Zenyatta Update

Zenyatta in the paddock this morning. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta in the paddock this morning. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Good morning!

First and foremost, Zenyatta is doing well! She has not yet foaled, and as of this morning she is relaxing in her paddock. The team at Lane’s End is keeping a close eye on her, and she is in the best hands.

It has come to our attention that various rumors about Zenyatta have been circulating. Trust that Zenyatta.com will keep you up to date with official information.

For the lastest updates follow us here on Zenyatta.com. We are also on Instagram and Twitter: @teamzenyatta.

-Team Z


  1. Maureen phi-llips; I just was browsing for a moment and read your response to my posting of Sir and the animal comminicator. Sorry, I can’t believe I did not say what Candie had said. (brain freeze)
    She really communicated. Sir said he liked his green halter. (An older one being used had busted, I picked up a green one for him as I thought he’d look handsome as he is a chestnut.) I never shared this to Candie. She through Sir indicated that he was in pain, the pain running down his whole back into his left hip since he fell and he was cold. Sir indicated that he was warmer with a black or blue one he once had worn than the one he has now.
    Sir said to her, he does not care to be around a lot of people, but that he has tried to please at the Sanctuary.
    Sir also said that there was a small horse that gave him problems. ( I knew right away he was talking about Jo, who would for most of the winter months here in Wi., chase him away from hay feeders–threatening with a kick that Sir would stand way off and wait.) Sir had been abused and starved before we knew, but Sir related to Candie that he had starved.
    So what the Horse Sanctuary is doing is beginning Bute for however long he can be on it before side effects because a head horse person felt he definitetly was in pain.
    Several of us volunteers had questioned whether he was in pain for several weeks.
    But this women, Liz, said she spent some time with him, as he now is separated in his own pasture, and determined as well that she for a few months will be the only one that handles, grooms and works with him. (That could be for liability reasons, but it is what Sir kind of asked for….just one person!) It is almost like while Candie was talking with me and Sir, this Liz was out there with him and got ESP signals!!)

    I truly hope all things work out. Sir has always been docile with me, and although I won’t be able to be close to him, when I am out there, I always will have a conversation with him. Without this special friend on this post, I do not know how things would have turned out.
    I never seem to be able to just write two sentences!! Sorry.
    hugs, Sally B

    Zenyatta; You are in my thoughts, my prayers; Goodnight sweet Z, pleasant dreams.
    I am waiting for the wonderful good news.
    love n kisses on your soft nose, 12z too and baby in the tummy!
    Auntie Sally B

    1. Sally B.– That is just wonderful news. Thank you for sharing. I hope he improves in every way.

    2. Sally B,
      Thanks for sharing your story. My prayers are with you and your kind heart.

    3. Dear Sally,
      What a great story!! It sounds like the communicator is amazing and certainly tuned-in to Sir. I am so happy that he is being given a second chance — he needs time to heal and feel the love. Thoughts and prayers for Sir, Liz and you!
      Best Wishes and Hugs

      1. Elizabeth and Marshall; Thank you for the good wishes and prayers for Sir. (me & Liz too)
        hugs, Sally B

    4. Dear Sally:

      It’s wonderful that Sir is able to speak with all of you through this communicator.

      Sometimes just the attention of one particular person will work wonders with horses. Like Hudson Township, a horse we acquired a month and a half ago. She would not trust anyone or let anyone rider her. One person (Kristy) has been working with her for about two weeks now; grooming, walking her, giving her massages, treats and today for the first time Kristy was able to ride HT.

      She had been a handful. Had jumped into the pond blanket and all, refused to let another horse be taken from the paddock and she threw a rider. Now she trusts Kristy and she is calm and happy.

      Hope this one on one care works for Sir too and maybe with the control of his pain, he will not be aggressive at all. Hugs, JB

      1. Judy Berube; Wow, if it worked for Hudson Township, things look promising for Sir!!
        I do agree one on one is what Sir needs now. I am just so relieved and Happy!! All of you are the greatest and I wish you a beautiful Easter Day.

        hugs, Sally B

    5. Sally, how nice to get the details of your story. Both Candi and Liz seem to be pretty sharp ladies! Has Sir gotten that warmer blankie? Please keep us all in the loop. Hugz.

    6. Dear Sally B,

      Thank you for the update on Sir and the communicator, that sounds like a good title for a book you should write since you write so beautifully and I see you are such a patient kind soul which makes for a good writer.

