Zenyatta In Foal To War Front

Zenyatta, April 2013. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta, April 2013. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Happy Friday!

We are proud to announce that, as of today, Zenyatta is confirmed thirty-seven days in foal.

She was bred earlier this year to the Claiborne Farm stallion War Front. Zenyatta was examined by Dr. Holder this week, and checks out to be happily in foal and in excellent health!

Wishing sunny weather and a happy Father’s Day everyone this weekend!

-Team Z


  1. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, can’t a girl get a break?

    1. That was my thought. I thought they would give her a year off from being bred but I guess not. I guess it is the bottom line rather than the horse. That is too bad.

      1. It is actually easier for the mare to get in foal without having a year off. Also, when she weans her current foal she will be more settled.

      2. I think the bottom line would be more significant if the Mosses were actually breeding to sell. Realistically, most of Z’s foals are probably not going to be huge earners on the track.

      3. CHEEEEZ!!! Will you just STOP with the “it’s all about the money” babble? THE MOSSES ARE VERY WEALTHY. They do not need ANY money from their horses. They spend hundreds of thousands every year on them and their care and training. They do NOT breed to sell. THEY DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSES.

        It’s very obvious you know very little about horses, or breeding, or the Mosses. You also don’t read the rest of the blog either, because you keep coming back to the same tired old rant.

        I am not normally given to bawling out people but by gum you need this one. I have been raising horses since 1957 and I have NEVER lost a mare in foaling and I let Nature tell me when not to breed (as well as my wallet and facilities). I sold only my colts, and not all of them. I raised some excellent geldings that went on to be lifetime companions for their new owners. I am not a dilettante nor am I a foofy horse dame.

        Using COMMON SENSE and LISTENING to those who know more than I do have never failed me.

        Why don’t you try it???

        And if you refuse to learn from all the knowledgeable people on here, why are you here? Go follow some boy-band delinquent or something. You’re certainly not contributing ANYTHING to this blog except negativity and UNTRUTH.

        Sorry, the rest of you… I just had to say my piece.

        1. Amen to your post!
          i admire the Moss’s and their dedication to their horses.

          I agree it is not about the money. I am just happy that Zenny is healthy, happy and content and VERY VERY LOVED not only by the Moss’s or Team Zenyatta but ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    2. they said they were not going to breed her for a year. suppose since she is older, better get as many foals out of her as possible.

      1. they never said that. its only if she were to have a late foal. then they wouldnt breed her for a year. they might not breed her next year IF the foal is born late but it might be born early to mid april next year.

    3. That’s what I was thinking, give the big momma a break!

    4. It is actually healthier for a broodmare to stay in foal. The broodmare is happier when she is in foal. Once I gave my broodmare the year off and she was miserable. The following year she had a uterus infection and when she finally got in-foal, she slipped. The bottom line here is even though these horses are cute, they are not family pets. They are live stock and they prefer to be treated as such.

  3. So happy for Z and everyone associated with her. It is so exciting to see that Zenny’s legacy will be extended through her beautiful progeny. She seems to love her role as mom, and appears healthy and happy. it is a real blessing to be a part of the unfolding story that is Zenyatta! Thanks Ann and Jerry, and Lane’s End for the updates, photos and videos. Hugs to all!!

  4. Was really hoping for Ghostzapper. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy Zenny.

  5. Wishing continued good health and happiness to the Queen and all her subjects.

  6. Congratulations to Mama Zen and the Mosses. Should be another beautiful foal. I hope next time it’s Malibu Moon. Love you beautiful girl, glad you’ll have another baby to love when Red leaves the nest. Thank you all for sharing. Auntie Sue

  7. Shouldn’t a lady get a year off from time to time? That’s my biggest beef with racing – too much demand on the horses, no time to lay off and heal.

    1. As I said above, I think it is the bottom line of money rather than thinking of what it is doing to the horse… I thought they would give her a year off. I was waiting for this news.

      1. this is only her 3rd foal in 3 years. they are not overbreeding her so there is no need to worry. she is in good hands and loves being a mom. dont compare horses to humans.

        1. So all the naysayers for her being in foal “again”….think about her routine when she was racing? The level of training she had to be at to be in top physical condition…..now….she’s proven herself…..what better way to retire than growing a baby, having turn out everyday to roam freely with other mares and babies, nursing the baby for 5-6 months, then solo with same leisurely lifestyle while you grow a baby for another 5-6 months and the cycle continues. Mares do better when they stay pregnant. If she becomes an every other year mare then that is Mother Nature saying that’s what needs to happen. Her owners take the best ultimate care of her. I can’t believe that she has anything other than a peaceful, content life. She’s not human, she’s a very special horse!

