Zenyatta’s 2016 Foal Has Passed Away

Photo: Kyle Acebo for Team Zenyatta

Zenyatta’s 2016 colt by War Front has passed. He was born on April 10, 2016. Photo: Kyle Acebo for Team Zenyatta

VERSAILLES, KY — (April 13, 2016) It is with heavy hearts that Team Zenyatta and Lane’s End Farm must announce the passing of Zenyatta’s 2016 foal by War Front. His death occurred at approximately 9:00 am this morning due to complications of meconium aspiration syndrome. We express our deep gratitude to Dr. Peter Morresey and the professionals at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital who worked tirelessly to support the mare and foal. Zenyatta is in good health and back home at Lane’s End Farm.

Update — 5:30 pm
Zenyatta has returned to the field that is her original home at Lane’s End. She has been paired with the mare Vixana, who is also owned by Jerry and Ann Moss. Zenyatta and Vixana are the same age, and they trained together under John Shirreffs at Barn 55. The two are becoming reacquainted and have already shared a drink at the water bowl.

Zenyatta, turned out with Vixana, Ann Moss by her side.

Zenyatta, turned out with Vixana, Ann Moss by her side.


  1. To Zenyatta, the Mosses, Team Z and Lane’s End, my most sincere condolences.

    1. And Rood and Riddle of course. They are consummate professionals and I know they did everything they could.

  2. I am so very sad to read this 😥 My heart with Team Z. Sending you strength.

  3. My condolences to the Moss family and all involved. Blessings to Zenyatta. This is so very sad.

  4. We are stunned and so very sorry. Our condolences to the Mosses and Zenyatta.

  5. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry. This is so sad.

  6. I’m so sorry to read this, my heart is with Team Z. And Lanes End. 😢

  7. Beyond heartbreaking!

  8. So sad for Zenyatta … and for all those around them.
    He’s with his big sister now. Rest in peace, little horse.
    We hardly knew you, but we won’t forget you.

  9. Oh, no – my heart breaks for Zenyatta’s family and team, and especially for the Queen… So, so sad…

  10. I just have no words….give her extra hugs as I know she’s missing her baby.

  11. My deepest condolences to Zenyatta and her family… 😪😪❤️.

  12. My heart is breaking for Zenyatta, Ann & Jerry Moss, as well as Zenyatta’s connection. So very sad.

  13. My heart is broken into a million pieces right now. RIP little Prince. Such a dear little fellow. Condolences to all who loved him and were there for him :(

  14. Condolences to the Moss family and dear Zenyatta

  15. So incredibly sad for everyone involved.

  16. My mind is totally blown… My deepest sympathies to the Mosses, Team Z and those close to Z at Lanes End. Also to our Queen Zenyatta. I know everything that could have been done was done…
    I am just sick from this. He was SO BEAUTIFUL…
    He and Z Princess are running together in Heaven.
    Lord help all of us as we deal with this terrible and heartbreaking loss. Lord please be with Ann Moss and Zenyatta…
    Have to stop now… can’t see my 24″ monitor through my tears
    DebTJ from MI

  17. I am so sorry to hear of this news of Zenyatta’s little boy. I am sure that the fight to save him was endless from Rood and Riddle and the Mosses. My sincere condolences as this baby passes over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his sister.

  18. My heart is broken for the Zenyatta Family and team. What a heartbreaking loss for you all. He was just beautiful, Thoughts and prayers remain with you during this time. RIP baby boy. Blessings to Zenyatta.

  19. My heart is hurting this morning. My thoughts and prayers a with Queen Z amd the Team Z.

  20. Condolences to team Zenyatta. May the Lil prince run with his sister in the pastures

  21. Stunned doesn’t even begin. Rest with the angels and your sister beautiful baby boy. I can’t even imagine what the Mosses must be feeling as well as all those who took care of them and Zenny herself. One small comfort with Princess Z was believing that Zenny didn’t know (or at least didn’t see the accident). Sincere condolences to all – wonder if there is something we can all contribute to in his memory?

  22. My tears with yours. Our hearts break for you all.

  23. I am so sorry for your loss this is a tragedy for you after all this anticipation and waiting for a new foal.

    Please do not send her to War Front again it is too much that Zenyatta has lost both of his foals.
    I am sorry for being so superstitious.


    1. Agree. It just hurts too much.

  24. …only love can break your heart…

  25. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  26. Deepest condolences from Victoria, Susan and Brenda in Fort Erie. Our thoughts are with Team Zenyatta at this heart breaking time.

  27. Just in tears…..sending prayers to the family and especially Zenyatta

  28. Just gutted to hear this.
    Perhaps time to re evaluate where Zenyatta lives. Princess Z paddock accident, and now Zenyatta poor little colt dying as a result of what? Being so overdue?
    Certinly a string of bad luck for our queen and her connections.

    1. Maryann – have thought similarly for awhile; especially because horses operate on “vibes” and Zenyatta is fully aware of Princess Z’s situation, even if the people around her are not. Soooo tragic!

    2. OMG!! You are so wrong, Lane’s End takes the utmost care with ALL of their horses large and small Stallions, Mares and their babies!! This could have happened and probably has happened at other farms. Princess Z was weaned so her and Zenny were not together. She did not see the accident and had NO idea anything had happened to her baby.

  29. Oh I’m so sorry! We’ve all waited so long for another Zenny baby. My heart breaks for the Mosses, everyone at Lane’s End and Rood & Riddle, and all her fans. And for Z herself…..wondering where her baby went. So sad. Rest in peace little man. God bless.

  30. Absolutely heart wrenching. I am bereft at this sad sad news. I am so very sorry for what the Mosses, and those at Lane’s End and Rood & Riddle must be feeling. That poor baby. I hope all is well with beautiful Zenyatta, and that she is strong and healthy. Hard to imagine this would happen.

    1. What does where she lives have to do with a dying from a MEDICAL condition?? It isn’t like this one died from an “accident”!! Breeding and raising horses is NOT easy!! Especially “high strung” TB’s.

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