Zenyatta to Take a Year Off

Zenyatta grazes alongside her new filly. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta grazes alongside her new filly. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta has given us three beautiful foals in three years. She excels at motherhood, a role she wholeheartedly enjoys.

From the start, Zenyatta’s happiness and well-being has been our top priority. Following the birth of her perfect new filly, we have decided to honor her by giving her a year off from foaling. She will not be bred this year.

Zenyatta continues to be in good health and excellent condition. She will have time to rest, mentally and physically, and to enjoy being a horse in one of the most beautiful places in the country. We would like to thank the wonderful people at Lane’s End Farm for making all of this possible.

We’re so proud of our Queen!

-Team Z

P.S. Zenyatta may be taking a year off, but Zenyatta.com is not! We will be right here as your only official source for all things Zenyatta, Cozmic One, Ziconic, and 14Z.


  1. BLESS ALL OF YOU for putting Zenyatta first.

    1. Bless you all for your excellent care of Z. I was hoping this would happen. thanks for letting us know.

  2. Sweet, this is good news. Plus it’s late in breeding season……. Congrats to Zenyatta!!! And the Team!

  3. How wonderful. So nice to hear. I always cringe when I hear 16 foals in 16 years. Z is so blessed to have you. Thank you.

  4. Have a great year off Zenyatta. Look forward to following your three foals as they progress.

  5. Excellent decision! This makes me happy. It’s always wonderful when people care more about the horse than anything else. Zenyatta is loved….I just wish more owners/breeders were like this.

  6. Perfect idea! Let her have a year to be a horse! And we can watch her kids start their careers!

  7. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that;) She deserves some time off!!! Maybe she can have more visitors?? xoxoxo Z, Coz, Ziconic, and 14Z

  8. Thank you so much for letting us keep up with Queen Z and her babies. Good to hear how much you love her by giving her a year off. It shows the world what good and kind people you are.

  9. That’s great! She will enjoy the time off and she can be bred earlier next year. Yes she does have the prefect filly indeed.
    So Happy for all of you for watching out for our “QUEEN” Huggs!!! :)

  10. It is so nice to be able to count on the fact that the Moss’ will do everything right by Zenyatta. There is never a question that what is best for the horse is foremost in their minds. Little Princess Z is a absolute cutie. She and Queen Z should have some wonderful girl time this summer. <3

  11. Thank you Mr. & Mrs Moss, I have always known that Zenyatta’s well-being has been your primary concern and this decision demonstrates so clearly your love for her. I couldn’t agree more with your remark about Lane’s End being a perfect place, I would be happy to move into one their stalls myself, preferably one close to Zenny, Life is Sweet and Tasty Temptation. What a wonderful life that would be, to be surrounded by a group of the finest horses in the world in the heart of the bluegrass, I would truly enjoy retirement.

  12. What kind and loving owners to give her his year, Her daughter, the filly 14Z ,can be called Princess 14Z because she truly is that.

  13. This is so amazing, respectful and wonderful. I wish the horse world (and the dog world!) had more owners like you…

  14. Funny, I was actually thinking this might happen this year, before this announcement. Awfully late in the season to be breeding, IF she were to take on the first cover. Would be a late April or May baby, really too late. So this makes complete sense to reset her cycle and try to get her bred next Late February or early March or so, for a 2016 foal which would be born in late January or early February, hopefully. Glad to hear the news – does show the quality people you are, but I’m more inclined to think it was really a good business decision for the next homebred baby’s racing capability down the road. Especially with the size of babies she throws – they need all the help in maturing that they can get!! As an aside, yet again, four years down the road, Zenyatta announcements still crash her website! Power to the Queen!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing before this announcement my self. :-)

  15. Wishing Zenyatta much happiness! Enjoy your year beautiful girl! What wonderful owners you have

  16. I wonder if she’d like to go to the beach, or maybe go see Coz in Florida? Horses get vacations too, right? This is good news. Hope she has a wonderful and relaxing year.

  17. So happy for Z to get a much deserved rest AND so glad that you guys will still be keeping us up-to-date! Hopefully lots of pictures???!!!! (and maybe a FAN day to visit her!) :-)

  18. While I don’t know much about how these things work in the world of Thoroughbred breeding, I was hoping this would happen. It seems like such a sound decision, and I congratulate all of you for making it. I am sure all of the Queen’s legion of fans will be quite content watching the development of the three stunning individuals she has already birthed. And to Z., enjoy, enjoy — you’ve given so many a world of happiness already!

  19. I think that is a great decision for Ms. Z! She deserves a break. What great owners the Mosses’ are!

  20. I met the Mosses very, very briefly at the Breeders Cup a couple hours before Z won the Ladies Classic. I thanked them both for keeping her in training, and for sharing so much of her with her fans. They have always been such worthy stewards of this great horse. I wish I could thank them again for everything that has happened since that day!

  21. Thank you for loving her and giving her a rest. Still lots of pictures we hope!

  22. Wonderful news! She need time to relax and think of she.

  23. I love Zenyatta the QUEEN like I love Secretariat the KING. Their personalities, determination, hearts and love of their people is what makes them so special. One thing in my bucket list is to see QueenZ someday and tell her how special she is to me… Thank you Team Z for sharing her and her babies and for taking such GREAT care of her and making the decision to do what’s best for her well being. This fan is truly a fan of you ALL.

  24. Absolutely the best decision for Zenyatta. She is well deserving of this good long rest. It will be so exciting to follow all of the Queen’s beautiful babies’ careers. Thanks Team Z for all that you do for the Queen and her loyal followers.

  25. We do this with our mares! So nice to see it elsewhere especially in Kentucky. Absolutely have the welfare of Z at heart! Two colts and filly is an awesome start to a prolific breeding career. Well earned rest.

  26. A huge thank you to Queen Z;s connections. I don’t think I can recall when a mare such as Z was given a year off. Yes, let her revel in the glory that is Zenyatta. This shows how much love an owner has for their horse. Others need to take note…especially those who own mares who have had difficulty during the delivery process.

  27. hi Zenny….just saw that you are not going to have a new baby next year….so be sure enjoy every moment with PrinZess Z and then you can relax and the spa….no need
    to give up those mud baths ….they are sooooo soothing.
    how is the “little” PrinZess….adorable as usual….
    Zi is probably rough housing with his gang of friends
    and Coz is doing really good at school…
    love to you…
    who will you be sharing your pasture with….are LIS or Tasty available?
    will probably have to be another who is having a vacation…

    love to you and all of Team Z
    kisses for all soft noses

  28. Well, Zenny, you may not believe this but just last night before I went to sleep I was thinking: “I wonder if they will breed Zenyatta again, and if so, when?”

    Yes you’re the best mommy ever!!! :-)

    Team Z thank you for putting her health first (as always!) We have three gorgeous babies to enjoy who will keep us very, very busy these coming months LOL

    {{hugs}} and peppermint kisses Princess Mini Z and Zenny XO Auntie Judy

  29. I don’t see any reason not to breed her, except that it is late in the year for a race foal. A difference in a few months does make a huge difference when racing the fragile babies. Remember a horse is not physically mature until they are 6 or 7. Zenyatta enjoys the best health care and nutrition, seems to foal normally and is easy to breed so a year off probably won’t make a huge difference in her broodmare career.

    1. Why breed her over and over again?? They love this horse and are doing what is best for her!! She is a great Mom, but let her rest one year and then breed her early in the year!! I’m glad they did this!! Just let her be a horse for a year!!!

  30. so happy to hear this news ..so happy you put her before anything else….THANK YOU…!

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