        2. SO TRUE. And her owners are not in need of making any profit from her. MONEY has nothing to do with it. They love their horses and give them all the very best. What more could be asked?

          Not meaning to sound patronizing, the farthest thing from my mind; but anyone who has been around horses and/or breeding for any length of time does NOT come up with this sort of concern.

          #1, there is little money in breeding, considering the costs of upkeep;
          #2, mares are physiologically constructed to reproduce every year;
          #3, THE HORSE WILL TELL YOU if there are any problems. And LE has top quality staff and services available.

          Yes, mares have problems (look at poor Rachel this year) but the younger ones recover and the older ones retire… it’s all in the nature of horsey things.

      2. Considering the enormous $$$ spent on the wonderful care she and her foalsget,the veterinary care, the huge stud fees, the Mosses are not getting rich. Then there are training fees, entry fees, travel expenses. Why else is horse racing primarily a rich person’s game?

      3. Guys, Ann & Jerry Moss have given no indication that they are breeding Zenyatta to sell her sons and daughters. And I really don’t think they are hard up for money. LIke Jess Jackson and Ms. Banke, Ann and Jerry had a fortune before they got into horses.

      4. What money are you talking about? I would doubt the Mosses will send any of her foals to auction. They will be homebred racers; the best, most cared for kind. You should cease the negativity. We are guests on this site and should behave like it.

    2. Congratulations to Zenyatta and War Front! High hoof!
      To those who have doubts about the correctness of rebreeding Z, the experts all agree, it is healthy for Z to be rebred, and we know how happy she is as a mom. With Zenyatta, for the Mosses it has never been (and never will be) about money, it’s about love and doing what is best for Z. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Moss, for all you have done and continue to do for Zenyatta and for her fans! With gratitude, Trina Nagele

  8. Have been waiting to hear this news, happy news. Thank you for the update. Good health to all.

  9. Great news!

  10. So glad to hear that Zenyatta is well enough to carry another foal, and that she was able to carry one. Praying for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy. Thank you for keeping the rest of us updated on such a fabulous mare and her continuing contribution to the horse racing world. Best of luck!!

  11. Such a happy post. I’m looking forward to next year’s little bundle of joy….hopefully a little girl. : )

  12. How exciting! I’m not very familiar with War Front, so I’ll have to go read up on him.

    I have a question: does anyone know why the Moss’s have chosen a different sire each year? First Bernardini, then Tapit, and now War Front. I think Z’s first two foals have been pretty impressive, so I’m curious if there is some goal for a Z foal that has not been met yet. Or perhaps they are doing a bit of experimentation now and will see which one of the progeny runs the best.

    Here’s to Z’s continuing happiness and health as a terrific momma!

    1. Most of the time the mares are bred to different studs each year. This will give different combos of speed, strength and such. Nothing is proven yet. If one combo produces a great racehorse they might come back to it. I think zenyatta only has one full sibling. There are so many great studs I’d love to see, Curlin, looking at lucky, street sense, quality road. And shoot a blame combo might be neat too

      1. i don’t think Z will ever be bred to Street Sense considering that they are both by the same sire and out of the same crop and the crossing is too soon in the pedigree. That foal would be illy-bred.

        I do however like War Front. He is a gorgeous stallion, and I am praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. I was kinda hoping they would give Z a year off, but she is surrounded by some of the best in the business to tend to her needs and she absolutely adores being a mother and that is very evident in the photos and videos that the Z Fan Base have been graced with.

      2. Blame??!! I ‘d hope she teases him and then walks off :) Not that I carry a grudge or anything…

        1. LOL! Wonder if she saw him while she was at Claiborne dating War Front?

        2. Awesome. LOL

        3. Tee Hee Hee!!!

        4. Love it!!!!!!!

  13. Mark your calendars, Zenny-ites! Breeding date was May 8 based on this announcement, and The Horse calculator estimates with that breeding date, the foaling “should” occur between April 4th and April 19th next year. Happy this is successfully in foal. Don’t quite see the War Front attraction except that there is only one major sorta close nick, Forli, on both sides. It’s all a cr–shoot anyway, I think. There’s no guarantee that Zenny’s full brother will ever be as good as her, even with the same genetics.

