Zenyatta’s 2016 Foal Has Passed Away

Photo: Kyle Acebo for Team Zenyatta

Zenyatta’s 2016 colt by War Front has passed. He was born on April 10, 2016. Photo: Kyle Acebo for Team Zenyatta

VERSAILLES, KY — (April 13, 2016) It is with heavy hearts that Team Zenyatta and Lane’s End Farm must announce the passing of Zenyatta’s 2016 foal by War Front. His death occurred at approximately 9:00 am this morning due to complications of meconium aspiration syndrome. We express our deep gratitude to Dr. Peter Morresey and the professionals at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital who worked tirelessly to support the mare and foal. Zenyatta is in good health and back home at Lane’s End Farm.

Update — 5:30 pm
Zenyatta has returned to the field that is her original home at Lane’s End. She has been paired with the mare Vixana, who is also owned by Jerry and Ann Moss. Zenyatta and Vixana are the same age, and they trained together under John Shirreffs at Barn 55. The two are becoming reacquainted and have already shared a drink at the water bowl.

Zenyatta, turned out with Vixana, Ann Moss by her side.

Zenyatta, turned out with Vixana, Ann Moss by her side.


  1. There are no words…

    1. No…there is a huge hole in my heart. So sorry for your loss….bless his heart….a sad sad day

  2. My heart is still heavy with grief for Zenatta, the Mosses and for Team Zenyatta. You are in my prayers.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. I offer prayers and condolences to Zenyatta, the Mosses and Team Zenyatta.

    Much love and hugs,

  4. Oh Dear. My sincere condolences for all at Lane’s End. Hugs for Zenny and the Mosses.

  5. Sorry Zenyatta about your handsome 2016 baby colt pass away. Let him Rest in Peace with Z Princess galloping in heavens pasture. Don’t give having future baby foals . I love you Zenyatta so much. I have your breyer horse model . Hopefully I meet you in person . I am your biggest fan .

    1. Hugs and Kisses for you Zenyatta . I live at Arizona if you want to meet me .

  6. Love and prayers to Ann and Jerry Moss and to all the staff at Lane’s End who take care of Zenyatta, and most of all to Zenyatta who must feel at such a loss without her baby. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

  7. That makes me so sad! So sorry for all involved : (

  8. My thoughts – prayers- and cyber hugs to Ann and Jerry – This is such devastating news – My heart is with you – my wishes on my stars are for you – I pray Zenyatta remains well – and that you never lose faith in her or what you do – because YOUR actions are commendable – you have my admiration and respect – you always will

    My Love My support


  9. My Dear Beautiful Z, COZ, ZI and DC:

    Goodnight. Thinking of you. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Baby Z, will always love you.

  10. How could such a tragedy befall our beloved Zenyatta again? She has endured more grief than any mother should…losing 2 beautiful babies. Her precious colt passed away just as the strong mother/baby bond began forming. With motherly hormones surging Zenyatta must be so confused and distressed, wondering where her baby went. Thank god her kind owners are there to comfort and care for her in this fragile time. Not so long ago my heart broke with the death of Princess, now I am sobbing again. Animals certainly go to heaven, I just wish God had not taken these two sweet souls.

    I would implore the Mosses, please do not breed Zenny to War Front again…it seems to be bad luck.

    1. I think poor War Front is getting a bad rap…he had absolutely nothing do to with Z Princess’ paddock accident or with little Z Warrior’s aspiration of meconium..

      1. He is getting a bad rap. I’d be fine with them going back to War Front. It’s the Mosses’ decision, anyway.

      2. And they produce beautiful babies. I weep for the potential we will never see realized.

        1. Dear Shirlee:

          You are so right; absolutely gorgeous babies. Can’t help imagining what a stunningly beautiful stallion little Baby Z would have been. That wonderful blaze so like his Daddy and his Great Grand Daddy, Northern Dancer. Love and Hugs, JB

      3. First of all my prayers go out to Ann, Jerry and Zenny!!! Baby Z was a beautiful colt and I would love to see her breed to War Front again. I am cheering for that colt/filly already. A paddock accident and then complications from birth is no reason to give War Front a bad rep. He is such a wonderful stud and a perfect gentleman (yes from meeting him at Claiborne). So hoping to see a 2017 Zenny/War Front baby. I can just imagine the superstar that colt or filly will be.

