Zenyatta.com Celebration: Fans Meet Zenyatta!

Linda Daly with Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson

Linda Daly with Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson

Happy Monday!

Our first ever Zenyatta.com Celebration happened over Breeders’ Cup weekend in November 2013. Through the sales of our limited edition Celebration Sticker and the auction of Zenyatta memorabilia, we raised money for Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc. The final donation totaled $12,000, and we have all of you to thank for your support and generosity!

As our Grand Prize, we picked five fans in a random drawing to win an invitation to visit Zenyatta at Lane’s End Farm. Each winner was able to travel with their friend of choice and meet Zenyatta, 13Z and receive a tour of Lane’s End. These photos by Alys Emson document their visits.

View the complete set of photos from these visits in our Zenyatta.com Celebration Photo Gallery.

-Team Z

Lisa Myers meets Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson

Lisa Myers meets Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson

Kathleen Carson and 13Z. Photo by Alys Emson.

Kathleen Carson and 13Z. Photo by Alys Emson.

Geri Whalen and Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson.

Geri Whalen and Zenyatta. Photo by Alys Emson.

Adrienne Ady and 13Z. Photo by Alys Emson.

Adrienne Ady and 13Z. Photo by Alys Emson.


  1. Congrats to Stonestreet and their petite flyer, Teen Pauline, on her 10 length win yesterday! Power comes in small packages. She is a mighty mite!

    It is a comfort on these horrible cold snowy days to know that Zenny and her boys are warm and well fed. Wish that fate for all of the 4 legged.

  2. For A Smile…………………….For All Dog & Cat Lovers
    FYI………….Animal Planet Next Sunday February 2nd

    Puppy & Kitty Cat Bowls The Super Bowl Can’t Outdo Them….Just Too Cute……

    1. Thanks, Peggy. Way too cute!

      1. Dear Ann

        These little one’s are just so adorable

  3. Hello everyone,
    I don’t know whether the excellent folks at Lane’s End will be answering any Zenyatta questions again, but I thought of a couple that might be of interest:

    I wonder whether caregivers and handlers have noticed differences in the personalities of Cozmic One and Z13? Their conformation and appearance is strikingly different, each from each.

    Also, when will Z13 be given his registered name? Does he have a barn name or nickname?

    Thanks and stay warm!

    Thanks. Hope everyone is staying warm.

    1. Would love to know what they call 13 around the barn?
      Alys- bet you have a sweet name for him?

  4. @Sheena. Check out Moosie’s Twitter. He’s has launched a charm offensive and has invited Annie Power to drop by for a visit the next time she’s in England. Moose did say that he wants female company, which now seems to include more than jockeys. Free the Moose! Neigh!

    1. Charm Offensive, too cute!
      Free the Moose!
      Annie Power has her mind on jumping, Moosie, she is one smart gal to put her career first!

      1. Ann. I follow Annie mainly because she reminds me of someone whom we know and admire. Annie Power is the jump version of Zenyatta, big, beautiful and dedicated to her craft. She’s even got a similar white blaze to the Queen. Annie is unbeaten in 10 races at different distances against other fillies and grade 1 males. Stamina and speed combined with courage and a good disposition are like Z too. Her racing colors are pink and green.

  5. Dear Max Have just been watching Fly again is always better 2nd time around I get so nervous! Ruby was elated.Oh Moosie what are you thinking Annie would eat you for breakfast!They are both chestnuts though!Hope she has arrived home safely it was a rough night.Owen Paterson has been down to Somerset to see the flooded villages don’t know where Dave is?? Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Yes. The Fly was wonderful. The way he dug down and came up with the last grand assault to pull away from Our Conor is not something that I am going to forget any time soon. He reminds me of Dan because they both obviously love racing. Did you notice how much bigger the other horses are? The Fly is small like Northern Dancer and with the same heart and bite. That little horse is all power. Brilliant. Ruby gave him a grand ole pat on the neck for his super efforts.
      Poor Moosie. I agree. He has as much chance with Annie as he would with the Queen, as in no chance at all. Moose needs better race stats for those super mares to take any notice.

    2. Did someone post a link to the video (The Fly) winning on Saturday? I don’t see it.

  6. Dear Max The Fly reminds me of his Daddy. the other horses were so much bigger but you know what they say about “Small Packages” he is a tough courageous horse. Have you see Kauto’s twitter today? lovely pics of him doing what he did best JUMPING!!! He still says BB will win the World Hurdle Champagne Fever is all the rage for the Arkle.Hugs Sheena

    1. Sheena. Saw Kauto photo of him excelling at the jumps. He has great technique, maybe the best?
      You’re also right about The Fly. The Fly does look like his father, only smaller. Montjeu was 16.1 hands. The Fly, I think, is 15.2 like Northern Dancer. Here’s a little treat for you: Montjeu in the Arc taking the win away from the Japanese horse. Gutsy attack in the final stages is beautiful to see. That horse was an eccentric genius. Also father to the late Nick.


  7. I wonder how Coz is doing? We submitted Ask Mayberry Farm questions but I don’t think we’ve seen any. When will he go to a trainer?

  8. Dear Max Thanks so much for the Arc video, he was a gutsy little horse and such a wonderful sire,like his son St Nick gone far too soon but the memories are always there for us to treasure. Hugs Sheena

  9. Dear Zenny, You look fantastic. Once a queen, always a queen. Your majesty and royalty reigns forever.

    Thank you Team Z for the wonderful photos and continued updates. They are very precious to so many of us.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  10. Know some on here follow the Westminister Dog shows on here like me. I missed it by mistake last year. Always like to watch it. It’s February 10 & 11. Live on TV both nights. .

