Zenyatta Featured on “Kentucky Life”

Zenyatta and her filly greet Ann at the fence. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta and her filly greet Ann at the fence. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Happy Wednesday!

Zenyatta fans have something extra special to look forward to on Derby weekend. This Saturday, KET’s award-winning series “Kentucky Life” will feature a story on Zenyatta and her enduring fan appeal.

The episode will premier on Saturday May 3 at 8 PM and will repeat Sunday afternoon at 4 PM. For those of you who live outside of KET’s viewing area, it will be available on their website after the original airdate. Expect it to be posted by May 5. http://www.ket.org/kentuckylife/

-Team Z


  1. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

  2. The Moss’ horse, Honey Ride, was pulled up and walked off yesterday in the Honeymoon Stakes at Santa Anita. Does anyone know if she’s ok?

  3. Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. We Texans don’t need an excuse to eat Mexican food–lol!

  4. Hello guys. I have been away from home and my computer so am just catching up.

    You can imagine what I said when Vicar got that dratted 1 post. Poor guy just didn’t have a chance. He looked uncomfortable and rank for a lot of the race. Don’t think he could have beaten California Chrome but could have finished better.

    Does anyone know how Black Onyx finished in his race?

    1. did he have a race….equibase has nothing on him since last year…

      my boy Rivers had a great work at Churchill the other day….2 or 49…
      hope you are having a wonderful day…

      1. drat….
        some reported that Vicar hit or was pushed into rail shortly after start of derby…cant find any confirmation of this…but he does not like to be behind..

    2. Black Onyx was scratched. Never heard why so I hope he is OK.

      1. Thanks, Sandy. He has been working, so hope he has another go of it.

        1. I remember now – it was the track. The race was taken off the turf and only the “Main track only” horses ran.

    3. Vicar seemed to break well from the gate. He did get bumped, but then he faded toward the end. Don’t know the reason.

  5. Dear Kathy.Happy Cinco de Mayo to you.I was fascinated to learn you have Swedish ancestors,so many emigrated to the New World including a brother of my great-granny who went to Salt Lake City.I’m sure most of my ancestors are welsh the English thought of us as a land of barbarians!
    Fubu’s nana looked lovely on her birthday,hope he will have good news from the vet this week!he’s looking brighter.Zoe’s out of jail great pic of Mom reading to her believe she used to be a teacher.Blue 24 is back!!!!she was cwtching up to Monty on his perch this morning the cheek of it!!Glesni should have laid her 2nd egg by now she looks very agitated.I’m upset for her.Marty is a clever rat he can speak german now!!!sure to help his internashunal bizness.”cwtch” means hug or getting close to”Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

  6. Dear Sheena,

    Yes, I am basically a mongrel. My ancestors emigrated from Sweden, Wales, Ireland and Germany. I’ve been through Salt Lake City many times. Beautiful mountains surround the city.

    Fubu’s nana looks lovely, indeed. Fingers crossed for a good doctor’s visit for him. They should make bookmarks out of Zoe’s pic reading the book with her mom. They would be fabulous as handouts in the libraries! Sorry to hear Blue 24 is back. Poor Glesni! She needs peace and quiet. I wonder how many languages Mary speaks. I guess you have to be very clever to do bizness internashunally! My new word for the day is “cwtch.” Have a great day and a great week. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy

  7. Is anyone having trouble hooking up with the Forum? I can’t seem to get it.

  8. Hi!

    I just watched the Kentucky Life story on Zenyatta.

    Great story!

    Love you, Zenyatta!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  9. Dear Team Z,

    That was a very enjoyable program. Thank you for posting the link! Of course the best part was the segment on the Queen. We can never get enough Zenyatta.

  10. Thank you for the link!

    Like I mentioned many moons ago on this site, John, Mike, the Mosses–it was a perfect storm. They saw her greatness early on–during her slow clumsy development–and they waited….

    There will probably not be another Z in my lifetime, but with Z’s lineage continuing on, you never know:))

  11. I just watched the Kentucky Life story on Zenyatta. Zenny, you still bring tears to my eyes.

    How much we love you and loved the days when you were racing. I got to see you once. How I wish I could have seen more of your races.

    Looing forward to seeing Coz.



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