      Am so HAPPY Sir gets to have a second chance to be happy and not afraid or in Pain. I think we should set up a Blanket fund for Sir, this way he can actually pick one that he likes. The sweet little pumpkin. Let me know what you think,

      Have an Awesomely Blessed day and please consider what I said about writing a book. I love the lenght of your writing!,

      1. Maureen Phi-llips; You are too sweet. Wow, no one has ever complimented me on my writing! ha It only read well because it was about Sir. Your suggestion is so kind, but I have already received such kindness by getting a chance to speak to the communicator and Sir.
        hugs, Sally B Happy Easter!!

        1. Blessings always, but consider the writing, am serious, Sir brought out the writer in you, give it a shot. Hope your Easter was fun and Peaceful. From your Z nation sister, It is well.

    7. How are you doing, Zenyatta? Are you enjoying the Kentucky weather with your yearling? You, your foal, and your future foal are all living well. I wish I were there.

  2. Dear Zenny,
    We all waiting for you, pace…pace…pace…

    Dear Z fans,
    Tomorrow is a big day in Dubai; our Royal Delta is one of the best horses. Women Power! Women Power!

    Good luck to all tomorrow!
    Hugs Ingrid.

    1. Ingrid,

      I have to pull for Royal Delta too. Wishing safe trips for all of them.

    2. Dear Ingrid:

      Royal Delta, Run Like A Girl! Hugs, JB

  3. dear judy I look forward to hovis diary every Friday he likes to say because he is of unknown parentage from Ireland that shergar must be his dad!!! he likes to call the TB’s pansies don’t ask when he goes on about his”man sausage”!!!!!seems the cold weather has affectedit !british humour!!!! hope you have sweet dreams and a goodnight photos were lovely love and hugs sheena

    1. Sheena. Need your help on translation. Is Hovis’ mom in the diary a horse or a woman? For a non Brit, it is kind of hard to tell.

      1. Ha ha! I had the same question Max. The first time through I thought it was a horse. Then I read it again and decided she was his human. Will be intered to see if Sheena knows.

      2. Max,
        The diary is all about Hovis’s horse family and
        Yes his mum is a draft horse. !!!!

        Love that British humor, Go Hovis in your next
        Competition – whatever it might be!!!!

        1. PS:
          Hovis is all horse humor for those who have
          limited horse or riding experience.

          The Warmbloods have taken over the show
          rings in all disciplines in the US !!!!

        2. LGE. This is a fun site for the Z family to enjoy the magic which is Zenyatta. She does not call people out for having so called “limited” knowledge. You were not wanted here before and you are not wanted here now with this negative attitude. As others have said, please go away.

        3. LGE, I really didn’t see anything that negative in your post. In the spirit of Zenyatta all are welcome as long as they are civil.

        4. Shirleeinindy. You might want to check out this person’s comments elsewhere about Keta and others.

    2. Dear Sheena:

      Hysterical. The Brits have the best sense of humor. I love all the British comedy series on PBS. Remember Faulty Towers with John Cleese. Too funny.

  4. @Heidi K–congratulations!

  5. Dear all–leaving for Oklahoma City and the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow morning. I have a Dumpling “on call”to phone me if Zenny should foal while we are en route. If the internet works as it should at the hotel, I’ll be able to keep up on developing news. Hugs to all and Happy Easter!

    1. Dear Barb W.:

      Have a wonderful trip and I hope your team wins. Hugs, JB

    2. Hi Barbara:
      Wishing you a wonderful and safe trip.

      Happy Easter.

    3. Have a safe trip Barbara and Happy Easter.

    4. Barbara W., How exciting. Go team Go!! Good luck to your team!!
      hugs, Sally B

  6. Oh thank goodness everything is alright, I TRUST YOU ALL, BUT JEESZ, that poor momma must be ready to POP any day now. Give her a hug for us.

  7. Hi Zenny:
    Just checking in to see how you are doing!! Thinking of you and hope you have a good night with lots of rest.

    Love you.

    – Linda

  8. All seems quiet for now…

  9. Dear Z, Prince and Baby Z:

    Thinking of you and hoping we will be celebrating soon. Love you. Hugs, JB

  10. I took a break a couple of hours ago, just came back and there’s a new Blog posted, with 3 pages already!


  11. Oh my goodness–Congratulations to Animal Kingdom and his connections on winning the World Cup. What an exciting race it was!!

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