Zenyatta’s 2018 Pregnancy

Zenyatta at Lane’s End, early May 2018. Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.

Regretfully, we have to confirm that Zenyatta aborted her pregnancy mid-April. The cause of the abortion was found to be a low grade placentitis that triggered premature placental separation. Zenyatta has bounced back well and is enjoying the spring sunshine in her paddock.

The staff at Lane’s End Farm continues to give Zenyatta the best care possible, and for that we are incredibly grateful. Fans, we thank each of you for your love and support. Love and hugs to all.

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.

Photo courtesy of Alys Emson/Lane’s End Farm.


  1. Perhaps she shouldn’t be bred anymore. God forbid something happen to her in the process.
    She is too special to risk her health or life for breeding.

    1. I continue to try to post comments without success here on Zenyatta’s blog. I guess if you agree that she shouldn’t be bred again you are censored. Thought we had free speech in th U.S….my bad.

    2. She needs to be bred to Symboli Kris S. Stands in Japan. Zenyatta is a horse that shows a lot of Kris S breeding. Breeding her to Symboli Kris S would help bring out the Kris S bloodline that makes her such a great racer. Both horses were outstanding racers. Combining the two horses that are so similar, should help lock the great racing genes both have.

      1. Zenyatta’s broodmares sire is Kris S.

  2. Thank you all for letting know that Zenyatta is OK. Sorry hear about the baby.
    I know that the folks at Lanes End will take good care of her.
    Please keep us all updated with the latest news.

    Thank you,

    Ray( San Diego).

  3. Praying all continues to go well for our beloved, Zenyatta.

  4. I love reading about Zenyatta’s life but I know we can keep up with Cozmic One now but I really would like to hear something about Ziconic and what plans are in place for him its been a long time since his last race and no workouts showing, is he not going to race anymore? Our beautiful filly has yet to be named and I really would like to keep up with her also. I do thank the team for all they do but I really would like to hear about all of Zennys family.

    1. I agree. Keep looking for Ziconic’s name on the Santa Anita race schedule. I think he has been respectable on the race track. Would SO like for him to win at least once. Hope he’s OK.

      Love watching CoZmic One’s progress on the De Sousa website. Get to see more about him now than we ever did before. Many thanks to them.

      Zenyatta looks like she has taken her loss in stride going by the posted pictures. Thank God she is doing well. She is one special lady. So many great race mares have difficulty giving birth – Rachael Alexandra, Genuine Risk, Royal Delta (who died giving birth to her first). Gratefully Zenyatta has delivered successfully and stays healthy. We all love her so much.

  5. So sorry for Lady Zenyatta. My heart hurts for her. Praying she is recovering. I love Zenyatta!

  6. I am overcome with such sadness at the loss of Zenyatta’s foal. I pray she will bounce back from this. She is a wonderful girl.

  7. So very sad. I wondered and began to worry why we had not heard anything. I pray she is well and hope they give her a break from the breeding business. Thank you for her care.

  8. Dear Sheena:

    Have a good night. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  9. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, BBG and DC:

    All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love and Hugs, JB

  10. Sorry Zenny!

  11. The legend of Sergeant Reckless,
    America’s greatest war horse
    By Danielle Rossingh, for CNN May 15, 2018

    1. Dear BGG,

      Thanks so much for giving us this link about the incomparably brave and loyal Staff Sergeant Reckless. She certainly was a beautiful girl and what a hero!
      We owe her so much. Definitely a well deserved monument in tribute at the Horse Park, too.

      Hugs and Love

    2. Dear BGG:

      Thanks for this link. What a little Beauty she was. Very well deserved tribute. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Thanks for posting that link, Robin. There is also a book about her written by Robin Hutton which is excellent…Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse.

  12. Dear Z, Team Z and Lane’s End,

    Sending thoughts and prayers to all of you. Glad to see these lovely pictures of Zenyatta with her pasture companion — Z looks so well. It helps to see her happily grazing in the spring weather.

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this sad news and for giving us the comforting photos of our beloved Queen. We join all of you in mourning. RIP little angel.

    Hugs and much Love

  13. Hey Zenny and Zfans- hope all is well. Just wanted to share the news about Jockey Edgar Prada winning his 7000th win! Amazing! such a wonderful man. Congrats. Anyway, hope all is well and hope the gang arrives safely for the Preakness. Visited Ben’ Cat over at Laurel and left some treats. Told him to share with our angel babies. Love to all.

    1. Wow! 7000th win! Incredible! Congratulations Edgar. Yes, safe travels and racing for all horses and jockeys in the Preakness.

    2. Dear Ann,

      Thanks neighbor! Congratulations to Edgar Prada on win #7,000. What an accomplishment! Cheers!

      I am sure Ben’s Cat appreciates the treats and will certainly share. RIP sweet angels. ❤️

      Hugs and Love

    3. Dear Ann:

      Thanks for this news on EP. Congrats to him; well done. So glad you got to visit Ben. RIP beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Judy,
        Cannot forget Edgar and his ride on Barbaro in the Derby. So glad to see this landmark win for him. He hasn’t yet been able to get another mount like Barbaro. Barbaro broke his heart as he did so many of us.

  14. Does anyone happen to know whether the poor baby was going to be a boy or a girl?

  15. This is so sad. I am sorry for Zenyatta , and all of us that have been so looking forward to her having a healty new foal. I am heartbroken. I pray for Zenyatta to be recovering and enjoying her life. Zenyatta to be healthy is most important.
    I have been waiting for the new baby so anxiously. Heartbroken, I can’t say it enough.