        RIP Little Prince Z!!!!

      4. The death of Z Princess was due to a Paddock accident and the death of Zenyatta’s 2016 foal had nothing to do with Zenyatta or War Front. I’m sending prayers out for Zenyatta and Ann & Jerry. Zenyatta and War Front make beautiful babies. I hope when she’s ready they send her back to War Front.
        Zenyatta is such a wonderful Mother and I’m sure she is in mourning but the good Lord is with her.

      5. War Front’s father, Danzig, took no criticism from anyone. He’d just push them aside. Mr. Front’s only role in relation to Zenyatta was to donate part of the genetic code which produced two exceptional foals with exquisite conformations. He is not to blame for these tragic results. No one or horse is. That’s the problem of why we cannot understand what happened. There is no answer. There is no reason. Nothing about this can be explained. The only thing that we can do is accept what cannot be undone and move on in the hope that only good things will cross Zenyatta’s path and that of her people from now on.

        1. Dear Max and Z Fans:

          Hope; that is what we must have to move forward.

          The loss of Z Princess is still fresh in our hearts and now the loss of Baby Z will linger for a long, long time. We will continue to grieve. But; you are right Max, some things happen in this life for which we cannot find answers.

          Pray God that happy, healthy days are ahead for Z, COZ, ZI, future babies and the Moss’. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. JudyB. The pain of this loss and that of the young filly is really never going to go away. All of us who mourn with Zenyatta and her people will just learn to live with it as well as we can. There is no other choice. Unlike us, horses are mindful and wisely live only in the moment. It is the best way to live.

        3. Dear Max.We cannot question what God has in store for us.No one in this world can escape heartache during their lifetime.We can but treasure the memories and move forward.As always words of wisdom from you.Sheena

        4. Dear Max:

          Yes, like so many losses of loved ones in our lives, we go on until it’s our time.

          Horses, dogs, cats and other animals do live in the moment. That is a good thing. These sad tragedies make COZ and ZI even more precious. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. When beautiful Z Princess passed away from the paddock accident the only solace I had then was at least Zenyatta didn’t know about it since they had already been separated. I grieved for Z Princess, but this time my grief is mostly for Zenny and of course Team Z. I may be in the minority, but if Zenny is healthy, I hope they can breed Zenny this season and not have her wait two years before she has what she loves most, a foal to love and nurture.

  11. The day I heard the news I was so saddened for the baby and Zenyatta. Of course she would miss her baby. I pray she is alright and hopefully she will get a rest from this. She has lost 2 babies now. I know the Owner’s and Team will think of Zenyatta and do what is best for her. Love you Zenyatta “Queen of Racing”!

  12. My heart breaks for the Moss family and that precious Zenyatta and friends with this loss. I waited and prayed for a little girl and when you posted the picture of the foal I fell in love with him as I am sure you did. Tears still come and perhaps with time the heart will heal. God Bless You and Yours.. ( always in my heart and on my mind )

  13. A paddock accident and a problem with monitoring the prenatal foal has nothing to do with War Front. Lane’s End has always been a leading Stud Farm, that’s how they make their living. If Princess Z was wild as I’ve heard Zenyatta was, then there should have been a slower pace of separating her from Zeny or constant handling and monitoring. Hindsight is saying, Lane’s End is not the best for monitoring weanlings and complicated birthing. A mare that is close to delivery date needs quiet and calm to focus on her inner baby. Extra scans on foal and an urgency on delivery. Zenyatta needs a new Farm focused more on mares and near a top Equine Hospital. I’m hoping she can be covered and then brought home to CA for her next foal.

    1. We could wrap every horse in bubble wrap and they would still find a way to get hurt.
      LE is top notch and has my respect.

      1. Dear Ann:

        Horses are fragile beings. Mine too. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Ann and Judy B.,

        I most definitely agree with both of you.
        Things happen which are beyond our control no matter how careful we are.
        Lane’s End is a first class facility, and Rood & Riddle is outstanding, too. No better care could be found anywhere.

        Hugs and Love

        1. Only if you live near JB, then you would get spoiled rotten. Right, Charlie, sweet boy!
          Yes, great and hardworking folks.
          Luv ya, Zenny.

