hope so.
      In Italian -Medaglia d’Oro means – Gold Metal

    2. A very standard way handlers manage a situation like this is to leave the mare with the deceased foal for a few hours. This gives her time to nudge, whisker, encourage and then come to recognize through scent and non-response that the foal is dead.

      Usually after 3 – 2 hours the mare will accept this and move away from the body. She may give a couple of calls in the next 24 hours but if she’s placed with a ‘herd’ her herd instincts will take over and she’ll move with the other mares.

      In many ways this is more time than nature would give her. In the wild, the band stallion would need to move her away from the scent of death before the predators and carrion eaters arrive. He wouldn’t be as patient about giving her time to process the loss.

      If you look at the picture of Zenyatta, that Wednesday afternoon, where she is out in a field with Vixana and Ann you can see that Zenyatta is calm and relaxed. There is no sweat or traced of dried sweat to suggest she’d been pacing the paddock, or incessantly calling, her head in down and she is calmly grazing. Figure that picture would have been taken 6 – 8 hours after he died.

      Rood and Riddle, Lane’s End and even the Mosses themselves are no strangers to the tragedy that can happen during foaling season. They know how to support the mare, using patience and her own instincts to assist her in grieving and moving on.

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. We non-horse professionals have a hard time not processing the loss from a human POV, so this perspective is helpful and encouraging.

  6. Hope you and Vixana have a good day. Today is the Kentucky Oaks , I’m hoping Rachel Valentina wins. Xoxo

  7. Medaglia d’ORO sires lots of GREAT FILLIES!!!!! Also at the risk of being slightly naughty, that picture above which was taken just a few hours after Zenny mated with Medaglio d’Oro. HMMM! don’t you think she has THAT CERTAIN SATED LOOK about her like she’s been WELL bred and is a little sleepy, sexy sleepy ???? She almost looks like she could give us a BIG happy yawn! My daughter Melody agrees with me!! and Melody is giggling!!
    So love and giggles for Zennys happiness, from naughty Marilyn and Melody Braudrick

    1. LOL!!!!!!

  8. Did I read somewhwere that The Cozmic One was going to race today. Or did I imagine that I read it.
    Puzzled, Marilyn

    1. I didn’t hear that he was racing today, but I did see this work from yesterday.
      Cozmic One (4-Year-Old Colt)
      Date: May 5, 2016
      Distance: Four Furlongs
      Time: 49:60 Handily
      Track Condition: Fast
      Surface: Dirt
      Rank: 23/32

  9. Sheena, can u tell me what exactly transpired with the ospreys/?I cannot seem to find their site on facebook and so much has happened with blue’s eggs and Monty? Plaese I am relly praying that all goes well for all of them???? Thanks, Marilyn california

    1. Dear Marilyn.You should be able to find them on FB under Dyfi Osprey Project.It’almost certain now that Blue’s eggs have been predated but Monty is still mating with her!Glesni is quite happy incubating and Monty does his fair share too.Their daughter Clarach returned to Wales this week and made the BBC news.We hope for chicks late may/early June.Sheena

  10. Dear Z fans,
    Good luck to all today !!!!
    Go Rachel’s Valentina,
    you are my pick, love you !!!

  11. Dear Z Fans:

    Here’s the Past Performances of the horses in the Derby with Jockeys and Morning Line Odds. Good luck all. Godspeed all; safe and sound. Love and Hugs, JB


    1. Dear Judy B.,

      Thanks for the link! Lots of interesting information.
      It should be exciting! Safe racing to all on Derby Day!

      Hugs and Love

  12. Why did you breed her again so soon?? I think you should have gotten American Pharohs for the new dad..

    1. They short cycled her, they didn’t breed her on her foal heat, she is perfectly healthy and was fine to be bred and if they didn’t it would be 5 years without a foal from her.

      Dottie actually gave a wonderful analysis about choosing mates for Zenyatta and why American Pharoah wouldn’t be in the immediate future. They are looking for something specific from the stallion, SPEED. They need to know that the stallion can produce speed. Until American Pharoah’s babies reach at least 2 years of age there is no way to know what he’s going to pass on to his get.

      You breed to improve weaknesses in the two individuals. You don’t breed race records.

      1. Z13, thanks very much for your reply’s. I too am clueless and you provide great info! Appreciate that!

  13. I am elated that you decided to breed Zenny back and to Medaglia. Great race horse and fits Zenyattas running style perfectly. Let’s us know when you know she’s in foal…!!

  14. Yeah Team Z. Thank you for letting us know Z has been bred to Medaglia. Seems like a very good choice to me, but what do I know? Best of luck that all looks good in 15 days.

    Dear Z, I love you forever my angel. So glad to see you are doing so well and looking so good.

  15. My very best to you, beautiful girl. Stay healthy, happy and exuberant!

  16. Gotta go check out the stud for handsomeness. I’ve never heard of him. Hope you enjoyed the ride Zenny :)

  17. How about Vixana? Is it too late in the year now for her to be covered?


  19. Is Vixiana to be bred this year?? Thanks in advance for reply. Sincerely, Marilyn

  20. Any results re: Zenyatta? Is she in foal?

    1. Right?! They have us waiting on tenterhooks!

  21. I am so exited for the 9 months to be up and the foal to be born and there is a new member of team z. I have seen all of her races and i have her and cosmic 1 in breyer form. And i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove them so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.

  22. Is she in foal? Hoping/Praying!!

  23. Does anyone know yet if our girl is going to be a momma again? I haven’t heard anything yet. Hope, hope, hope!

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