Zenyatta Shop Is Back!

The new Zenyatta Shop

The new Zenyatta Shop

The SHOP is back!

We are kicking off the launch of our new store with a selection of exclusive Zenyatta.com photographic prints. Share in Zenyatta’s life as a mother. Add to your collection as her family grows.

Proceeds from the Zenyatta Shop will fund the ongoing maintenance of Zenyatta.com as well as charities that benefit retired and rescued thoroughbreds.

Prints can be ordered today, and they will begin shipping May 13th.

Today only—buy four small prints for the price of three when you enter the promo code DERBYDAY at checkout.

We’re wishing the best of luck to all Derby contenders and their connections! To everyone else, have a wonderful weekend!

-Team Z


  1. Good Morning Zensters,
    Time to jog over to the candle site and get some fired up for our friend Marty R and her husband Pat (only a few burning this morning). Here is the link:


    1. Thanks, Sandy. I have written down the page number on this thread so that I do not allow the candle to go out again.

    2. You bet, Sandy!
      Going there now. Thanks.

    3. Sandy..thanks for reposting the candle link…I had lost it somehow….electronically inept me

    4. Sandy,
      Thanks for the reminder, I lit mine. hugs sue

    5. A candle lit, prayers continuous.

    6. Thanks, Sandy, for reminding me. Just visited the site and lit candles.
      All the Best and lots of hugs

    7. Dear Sandy,

      Just went in to light an candle for Marty and Pat, blessings to them both.

      Love, Dawn

    1. Great that the state of his birth has a hall of fame.
      Congrats to Cigar and Elkridge.

    2. Ann NC. I check every day to see if that Cigar camera is working. Miss stalking Cigar. Thanks for this.

    3. Thanks for this post, Ann. Great to know that there is a Hall of Fame in Maryland for these wonderful champions. Congratulations to Cigar and posthumously to Elkridge.
      Impressive careers, indeed!

  2. Don’t know what I said wrong but guess it must have been something bad.

    1. I doubt that…..I am beginng to think that a lot of the misunderstanding that happens here may in part be caused by regional differences in the meaning of some words and phrases…a post may be taken different ways by very sincere folks based on the nuances normal to where they live….so negativity can be perceived where none is really meant…

      1. Perhaps. What does turkey mean to you?

        1. TC. When you mentioned Francis the other day, I checked utube for information. Very funny. That mule is the best. World class ears too. Good laughs can cure many problems.

        2. Francis was one of my favorite movie characters. I am almost certain that the idea for Mister Ed came from those films. Donald O’Connor was the mule’s sidekick. O’Connor finally quit making the films, complaining that the mule was getting more fan mail than he was. The last movie, Francis in the Haunted House, had Mickey Rooney as his co-star.

        3. Oh just caught this ref to Francis. Those movies were hysterical, the dialog was so funny and I always loved his voice. Miss those innocent comedies the junk on now is all about sex. hugs

      2. Thanks Carol. I used a word that in my old Funk and Wagnalls means, among other things, to cleanse or get rid of sin or fault.

        Has anyone heard any news about Black Onxy?

        1. Shirleeindy. When I read your comment, I thought – how true! It was good advice.

      3. I realize that my post might be mistaken by some. I merely meant that the word turkey has many connotations.

        1. Terry; One way the word “turkey” is used. My friend yells out “TURKEY!!” to her husband as one takes off right into the side of their nice car. haha
          Sally B

        2. Love it, Terry! Yes, there certainly are other connotations. This is so true of most everything we say (as I giggle out loud).
          Francis the talking mule is definitely one of my very favorites! I think this was the basis for Mr. Ed, too — never missed an episode of Mr. Ed (and his Wilbur). Hugs

  3. HI ALL; I was late coming on to the post and surely wish to thank everyone for their birthday wishes for me.
    Dear Trina; what can I say; you are so kind!! I have said before you have a real gift and I loved my poem. (With my memory it is like I have read it for the first time!! haha)
    lovenhugs in Dumplingland, Sally B

    1. Glad you liked it again, Sally! Thanks.

  4. I got my Photo today and went off to the Framers!! I am so Pleased, I just LOVE 13Z and Z running in the paddock. We picked beautiful mats and an Gorgeous frame in black and chestnut color that brings out 13Z’s color!!! THANK YOU TEAM Z.

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