    2. The Mosses are experienced horse owners and have surrounded themselves with people who understand all facets of the industry. We have been blessed to be a part of Zenny’s life from her racing days to her new life as a broodmare. There are joys and sorrows throughout life. We have experienced the highs and lows of Zenny’s life all because the Mosses have allowed us to do so. We now share in the raw grief they are experiencing as well all of those who surround our Zenny. I admire the Mosses for allowing us to continue on this journey and I will never question their decisions or offer my recommendations. They love this mare and have exhibited it through this site which allows us to remain connected to her. May God comfort them at this very difficult time.

    3. Ummmm, no. Lane’s End is a top-flight operation, and they are in no way responsible for either tragedy. Paddock accidents happen. Young horses are frisky, and regrettably, sometimes they get hurt. Monitoring the paddock more closely would not have saved 14Z; it’s the type of thing that occurs in an instant, like a car crash. As long as young horses are allowed to exercise and romp in the company of their fellows, there is a risk of accident. However, it would be far worse physically and psychologically to isolate them or keep them from running. They’re horses–it’s what they do.

      The birth itself was not complicated, and there was no way to predict that this would happen. Zenyatta was later than usual but still well within the window for a normal pregnancy. The death of 16Z was just horrible bad luck, and no one’s fault.

      (As for being near a “top Equine hospital,” she was taken to Rood & Riddle. What more do you want?)

      1. Dear laura j:

        I did some searching for info on Meconium Aspiration Syndrome as soon as I read Team Z’s post. As you said, sometimes it just happens. According to what I read there is a range of mild respiratory compromise to fatal compromise. Our beautiful Baby Z was not one of the lucky ones. Yes, horrible bad luck.

        It’s truly unfathomable that such tragedy would strike again after the loss of Z Princess. As Max said, all we can do now is hope for happiness and good luck for Z in the future. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Now people are being unfair, the loss of the filly was just the result of an accident. Anyone who works with horses will know that they can injure themselves quite easily even when given the best of care. The loss of the foal is the unfortunate result of a condition which can affect any mammalian birth and is not predictable. Every stud farm has protocols in place to deal with MAS but it is a sad fact that of the foals that are compromised in this way a certain percentage will recover completely, a number will recover to a degree but be physically and quite likely mentally compromised( so called dummy foals) and a number will unfortunately succumb to the condition. Unfortunately life is sometimes just unfair, If its any comfort to some of the posters on this page, the mare is probably the least affected by recent events and already settled back into a normal routine

  14. Oh my gosh, I am beyond grief. Unbelievable!!! I came checking for picture or video updates and found this awful news instead. So very sorry for Team Z. 16Z was a beauty and I was the colt I’d hoped she would have. A few highly credible people have had after-life experiences and have claimed there are horses in heaven. Z’s babies are surely there.

  15. I hope we get some news of Zenyatta soon and that she is “doing well”.She carried her baby a long time and her loss is far greater than ours.God bless our beloved Queen always.Love and hugs SheenaX

  16. Does anyone know where we can send condolence cards? Thank you.

    1. I would send them to Mr. & Mrs. Moss c/o Lane’s End.

  17. Be strong Queen! You will get through this with your loving family!

  18. How is Zenyatta? Prayers for everyone. My heart aches. I just cant believe it. Love to all

  19. There is no fault attached to this tragedy and Zenny/War Front foals have been so beautiful. If the owners decide to make a change that is what is best for Zenyatta. We are blessed to have the boys and the joyous memory of little curly top. What is meant to be will be.

    1. Amen.

      1. Little curly top…I love it!

    2. Dear Vicki:

      So very true. Love and Hugs, JB

  20. This news saddens me so much. He had such a cute head, with Z’s big ears, beautiful blaze and most expressive eyes. I said to my sister, “all of her foals are so special because of who she is.” To lose two now is really tough. I feel badly for Zenyatta to carry her foal for 11+ months, give birth and then lose him. I also really feel badly for the Moss’s, especially Ann, who obviously loves Zenyatta and her babies so much. I pray that time will heal all concerned and a new day with new hope will dawn with Z’s next pregnancy.

