Zenyatta Shop Holiday Sale

Zenyatta Sticker. Available in the Shop today.

Zenyatta Sticker. Available in the Shop today.

The biggest shopping day of the year is here, and we don’t want Zenyatta fans to feel left out.

Zenyatta, 2013 #1

Zenyatta, 2013 #1

Today through Sunday, we’re offering a 25% discount on all prints purchased at the Zenyatta Shop. We have added our popular portrait of Zenyatta in larger 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes. Enter the promo code 25OFF at checkout.

We are also releasing the first of our new products today. In response to the popularity of our limited edition Celebration Sticker, we created the new Zenyatta Sticker. Zenyatta’s iconic silhouette is printed in striking black and white on durable, weather-resistant vinyl. All stickers ship for free and are available today! Get yours here.

Zenyatta Shop excitement won’t end this weekend—on Monday our newest products will be available for pre-order. The lineup will include a mug, new Z hats, our track bag, and a set of Zenyatta family magnets. Additionally, we’ll provide free shipping for all orders placed on Monday.

Happy shopping!
-Team Z


  1. Team Z– Two words,
    Thank you!!

  2. Egg Drop refires to take GI Matriarch Stakes by a nose
    Posted on December 1, 2013 by Bill McCarrick
    Early pacesetter Egg Drop, had to find another gear in deep stretch and refire to take down, by a “nose”, today’s $250,000, GI Matriarch Stakes, for 3yo’s and up F/M’s, at a mile over a “firm” BHP turf!
    Full Results and Replay

  3. Goodnight my sweet Zenyatta, sweet dreams
    lovenkisses on your soft nose and to your two awesome sons
    Auntie Sally B

  4. Happy birthday to Barbara Wood!

    Dear Barbara,
    Our hearts are full
    Of birthday wishes for you.
    You’re a true-blue
    Dyed-in-the wool
    Horse advocate,
    Always ready to go to bat
    And join in the fight
    For equine rights,
    And that’s no bull!
    Happy birthday, and may there be
    Many, many more
    Of the same for you in store!

    Here’s an e-card for Barbara–enter the code 04834477903094 on the pickup page located at

    And here are again Barbara’s poems from 2011 and 2012, slightly revised:

    A Birthday Poem for Barbara Wood
    December 2, 2011

    Alan’s her hubby, she’s his wife,
    And together in life
    They did aspire
    To climb always higher—
    Quite literally!
    They never felt more free
    Than standing on a mountain top
    From where they could see
    Miles and miles of our country
    And feel so close to God’s majesty.
    They did seek
    Rugged peaks
    Soaring a mile or even two
    Up into the blue.
    That activity
    Was good for the soul
    And in part for the body too,
    But after many years,
    I fear,
    It sadly did take a toll,
    So from hiking they did retire
    Due to troubles of the knee
    And underwent replacement surgery.
    Now if Barbara ever gets to cash in
    On a big lottery win,
    She’ll use it for her new passion:
    Protection of the domestic horse
    And also, of course,
    Of its wild kin.
    She feels no horse oughta
    Ever go to slaughter.
    In her lady-like fashion
    She’ll give a tongue lashin’
    To any politician
    Of whom she does read
    That they, out of greed,
    Are clashin’
    With her deeply held belief
    That all equines deserve protective relief
    From the grief
    Of a killer’s cruel knife
    Which ends their life.
    Barbara’s helped rescue
    More than a few
    Horses in this nation
    Through donation after donation
    To places such as Valley View,
    Which is tops
    In getting horses from Nevadan feed lots
    And giving them a new shot
    At a happy life and a gentle end too.
    Every time Barbara sees
    A rescue through
    Which a horse frees
    From impending torment,
    She again feels
    A mountain-top moment!

    A Birthday Poem for Barbara Wood
    (December 2, 2012)

    Meeting our dear Barbara at the BC
    Was terrific–
    Her visage is truly beatific.
    The radiant smile on her face
    Is like unto a warm embrace.
    Not only is she beautiful,
    But also a soldier most dutiful
    In Equi-Army is she–
    Yes, this Texan so attractive
    Is in equine causes highly active.
    Our dear Barbara Wood
    Works tirelessly to see
    That every horse gets treated
    As it should.
    In varied fights
    For equine rights
    On no front
    Will she be defeated!
    She strives to see
    That our wild horses don’t take the brunt
    Of shameful BLM activities
    Which belie their stated policies.
    She also jumps into action
    Wherever that mercenary faction
    That promotes horse slaughter
    Tries to gain traction.
    She’s always quick to donate
    To horse rescue
    To save any horse from that cruel fate.
    And whatever you do,
    If perchance you should hear
    Her mention
    How much she loves Money,
    Don’t mistake her thought
    Or her intention
    And think that’s funny.
    There’s naught
    To fear—
    It’s not as it might appear—
    She’s speaking of the horse of her daughter!
    He’s Money ’n Jewels,
    (As in “More Loved Than…”).
    To the whole family he’s dear,
    And Barbara’s his biggest fan!
    So here’s to Barbara, our Texan
    Who’s sweeter than honey,
    But who’ll sting like a bee
    If abuse of a horse she does see.

    Happy birthday, Barbara!

    1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Barb with many more to come!!

    2. Happy Birthday Barbara! Hope it’s a super day in Texas. The longhorn birthday card is great Trina :-)

    3. Happy Birthday Barbara Wood!! I wish you a very special day for a very special Zster.

      Thank you Trina for your awesome poems for Barbara!!

      lovenhugs, Sally B

    4. Barbara Wood,
      A special happy Birthday to you, hoping you have a great day! Hugs

    5. Thanks, Trina for your poems about Barbara, we learn more with each one. And Barbara’s e-card rooster and bull made me laugh.

    6. Dear Barbara Wood,
      A very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wishes for many, many more wonderful healthy years to come! Hugs

      Dear Trina,
      Thanks again for the poems and for the e-card, too! Hugs

    7. Dear Trina:

      Lovely poems for Barb W. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Barb W.:

        Happy, Happy Birthday. Love and Hugs, JB

    8. Have the Happiest of Birthdays Barbara….and all of the rest of the days too!

  5. cockadoodledoo..wake up… 5:30a.m., i’m waiting* for the z-mall to open *smile*.
    Love you Z and boys!!! Thanking teamZ, LE, and Mayberry Farms.

  6. Happy Birthday dear friend Barbara
    love Sue

  7. Trina–thank you so much. Words fail me to try to figure out how you did that card! Too cute. And thank you more than we can say for being our Poetess Laureate.
    @Sandy and Linda in NJ and Sue FL CPRC–thank you so much! Hugs to all.

    1. In case you don’t see it on the previous Blog, and already there is another new one (!) besides this one, Happy Birthday, Barbara! Have a very good day!

  8. Once again (I left a birthday wish above), have a very special Birthday and many more happy healthy ones!!!
    hugs, Sally B

  9. Dear Barbara Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!Is wonderful to find out about you through our Trina’s wonderful verses. Here’s to many, many more Love and hugs SheenaX

  10. @all of you above (Sally, Vicki, Linda, Sue, Sandy) wishing me well; thank you so much. Each of you is so dear to me! Hugs to each of you!

  11. Happy Birthday Barbara! I hope it’s been a great one.

    Another fantastic poem, Trina! I always learn so much from your poems. I never knew that Barbara and Alan were hikers.

  12. I hope you do take care of her, and don’t look at her as just a horse. She as a brain, she
    as feelings, she’s a mom. She not just a horse she is Zenyatta.

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