Zenyatta In Foal To War Front

Zenyatta, April 2013. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta, April 2013. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Happy Friday!

We are proud to announce that, as of today, Zenyatta is confirmed thirty-seven days in foal.

She was bred earlier this year to the Claiborne Farm stallion War Front. Zenyatta was examined by Dr. Holder this week, and checks out to be happily in foal and in excellent health!

Wishing sunny weather and a happy Father’s Day everyone this weekend!

-Team Z


  1. Congratulations! High hoofs all around.

    1. Congrats Zenny n Connections!! Hope ur health stays ok!! Baby girl this time!!!!!

  2. Thank you for confirming this. Rumors have been buzzing far too long.

    ♥ Love you Zenny. Stay healthy and strong, Sweetie! XO

    1. p.s. I’m visiting Claiborne. I hope to see your boyfriend, WAR FRONT ♥

      1. Me TOO – hope we BOTH get to see him!

      2. When we were there last year, it depended upon the tour guide. We did not see War Front. I only saw him because I stayed back when our tour guide showed everyone Blame. Saw enough of him in the BC and didn’t need to see him again. I spoke to another guide and he explained their policy to me. I was surprised as War Front was one of their main stallions. Pulpit and Danzig are dead, Seeking the Gold has been retired. I wish STG was on the tour He has sired many of their top mares. Without him, there would be no Blame. Lure is there up on the hill. He is a two time BC winner who is also retired from stud duty. It would be nice to see him as well.
        One year we had a fabulous guide. He had so many interesting stories to tell. He knew the sallions well and the mares which is unusual. Unfortunately, he is no longer there.
        Have fun.

      3. Hey Judy,

        Allie and I went to Claiborne last year, we were fortunate to see War Front so maybe you’ll get to see him. Of course, we didn’t know at the time, what a lucky guy he was about to be! ;-)

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Congratulations!!!

    Sending love, hugs and kisses to Zenny and the two boys. XOXO

  4. Congratulations Zenny!

    I thought the sire would be Malibu Moon, but War Front is another terrific choice….and, being a Canuck, how PROUD am I that she’s going top have a Northern Dancer descendant!!!!!!

    Peppermint kisses to my Big Girl from her biggest Montreal fan!!!!

    1. Just as long as that Northern Dancer descendant doesn’t have his brittle bones..

      1. Amen!

  5. Zenny – I thought you were looking a little “full”! Such great news!! We are personally hoping for a filly :) Congratulations and Love to all of Team Z!

    Linda, George, and Milyone

  6. Yay!!!! Great news of Zenny’s little ” Dancing Hero” on the way. LOL. So excited. Zenyatta looks wonderful and her little Z13 is magnificent! Hope to hear how Cozmic one is doing with his training. Loved the pic of him playing with the ball in his paddock. Thanks so much for the announcement. Now we all can rest a bit.

    1. Dancing Hero that is very good!

  7. Another baby to look forward to………Stay healthy our beloved Zenny …….

  8. Congratulations! We’ll be thinking of Zenyatta a lot this weekend, as the Vanity Handicap is run. In 2010, it was the only time I saw Z run at the track, and it was THRILLING to say the least!!

  9. Thank you for the good news! So happy that another baby is on the way!

    Should we all start wishing for a filly? Colt or filly, I know Z14 will be fabulous.

    Take care, Zenny! Love you and your darling boys and you entire team!

  10. Zenny you get all the best guys :)
    Take care Sue

  11. Nice! An A++ hypo-mating. And a very handsome boy, beautiful Northern Dancer markings. Congrats :)

  12. Ahhhh, I’ve been waiting to hear the news on Zenyatta’s next date. Keep up the great work of taking care of our girl, Lane’s End. And thank you for the update!

  13. Congratulations! Queen Z !

  14. I can’t wait to see what this foal will look like! Congrats!

  15. Congratulations to my very favorite girl and a wonderful mom!

  16. Congrats, Zenny, and the Z team. Thanks for confirming the rumors! Love you guys.

  17. I am so happy for my favorite retired race horse. Love her. Congrats to her and I hope for the best for her and her foal.

  18. So this is how we treat a fabulous mare..we just breed her into the ground? the mating is a nice choice..but seriously the mare should get a yr off!

    1. You do realize that nature takes care of mares quite well? If her body couldn’t handle having another foal, she would either A) not get pregnant B) resorb the foal C) abort the foal at a later time… She’s at 37 days now, there is a chance she could still lose this pregnancy if her body isn’t ready for it.