  21. Hi!

    I just wrote my second book, and it will published soon. I added in the
    “dedications” page this morning about Zenyatta’s new colt. Zenyatta is
    also mentioned elsewhere in the book as well as Cozmic One. I wanted
    so much for him to be born on my precious girl’s birthday (Isis) which is March
    9th but he was born on March 8th instead. By the way, everything mentioned
    is positive. I love Zenyatta so much that I just had to mention her in the book.
    Princess Z is mentioned, too.

    It is a Grieving and Loving book about my precious dogs and many who
    have died.

    It will be out soon and was sent to the publisher this afternoon (Maine time).

    Love to Zenyatta and the new precious little boy. Be patient with us because
    many of us do not understand how things can go wrong.

    Grieving is hard many times.

    Lise from Maine

    1. Dear Lise,

      Congratulations on publishing your second book. It will certainly be helpful to all who have lost precious friends — to all who grieve. How lovely to add sweet little Z angel to the dedication. Very nice to mention Zenyatta, Coz and ZPrincess, too.

      Let us know the title and when it will be available.

      Hugs and Love

  22. I am sure I am not alone, when every moment I think of Zenyatta now, I begin to weep, I am so heartbroken for the tragedies she has had to suffer since leaving the track and beginning on this new career; which we all had hoped would be as glorious.

    And, win or lose is not the goal, it is to see her raise healthy, happy foals into horses. And, in no way is War Front to blame, unless of course, she disliked him immensely. (lol)

    But if her career is to change, my personal feelings are that she would love being an ambassador at the Kentucky Horse Park where she would have daily beauty treatments (grooming) and scheduled daily visits with the visitors to the Park, and of course, her adoring fans who could come by.

    But their stabling and paddock arrangements, of that I have no knowledge of. Just my food for thought following this tragedy that has beset us all.

    1. Dear Mary,
      My family and I we agree with you.
      Well said, you also made me cry.
      Hugs Ingrid

  23. All that is Z shown through with the birth of this beautiful colt, to be sure. Meconium aspiration syndrome is particularly difficult to treat in newborn equines and Rood and Riddle did all they could to save him. Blessings and thoughts of comfort go out to Z, the Mosses, the Lane’s end family, and all who cared for both Z and baby.

  24. Mary M…she would make a wonderful ambassador for the sport.

  25. I have always believed that Zenyatta is more than an ambassador of racing. She’s the Queen of racing. When she left the track to retire, she told us in her diary that she wanted to be a mother. Despite the sadness that we now feel because of the passing of her two dearly loved foals, Zenyatta will endure. Zenyatta will thrive. Zenyatta will conquer. That is what Queens do.

    1. Dear Max,
      You made me cry…you so right, she will conquer,
      because she is our Queen! And we love her!
      Hugs Ingrid.

  26. I believe Zenyatta is getting along well. I know the Mosses and Lanes End are taking very good care of her. These are hard times for all involved but with lots of prayer things will become better. It takes time. Time does heal.

  27. As I was driving home from work this morning, it seemed that everywhere I looked was new life springing up or being born. Seeing the mother ewes with their baby lambs at a sheep ranch on the road home practically killed me today. I just wanted to scream, “LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!!!” at the top of my lungs. I just don’t understand why darling Zenny who has given NOTHING but joy and happiness to millions all over the world should have to suffer back-to-back tragedies like she has. After all the hard work she put in, raising Princess and carrying the Little Prince inside her only to see them both gone in the blink of an eye is heartbreaking. I guess I’ve now reached the anger stage of grief. And it hurts. Bad.

  28. I too, have reached the anger stage & just want to scream. God bless Zenyatta, all her children, Ann & Jerry, and all connected to Zenyatta. Please give us an update soon.

  29. Sad…devastated…there are no words that can describe the pain that Zenyatta and Ann Moss must be feeling at the loss of the Little One. The only consolation is that Z Prince is now with his big sister, Z Princess. I, as all the other Zsters on this site offer my deepest condolences to, not only Zenyatta and Ann, but to everyone connected to this Great Mare-Lanes End & Team Z. I loved the picture of Ann in the straw with Z Prince…

  30. I repeat what Kim asked above,; ;
    Does anyone know where we can send condolence cards? Thank you.

    Do you think to Lanes End, or does anyone have an address for the Moss’s.

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