    1. Thanks for doing the calendar calculations for us, Anne! I’ve noted the due dates down. Hugz!

      1. No one better to keep track of things than our Trina! We’ll all be asking you – when is it again that she’s due? :-)

      2. Breeding date is May 9, 2013 and due date is 4/16/2014 give or take 10 days;

        here is the foal calculator :


  14. Congratulations!! Here’s hoping for a beautiful, strong little girl.

  15. Congratulations mama Z. And thanx for sharing this wonderful news!

  16. So excited for the news! There had been some rumors floating around but now we have confirmation. I toured Claiborne farms this year when I was in Lexington for the Rolex in April and saw War Front – What a gorgeous stallion and can’t wait to see the resulting foal – Z14!!! Thanks to the Moss’s and Lane’s End for continued news!!!!

  17. I’m glad Zennyatta is doing so well and in good health.
    I’ve been a fan of hers since she “almost” won the Arkansas derby here in my city Hot Springs. But being breed over and over i think is pretty sad. She has two babies already and now another due in 10 months! Let her enjoy her retirement…she deserves it!!

    1. Think you got the wrong horse Patricia…..there’s only one race she “almost” won and it certainly wasn’t the Arkansas Derby????

    2. She is enjoying her retirement. She adores being a mom.

    3. Patricia Claypool
      Zenyatta did run at Oaklawn Park on April 5, 2008.
      She won the Apple Blossom Handicap
      That may be the race you are thinking of.
      It was quite an event.

  18. dear Zenyatta congratulations and all my love to big momma!!! what exciting news another long 10 months to wait!!! so glad to hear you are in excellent health and so well cared for at lanes end a filly this time!!!!love and hugs sheenaX

  19. Yay, Z! You sure get around, don’t you? :) Congratulations!

  20. I have found that breeding a mare each year helps keep them young,even in their 20+ years. Congrats to Zenyatta!

  21. Congratulations! This is wonderful news. Will pray all goes well. Can’t wait to see the little one.

  22. I think it’s wonderful news and now everyone can stop guessing who her date was!!lol!

    I can’t help but say that I wish that some posters comments definitely show they do not know how the Moss’ love and take care of Zenyatta and keep us updated on her and her boys at horse heaven on earth (Lane’s End).
    Zenyatta’s career now is being a mom and that’s as it should be, she is healthy and very good at being a mom. It’s all about the “horse” and not anything more.

    Congratulations to Team Z and of course the Queen! Love and hugs in Dumplinghood!

    1. Maryp NY, you are exactly right.

      Zenny is young, healthy, and is a wonderful mother. She is blessed with owners who can afford to (and do) give her the very best of care and attention. She should be bred every year as long as there are no foaling complications or she declines to settle. She (and Nature) will make it clear if there is to be a year off. Someone else commented that mares even into their 20s are happier when raising a foal every year. I fully agree; having bred several of my own mares into their 20s. If they were wild they would be breeding every year too, and struggling to survive at the same time. Zenny has the very best of everything (including owners) and she and her foals are not part of a commercial breeding program. Everyone should stop worrying and fussing about this… it is the nature of HORSES to do things this way.

      Maybe we should take a moment to pity the poor stallions who only see their mates in the breeding shed…

      I bred and raised horses of another breed for many years and always had my stallions next to the mares, they were calmer, quieter, MUCH happier, and I certainly had no need of a teaser!!

      I’m not saying the TB farms do it wrong, it’s just another way of looking at it. And those ole TB boys are worth a lot of bucks so they are kept under close control.


  23. Correction: scratch “I wish”…should be…I can’t help but say that some posters……

  24. Dear Zenny: I hope you have another healthy and uneventful pregnancy. Maybe we’ll get a filly this time?

    Team Z and LE: Thanks for the news. I was thinking Malibu Moon, but War Front has been on a roll lately, and I like some of the crosses that come from the pedigree.

    War Front: Nice goin’ fella. Methinks you “married up” by getting a date with The Queen, wink wink. We’ll all be anticipating – again – the little one on the way. I’m thinkin’ PINK.

    diastu in tempe

  25. Awww i was hoping she would go back to Tapit. Little Z13 is outstanding! But warfront is an interesting mating. All Zen foals will be special, no matter the sire.

    1. I hope there’s another Tapit in the future too–I know how much Ann loves a gray!

  26. I am a HUGE Zenyatta fan.. but im sorry! YOUR BREEDING HER TOO MUCH TOO FAST!! I cant believe shes in foal, for a 3rd time! Give The Queen a little of a break, she’s done SO good! Im not a full vet or anything and I love Zenyatta- The Whole nation does but just think you guys are breeding her too much too fast! Whats the shortest time in between foals can a mare rest? How fast does she get bred again?
    – A concerned ( and worried) Fan

    1. Zenyatta is a horse, not a human. It is normal for mares to be in foal every year. She is young, receives the best care money can buy, and adores being a mother. Her pregnancies and deliveries have been smooth. She is in no danger. If her body needs a break it will take one. Anyway, she is likely to be left open next year or if not, certainly the year after, in order to avoid May/June foals.

    2. Amber, I’m a veterinary technician & work with horses. The mare is HEALTHIER by being bred back every year. When she doesn’t “take”, it is her body saying it needs time off. Open mares tend to get uterine infections, many are not happy (the really maternal ones like Zenny) if they don’t have a foal by their side. They can become depressed, some will go through pseudocyesis (false pregnancy) etc.

      Mares who are bred back on their foal heat don’t always take, so Lane’s End has found it is better to breed at the heat following the foal heat. Mares are ultrasounded multiple times to see where they are in their cycle, the size of their follicles, the amount of edema in the uterus all indicating where they are in their cycle so as to optimize breeding.

      Mares also are designed to give birth very quickly. In fact, if a mare starts to go into labor, and nothing happens, there’s a very small window of time where a vet can get her on a surgical table and perform a c-section, which is why the mares due to foal are watched so closely

      Again, it is HEALTHIER for a mare to carry a foal every year until her body says it wants to take a year off. Please understand that a healthy mare receiving optimum care (which she is at Lane’s ENd) is not being “overused”

      And to those who think this is about money- you obviously have NEVER seen Ann Moss with Zenyatta, or even talked to her about Zenny. Zenny is like her daughter, so her foals are like her grandchildren. Whether they will keep all her foals, is anyone’s guess at this point, but Coz is not being readied for the yearling sales and you can bet that 13Z won’t be either

      1. THANK YOU Casey for this most excellent response.

        I understand we have a lot of folks on this blog who have little to no experience with horses, or breeding… and there are also forces out there who want to eradicate all domestication of animals… between those extremes are so many well meaning folks who want to learn. Your well written comment was perfect.

    3. To Amber: If you have status in the sport or industry, please state your qualifications to make such outlandish statements. If you have a problem with the way Zenyatta is being managed, please take your discussion to the Forum. It is set up to allow debate and discussion. The Zenyatta Blog is our direct link to the Mosses and Lane’s End. They spend their time and their money to provide some inside info about Zenyatta’s new life. The blog makes us a guest in their home. It is outrageous that you would come into this blog and make such uninformed and ludicrous statements. Please take it somewhere else.

      1. Ann Maree

        What Casey is saying is absolutely correct !!!

        Why are you so defensive !!!!

  27. War Front is an amazing sire ! Congratulations to Zenny, Team Z, and Lanes End ! Hugs to Z, Coz, and 13Z :)

  28. I don’t see what everyone’s problem is with the Mosses breeding her back again. What about Catholics who have 15 or children. It DOESN’T hurt a mare to be bred back so fast. 99.9% of race horses have better care than that of a human. They are bred to run and love it.

  29. It’s nice of the Mosses to let us have this news so early on, and thanks to the person who did the calculation for the likely due date. It made sense, race wise, to breed Zenyatta this year. Next year, though, might be pushing it. May foals (like Mucho Macho Man) really are at a disadvantage as three year olds. Even though you don’t know whether the foal will become a viable race horse, it’s nice to have that option.

    Maybe next year, with some added time in a delayed mating, Zenny would have time to travel abroad for a mate. How about Frankel?

    As for “Red,” I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts. He’s looking more and more grey. Maybe he’ll be all grey by the time he is weaned. I hope we’ll get to see this transformation in lots of photos. It’s still hard to imagine.

    1. Flying overseas would be tough on a mare in foal. I don’t see a pairing with Frankel anytime soon unless they plan to leave her over there to foal.

  30. It is standard operating procedure for broodmares to be bred each year and is not a problem as long as the mare is healthy.