    1. Peggy,
      Thanks for the heads-up on the Westminster Dog Show! I always watch this on both nights; in fact, I consider it my birthday present each year.
      Hope everyone has a good week. All the best to our girl, Zenny, and her family!!

      1. Count me in. I keep hoping that a basset hound will win something, but nothing other than best of breed. When Joe Garigiola used to be a commentator he said that bassets always looked like the IRS was after them. I miss my old hound.

    2. Dear Peggy,

      I will be watching! When you’re too poor to own a thoroughbred, then you turn to dogs! lol Also a note to those on the West Coast…we have to tune in 3 hours earlier. The listings are for the East coast. Hugs, Kathy

  11. California Chrome won the California Cup at Santa Anita yesterday — congratulations to horse, rider and all connections. I read that Electric Eddie broke down and Oh Billy, Billy lost his rider. Does anyone know if Electric Eddie suffered a fatal injury? I sure hope all involved will be okay. Hugs

    1. Also, in the California Cup Derby, Aotearoa was eased in the stretch. Hope this was not a life-threatening injury. Sounds as if this was a bad-luck race in general.
      Still hoping that there were no fatalities. Hugs to all

    2. Eddie is going to have surgery….this was reported on a group on fb….
      the hope is he will recover to go into a different career…

    3. Marshall (NC broad)
      Electric Eddie has a condylar fracture and is scheduled for surgery today.
      Prayers for safe recovery. He will be retired.
      All others-horses & jockeys-are fine.
      Will update when I get more info.

      1. Thanks bunches, BGG and Carol in ARK.
        Will certainly keep Eddie in my thoughts and prayers with hopes for a smooth recovery.
        All the Best and Lots of Hugs

  12. Holocaust Memorial Day (Jan 27th)) For evil to flourish it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. This must never be allowed to happen again.RIP Hugs Sheena

    1. Amen, Sheena!
      It seems that evil is ever-present and always attempting to ruin and/or end lives.
      Thanks for this important reminder, lest we forget.
      Love and Hugs

  13. January 27 Cherokee Devotional

    Habit has its beginning in thought. Whatever becomes second nature to us has first caught on in our thinking-only to operate, in time, without thinking at all. Breaking with deeply ingrained addictions is something else again. Since we were old enough to understand we have been bent to a certain thought, molded to act and react until we follow through habitually. If what we did gave us comfort or made us feel good, we did it again. We have to fight habit with habit, deliberately changing one thought, one action, for another. If we simply try to remove a habit without filling the vacuum, we are opening the door for more and worse to come in. it is harder when we let thought drift back to remember how we were comforted. There is more than one comfort, more than one joy in forming a new habit.

    We bury them from sight forever and plant again the Tree.
    Dekanawidah 1720

  14. Happy Birthday Ebby

  15. Dear Kathy I am definitely a creature of habit!Ray is late today, they did love their bones though and on the couch!Have been watching some wonderful videos on Joey’s page a dog in Australia who saved some kittens in a fire what a hero and Thumper the cat who now can walk at last such a joy to see him having fun! Hope he will find his furever home.Have you ever seen Miss Elliebeans? I found a link from Zeus page,she is soo funny! have a good Monday. Love and Hugs to you, Kisses for the Puppy Pack.Sheena

  16. Dear Sheena,

    Ray…as angelic as ever. Enjoyed their peanut butter dog bones to the max. Loved the Thumper story, will look up the dog in Australia. Yes! I’ve seen Miss Elliebeans. Very funny. Be sure to check out Boo…Sunday sunnies. So chic and ADORABLE!!! Have a good week. Hugs from me, kisses from The Pack. Kathy.

  17. Dear Kathy Boo is just getting TOO cute!! Loved the shades.Hugs Sheena

    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ Hope you have a great day!
    {{hugs}} and kisses! Auntie Judy XO

    1. Happy Birthday Ebby! Wish I knew where your new digs were going to be. Remember the carrots :-)

  19. Good news for Revolutionary fans!!! He seems to be back :-)

    Revolutionary (4-Year-Old Colt)

    Date: January 27, 2014
    Distance: Four Furlongs
    Time: 47:90 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 1/30

  20. Brian Malloy ‏tweet Monday Jan. 27 2014
    JAKKALBERRY retired after suffering injury prepping for Dubai Carnival.
    G1-winning globetrotter is by half-brother to our Follow That Dream.
    Botti says G1-winning globetrotter Jakkalberry to be stallion following his retirement. Australia? Follow That Dream!

  21. DRF Derby ‏@DRFDerby ‏tweet Monday Jan. 27 2014
    #BC13 JFillies winner RIA ANTONIA faces fillies in Rachel Alexandra, 2/22;
    trying colts eventually “still on radar,” per connections’ tweets

  22. Another blast of winter weather headed our way. I hope everybody stays safe and warm. Great racing over the weekend. I wish I could root for Cairo Prince but I can’t abide Todd P.

    Please lay off Jerry and Ann Moss. They have been so generous and kind to us all . We have no way of knowing what they may do behind the scenes for the horses they have owned. I do know what they have done for Zenyatta and all of us. Enough said.

    1. I would be glad, Vicki, to tell you what they have NOT done and did NOT do for G Ten. Feel free to message me at his Facebook page. I cannot personally comment on any other situation other than that one……………………………………………

      Enough Said.

  23. Hi!

    How I wish I could come visit Zenyatta!

    That would be “the dream” of my lifetime as I watched her race live. She seems to
    enjoy meeting different people.

    The fans are so fortunate that her owners have been so generous in letting them visit
    with Zenyatta.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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