      It doesn’t actually hurt mares to be pregnant every year, it’s only human’s imparting human-esque traits & emotions onto them that get people up in arms about stuff like this.

      Zenny will be fine.

    2. I also vote a year off, especially at her age. She will have more but everyone needs a break once in a while to let their bodies recover from giving birth.

      1. Wild mares are pregnant every year, and wild big cats or canines are pregnant every cycle. That’s just normal for them. Zenyatta being brushed and behind a fence doesn’t mean she’s different from these animals in that respect.

      2. “at her age”? Jeez, people here would have you believe she’s ancient! Z is a young, healthy mare in good physical condition with access to the very best veterinary care. She is in her PRIME for breeding. There is no problem with breeding a healthy mare several years in a row – with the was she is kept, it will have minimal long-term impact on her health.

        She’ll have had a year to recover from the last foaling and six months without a foal at her side when she gives birth to Z14. She is fine.

      3. At her age? Secretariat’s mom had him when she was 18. Thank goodness she was bred at “that age”!

    3. Totally agree! Just because she’s physically capable of breeding doesn’t mean that this very special horse cannot use more of her talents and her MIND! It would be wonderful to see her doing Natural Horsemanship stuff. Vertigineux is absolutely gorgeous but she has become a breeding machine. Hope Zenyatta does not follow in those hoofprints!

    4. Dustfinger and others with like feelings …

      If it upsets you so much that Zenny has been bred again then I would suggest that you stop reading this blog. You could switch your devotion to Rachel Alexandra instead. She is not being bred this year, and the last article I read quoted her owner saying she wasn’t sure she’s be bred next year either. But then, Rachel, unlike Zenny, has had problems after delivering both of her foals … the last one, life threatening.
      As Andrea wrote: <>

      Zenny seems to have had 2 good and easy pregnancies, and 2 easy deliveries. She has/is a wonderful mother, and loves and enjoys her babies and is very devoted to them!

      Surely you don’t think the Moss’ would do ANYTHING to put her in jeopardy do you???

      1. For some reason what Andrea wrote that I quoted didn’t show up, so I’ll try again. “You do realize that nature takes care of mares quite well? It doesn’t actually hurt mares to be pregnant every year, it’s only human’s imparting human-esque traits & emotions onto them that get people up in arms about stuff like this.”

      2. To: Lois in Oklahoma – Absolutely love the brevity of your advice of: “If it upsets you so much that Zenny has been bred again then I would suggest that you stop reading this blog. ” AMEN!! Of course that would be too simple, right!

        Elsewhere, I have suggested if they have gripes that they take it to the Forum, which is set up to handle give and take discussions. My thought is, the blog is like the Moss’ living room. We are all guests here, and to second-guess them is like delivering an insult in their home. The blog is far too important to me and many, many others to allow some soreheads to mess it up. If some of these same people would ASK, plenty of people would be glad to provide expertise, and there are many in the Z blog community with a lot of knowledge and experience they would be willing to share. But, again, that would be too much to ask.

        Thanks for lightening up my day, Lois!! Hugs!

    5. Shhhhhh,,,,,, Z is fine and WE LOVE HER and Mr. and Mrs. Moss LOVE Her even more~

      1. You are cute,Carol Ross!!!
        We always say,shhhhhhh,you’ll wake the baby!
        Thank you , Ann and Jerry Moss for all of your generosity.

        1. DITTO!

  19. Big congrats.

  20. Congratulations, happy to hear this Zenny. Can’t wait for another little “kid” Love you

  21. hope to her see bred to giant’s causeway war front is a good choice

  22. I hope that Team Zenyatta will consider Animal Kingdom for her consort next year!

  23. I hope it’s a girl this time, big and strong like her mamma!

  24. Congrats! Love Zenyatta SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! She is awesome, always and forever the Queen of our hearts and her babies will be loved forever too!

  25. Wonderful news! ♡☆♡☆♡

  26. YIPPEE!!! All the very best to Zenny, her two colts and all her “connections”! ;)
    Happy Father’s Day weekend to everyone in the Land of Zen! xoxo
    Peace, Love & Blessings,
    Kathy from SoCal

  27. Thanks Team Z for sharing!

  28. I to hope this one is a Filly! But, would like to know why War Front! What I gather is a Strong Northern Dancer descendant!

  29. Oh! Animal Kingdom! What would the computer programs say about that?

  30. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news!!! We have been patiently waiting, trusting in your always taking such good care of our Queen. My heart wishes her to have a wonderful gestation and another beautiful foal next year. She is, always has been and always will be the best. Thank you.

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