  16. Parx Racing @parxracing ‎Wednesday, ‎16 ‎May, ‎2018
    TV Schedule for Pimilco’s Black Eyed Susan and
    Preakness Stakes!

    1. Thanks for posting the Pimlico schedule for TV, BGG!
      Safe racing for all this weekend. 🐎 🐎

      Hugs and Love

    2. Dear BGG:

      Thanks for this. Godspeed; safe and sound all horses and riders. Love and Hugs, JB

  17. Thinking of you, Zenyatta. So sad to think of your little one, but comforted by seeing pictures of you looking so good. Take care dear one. I have pictures of you on the walls of my office I never tire of looking at but seeing new pictures of you grazing with your pasture mates is wonderful to come here and see. Thank you Team Z for the updates.

  18. Zenyatta and all your fans
    We send all our love and our blessings to you. That you have recovered.
    How goes the training of your filly, born May 9 of last year is if I have the date right?

    Blessings to you

  19. Dear Sheena:

    Hope all is well. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  20. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, BBG and DC:

    Have a peaceful evening and Happy Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB

  21. I just wanted to say that I am thinking of our beloved Big Z tonight and hoping she is feeling fine! She inspired me to love a sport like no other. Her racing days brought such joy to so many people. That I am forever grateful for. So as the night comes to an end for me Zenyatta is on my mind. I really love you Big Z ❤️

  22. So sorry to hear of your loss Zenyatta. We your fans are heart sick to know another foal has been lost. Everyday I look at your sight to hear all that has happened to you and your babies. I have watched from day one your racing career and your son’s racing. Ziconic is a good little guy and I wish him the best. I hope your owners see that this is a tragedy for you MOMMA and let you rest for a season to just be a horse in the pasture. Good luck with whatever they decide for you.

  23. 🌻Stay strong big girl! 🌻 ❤️

  24. Soo sorrey for all of you but most of all Zenyatty and the Mosses just fell soo sad for her but shr looks good in all the pictures thank you soo much for the update on our Queen Zenyatty we all love her soo much again thanks for the pictures keep us posted on our little lady love her XO

  25. Is she being bred back?

  26. Casting all considerations of Genotype aside and musing solely upon Phenotype, it would be so excitedly interesting to see Zenyatta have her final two flings with California Chrome and American Pharaoh. Speed-Stamina-Huge Last Minute Closer and Tractibility!

  27. I am happy to hear you are well Zenyatta. I do love you so. I love the pictures I have of you and your foals. I especially like the ones with you and your little Z Princess. My heart sank into such sadness when I heard Z Princess had a paddock accident and she passed. You are so beautiful and a wonderful mother. Stay strong, and stay alive for all of us who love you so. I hope I can come and see you someday at Lane’s End Farm. If I ever see you run again, and I am not sure they will race you again, I would love to see you in a match race with American Pharoah. I think you could even out-run him. God protect you my beautiful Zenyatta, and all those who care for you everyday.

  28. Thank God Zenyatta is reportedly doing well in spite of having her latest foal aborted in late term. Please, please don’t breed the Queen any more. Let her live the rest of her life enjoying her friends and glory of knowing how special she is. Love, kisses and hugs to Zennie

  29. Wondering if this is just continued bad luck or a genetic issue? Hard to tell, but one thing I do know, from having a mare of ours lose a foal for a reason even the big vets in Lexington could not come up with, Zeny does not care, nor does she even think about it like everyone else is. She is happy and healthy, hopefully (am sure she got antibiodics) out with her pasture buddy, and she does not have to worry about having a foal to constantly worry about. Glad she is getting this break, and I personally am not surprised this happened, she was way too overweight. Breeding overweight mares spells disaster. Someone had posted either on here or the Facebook page that placentitis can lead to laminitis. I hope this is not the case, and wish we could find out about CURRENT things. Additionally, has anyone read/heard anything about Zfilly17’s clubfoot? What is the status of that? That could be a cause of her not racing and being the one to carry the line on (as in Rachel’s case-different causes of course) They are such big animals, yet can be so fragile. Thanks to everyone!

  30. I noticed in one picture, above, she seems to have some of that skin issue that plagued her at auction (a form of ringworm) and allowed her to be purchased at such a bargain price and which her trainer had referenced as the reason therefore. Additionally, I believe she was given “Aloe Oil or water” (…can’t remember which) to keep her stomach settled when she was racing. All which (could) indicate infection. Is it possible that she has a chronic systemic infection in her body that, because she is so strong, doesn’t affect her too negatively, but impacts upon her ability to consistently carry a foal to term and deliver a healthy baby? For instance, one died of pneumocaucas (?)(infection in the lungs caused by inhalation of feces) and now this one with the infection in the placenta…could be worth taking her to UPenn to check it out. If so, maybe antibiotics or some other sort of infection deterrent during pregnancy?? ( I’m not a doctor, I just love horses and want to see this one succeed in the next phase of her life as she did in the first. Also, selfishly, I don’t want to be deprived of seeing her offspring fourish.)
    Don’t ever want this INCREDIBLE MARE to have to suffer the loss of any more foals. We can’t be sure, but that HAS to affect a horse as empathetic as this mare. Much love Zenyatta…you are the embodiment of all that Ruffian was and could have been… : = (