Zenyatta Has a Medaglia d’Oro Filly

Zenyatta delivered a healthy filly by Medaglia d'Oro. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane's End Farm

Zenyatta delivered a healthy filly by Medaglia d’Oro. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm

It’s a girl!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Zenyatta delivered a filly by Medaglia d’Oro tonight at 8:50 pm. Both mare and filly are in excellent health.

Check back soon for more photos of Zenyatta and her little girl.

-Team Z


  1. I was totally not expecting the wonderful news when I arrived at the computer lab this morning! Dearest Zenyatta I am crying tears of happiness and joy for you, Ann, Jerry and all the folks at Lane’s End that must love you as much as we all do. What a gorgeous filly. I kinda like Zenny d’Ora myself. The Moss’ are so great at names I’m sure whatever they choose will be perfect. My prayers for Mom and baby and I never forget her big brothers. What a blessing this blog is and what a wonderful FAMILY we have become. Love to all.

    1. Oh wow, finally some good news in my life that I care about! I’m in tears! I know everyone else in my world finds it stupid & ridiculous. But at least I respect their hobbies, even if they they can only turn left!

    2. So true Vicki. We are very lucky to have this site.

      Thank you Team Z.

  2. So glad our baby girl is here! Waiting for more pictures!

  3. Such exciting news!! So happy for Z ‘African while family, two and four legged!

    1. Such exciting news!! So happy for Z’s whole family, two and four legged!I

  4. Love that mare

  5. Looks like she has Zenyatas ears!!! What a sweet girl!!

  6. Looking forward to more pictures! Hope they are both still well! Thanks!

  7. Hoping both are still happy and healthy. Can’t wait for more pictures. Praising God for a healthy baby. Rejoicing in a filly

  8. Anxious to hear Zenyatta and filly are fine. I’m concerned since no further word or photos. Prayers for them

    1. Same here. I’m a Nervous Nellie waiting for further news and/or pics.

      1. Same here. Big time praying for Zenny and foal!!!

        1. me, too!!!

  9. Love you forever Zenyatta.
    What a beautiful baby!
    May you both stay safe and sound.

  10. beautiful baby girl, so happy for her and team Z. Blessings and good HEALTH TO ALL, SO HAPPY FOR OUR QUEEN Z, GOOD JOB SWEETHEART, LOVE U

  11. Same here: re worry when we don’t get a quick succession of posts. Mind you, the Zenyatta updates have been slow for quite awhile now……

    1. I’m hoping they are just wanting their privacy and we will get a surprise post any day now.

      1. I agree. For all her other foals we got foal watch and lots of pics and videos right after the new one arrived. But the postings this year seem to be few and far between so I tend to think all is well — they just aren’t posting with frequency anymore.

  12. May GOD Bless Zenyatta & Her Beautiful Bundle of JOY :)
    Thanks for the photo.
    Congratulations to Team Zenyatta & Her Fans !

  13. Pizazz is defined as a combination of vitality and glamour……a perfect name for a lovely little filly who needs lots of “Z”s in her name…..

  14. Great news for our wonderful Zenyatta beautiful baby and mother.

  15. Name her StarZ.

    That little filly has the white star of children’s classic Sea Star. She is going to be loved.

    Congratulations Zenyatta and team.

  16. Congratulations Zenyatta!!!! She is simply ADORABLE!!!

  17. I am so happy for Zenyatta and team. Please provide more pictures and maybe a short video of them. Is Ann there?

  18. Congratulations Zenny On Your Ever So Precious & Beautiful Filly & Love The Cute Blaze She Has Too!!! :) Looking Forward To Seeing More Photos Of The Both Of You Soon!! :)

  19. Beautiful…So happy for Zenyatta..She’s a Champ..

  20. Yes. We always appreciate all that you do with keeping us informed, but we would love to see more pictures!!

  21. What an absolutely gorgeous little girl !! Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see a little curly mane ?? She is just precious !!

    Zenny looks so calm and happy–what a lovely photo. Will be eagerly awaiting the photos to come !

    What a Mother’s Day gift for Ann–so glad she was back there for the race already. She must be over the moon.

    Peaceful,blessed night to mother and baby, and all who love them.

  22. Wonderful news! I think most of us were hoping for a girl and she is so sweet.

  23. Are they doing okay we haven’t heard anything and I am starting to get worried.

  24. Worried about Zeni and baby since no more pictures since the birth. Please post do we will know all is right with the world

  25. I would love to call her Zenny.

  26. Wonderful news. Dad has fathered some of the great female TB’s. Mostly happy Zenyatta and foal are safe and she will get to have a foal to care for this year. More pics please – need for pictures by us Z crazy people is insatiable

  27. Another beautiful gift for Zenyatta. God Bless you both.

  28. No more news… Worry… No more news… We’re in this with you Zenyatta, good times and bad. We’ve had both following you. I pray for peace for you.

  29. Patiently awaiting more news and photos. They have not reported everything as it happens this time. Think that is because there was such despair over the loss of the little Prince last year. \

    Saw a quote from Jerry saying that he might not breed Zenyatta this year since this was such a late birth.

    Are Rachel and Song Bird little Princess De Oro’s aunties?

    1. Dear Shirlee:

      Too cute! Love and Hugs, JB

  30. Dear Judy:We will have news soon I expect.Zenyatta must be just enjoying her new filly.
    We had some rain today!!Galileo got his 400th black type horse today with Danedream’s half-brother Venice Beach Coolmore bought the dam Danedrop.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley Willow and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX