See Zenyatta on Horseplayers Tonight

Zenyatta and Life Is Sweet. Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane's End.

Zenyatta and Life Is Sweet. Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End.

Happy Wednesday!

Zenyatta will make an appearance on the TV Show Horseplayers tonight! Episode six of ten airs at 9/8c on Esquire Network.

If you don’t get Esquire, the episodes are available on as well as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

-Team Z

Baby bump! Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane's End

Baby bump! Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End


  1. Dear Judy.Goodnight God bless you,LM PC HT Little Captain and all the Sweeties.Hope Charlie has a lovely birthday tomorrow give him a kiss from me when you get to see him.Hudson will have to get some advice from Hovis on how to handle Cool New Shoes Man!!Love and Hugs SheenaX

  2. spare Onlyforyou, Coz, how lightly to move racehorse from walk to light breeze, youtube ” ( 04/18/2013 ) keeneland race 8 appalachian s presented by japan racing association ” , after race two horses walk along corridor and make glide turn to right, i usually say k-u-t-o star ( like cool ), i can’t say to him and to see how he like this, beautyfull Zenny 13z Coz and mates stay warm and cozy

    1. Good to hear from you Andrej. Keeneland is a beautiful track and there are a lot of really good horses running there. I think some of the Derby hopefuls are going in the Blue Grass Stakes there.

  3. Wish I could have seen Zenyatta’s debut but I did not come back home until now.
    There is always something to regret especially when it has to do with Z.
    I will try to catch up later, but Zster friends, thank you for being here. hugs, Sally B

    Zenyatta, I love you!!! Sweet dreams and God Bless you. I just had to let you know.
    Kisses on your soft nose and to adorably handsome Coz & 13Z
    Auntie Sally B

  4. Dear Judy

    Please tell Hudson and Charlie a Big Happy Birthday from me. Please give them a big hug too from me.

  5. To all of our Sherlock Holmes and Watson’s on here. What do you all think is going on with this missing Jet Liner. It’s so horrific and terrible for so many reasons. To all the people affected I have you so much in my prayers, but I just can’t get past the system being turned off. Programing of the plane to turn. Alright Goodnight. …………….Just Baffling.
    No country , Picking up anything conclusive happening to it. No crash seen by radar..

    I guess we have to put on our Detective hats.

    1. Yes, Peggy. My heart aches for the families affected. Makes me not want to fly anywhere. Hugs.

    2. The story gets stranger by the day. I catch up on the news at night so don’t know what if anything happened today but I have no idea what to think might have occurred. The agony the families are going through is unimaginable. Whatever the plane’s fate I hope that something is eventually resolved… to never know would be excruciating.

  6. Dear Judy B.,
    Just wanted to be sure to wish Papa Charlie a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Hope he has a great day tomorrow (March 19) with lots of treats and hugs. Love and more Hugs

    By the way, Happy Birthday to Kauto Star, too!

  7. Dear Ann in NC,
    Way to go WolfPack!! They are off to a good start. Hope your guys will have great success and Good Luck! I just got the results of the game with Xavier a few minutes ago — YAY!

    1. Thanks, my neighbor!
      So many great teams this year! Wishing all of them the best.

  8. Happy Birthday to JB’s sweet boy, Papa Charlie, also known as, The Blanket Bandit..
    Another OTTB saved, thanks, JB!

    Happy Birthday Kauto Star! Sheena, did you make a cake?
    Hope these two wonderfull horses get lots of hugs and some nice rub downs today!

  9. March 19 Cherokee Devotional

    Last autumn’s leaves have been dislodged from their wintering places to race north with the wind from the south-only to be turned and blown south again. They drift and dance on end, twirling and falling into deep piles to disintegrate in spring rains. Drifting with the wind is not a habit of nature alone. People with no goals, no aims, drift from one place to another in hopes that fate will put them in the right place at the right time. Fate is simply accepting what comes because nothing has been done to direct thought and action in any other way. If decisions are not made and goals are not set, the world will make them for us. The Cherokee calls this attitude go na ya, which translates to the same thing as “doing without.”

    The problem with blending the Indian and European cultures is that the Indian is devoted to living and the European to getting.
    John Ross McIntosh

  10. Dear Kathy. Message on new blog.Hugs Sheena

  11. Beautiful Zenyatta, Major mud going on and only you could carry it off as if you were in a designer blanket. Imagine my delight when my Zenyatta sticker arrived just for sending love to you. An easy task. Thank you Zenny and Team Z for the immense pleasure of following our Queen’s life along with her boys and the upcoming arrival. I know you will probably pull something Zen for this birth too. Safe delivery sweet one.

  12. I searched and searched and finally found the rerun during the wee morning hours on Dish Network channel 191. Zenyatta was soooo beautiful. She was all cleaned up and her coat gorgeously shone in the sun. Her mane looked freshly cut at an angle and was perfectly even. Oh what a divine creature our Queen is.

    It was funny to me, she acted all aloof as if she knew those 4 gamblers and the rich socialite didn’t “really” love her like we Z-sters do. She walked right past them like she was *gasp* A QUEEN. I believe she was thinking how how she’d rather see me. Of course.

  13. Bonjour Zenyatta!

    Happy Birthday on April 1st plus your second baby!

    Happy Birthday to Coz who was 2 years old on March 8th.

    I am eager to see the photos and videos of the new baby.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  14. Bonjour Zenyatta!

    Hope it is a girl this time.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  15. Bonjour Zenyatta,

    How is Coz doing in training? I am so eager to watch him race.

    Would love to see some videos of his training.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  16. How many babies are the owner’s planning for Zenyatta? It seems one a year is a bit much for anybody.

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