Zenyatta’s 9th Birthday

Group photo at Z's birthday party. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Group photo at Z’s birthday party. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Zenyatta
Happy Birthday to You

We just came from Zenny’s birthday party, where we ate Z cupcakes and took turns reading Zenyatta her birthday cards.

Edit: The party photos are now up!

We’re getting ready for dinner here at Lane’s End. Night eight of foal watch begins!

-Team Z

That's Louise reading a card to Z, and it's her birthday too! Happy Birthday Louise! Photo by Kyle Acebo

That’s Louise reading a card to Z, and it’s her birthday too! Happy Birthday Louise! Photo by Kyle Acebo

Birthday cards from fans

Birthday cards from Z’s fans.

Cupcakes and more cupcakes.

Cupcakes and more cupcakes.

Zenyatta reading birthday cards. Photos by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta reading birthday cards. Photos by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta's stall window, lined in birthday cards. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Zenyatta’s stall window, lined in birthday cards. Photo by Kyle Acebo


  1. Congrats on the new baby boy!

    1. Congratulations to Zenyatta and new Baby 13Z. What a legacy she is going to be with her two boys.

  2. I just signed on to wish the Queen and my Z nation family a good nights rest when something about another Prince is born caught my eyes and on further search realized this was real and not an April fool’s prank! I blink and the Queen goes off and has her baby without me!

    CONGRATULATIONS Queen Z, this is awesome and so kind of you to give us this wonderful gift on your Birthday. It reminds me of another Royal birth, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William has dark hair like Prince snr while Prince Harry has Red hair like Z13! Isn’t that amazing?

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Mosses, Lanes End, and to all my Z nation family!, this is unbeliveably awesome. He is so Handsome!

    I hope the Queen is able to get some sleep and the much needed rest for the task ahead of feeding and raising the little tyke.

    Good night to all, get some sleep, It is well, it definitely well with the world.

    Welcome Z 13, we are all happy you made it safely.

  3. Congrats Team Zenyatta on the birth of the next triple crown winner

  4. Congrats on the new baby! Happy belated Birthday Zenyatta! What a wonderful birthday present you had!

  5. Well Mama Queen Z!!! A veryyyyy beautiful Birthday present you gave yourself I’d say!!! He sure isa handsome boy!!! Its a great day to have a birthday isn’t it? Your’s, your little guys, and My little Girl turned 8 today as well! Great things happen and great people and amazing horses are born on this day! April Fool’s on them ;) take care Mama and Congrats again!

  6. Happy Birthday to the Queen and what a wonderful Birthday Present INDEED!!!! What a way to cap off a terrific day of Birthday Celebrations! Zenyatta you really know how to live life perfectly and to the fullest. I love you, girl! <3 Congratulations!!!

  7. As always…..you are totally awesome..!!!!!!

  8. we now have two of them to win the triple crown in 2016 and 2017!

  9. Finally the new prince arrived! I had a feeling last night that she was going to give herself a new present. Congrats and Happy Birthday to the both you. Looking forward to watching him grow up as well as 12Z.

  10. Happy Birthday Queen Z. I hear you gave birth to a baby boy on your Birthday. I hope the delivery was easy & you both are doing well. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the prince.

  11. Zenny,
    I am so very happy for you. Happy to see your birthday photos. It looks like you enjoyed the cupcakes,is that icing on your muzzle? LOL!!!!
    Glad you had a b-day party before your big delivery.

  12. What a beautiful colt! I love his chestnut color. The bloodlines only show Forli & Waterway on Zenyatta’s side and Gana Facil on Tapit’s side with the chestnut color going back four generations. Interesting that it showed up with all the bays and a little grey in this pedigree. He must be a special boy! Love his Zenyatta ears! Fantastic news. Zenyatta is as regal as ever in the photos. Congratulations to all of you!

    1. Don’t forget his maternal greaty-great, great, grandpa on dad’s side. He was red, too. BIG and red. ;)

  13. She decided to give you guys a birthday present, too!! :D He’s a beautiful baby and I’m so glad all is well!!

  14. What a beautiful, beautiful boy!!! Just like his mother. ;) Now 12Z has his darling little
    brother 13Z to add to the great legacy of Zenyatta and her special connections. :)
    Such a joyous occasion and a birthday that Zenny and Team Z will never forget!

    Much love and many blessings,
    Kathy from SoCal xoxo

  15. Congratulations to the Queen and her Team! Well Done! How exciting to have this
    opportunity to share in the life of the one and only Zenyatta and Her colts. They are as handsome as their Mother is beautiful. So glad that everyone was near and already
    celebrating her when this new colt was delivered!

    Happy all went well ! Cheers! Hugs!

    Nancy O.

  16. What a beautiful foal just like his Momma. Hoping he will turn out a great Champion someday like Z.

  17. Zenyatta ..how is it possible that each one is more beautiful ? Two handsome sons to carry on your legacy .You must be so proud of your boys . Thank you to Team Z and the Moss’s for sharing this special occasion and to you Zenny for the beautiful birthday present you shared . HUGs n God Bless :) xoxooxox

  18. Happy Birthday, Zenyatta…and what a wonderful birthday it is for you….with the arrival of your 2nd foal. How happy I am for you…and that you are both doing well.

  19. As usual, Zenyatta knows how to add drama to the situation; of course she would keep us all on the edge of our seats, and then just a few minutes to go before her birthday is over, she has her beautiful baby boy! We all love her so much, thank-you everyone for letting us keep her in our lives; I, like others, look everyday to see her and her sons. I watch videos of her races and other beautiful videos honoring her; what a wonderful girl, and a special team she has; God bless you all!!
    I have a question to ask; I have been trying for days to find out the answer on the internet, but have not been able to, this is my last hope!
    There was a horse in the 1987 Kentucky Derby, that Alysheba won; it was considered one of the hardest run Derbys, with a horse named War get
    ting some of the worst of it. He showed so much heart after bouncing off the fence a number of times, and almost going down around the first turn (he was number one); even though he didn’t win, he hung in there. I am trying to find out what happened to him, and if any of his offspring are around. When I try to look him up, the results are like he never lived, just other horses with War as part of their names show up, and he is not part of their bloodline. I am starting to get the feeling he ended up where none of us want our beloved horses to end up, especially one with so much courage. If anyone knows anything about him, can they let me know; even if it’s bad, it’s not right to be like he never existed!! Thank-you!!!

    1. go here. pedigreequery.com There have been several War named horses. This site is awesome. You can look up the Prodigy names as well.


  20. Bonjour Zenyatta!

    Where is a video with you and your new baby?

    I enjoy watching you and would love to watch the new baby run and follow you.

    Lots of love, Zenyatta!

    Lise from Maine

  21. Little girls look absolutely adorable in pettiskirts and tutus. So why not celebrate her first birthday in an outfit that is truly memorable. A hot pink pettiskirt paired with a birthday shirt will make her look like the princess she is. This piece of trendy baby clothes also makes for great photos.

  22. Congrats to the Queen and her dynasty.

  23. What a magnificent beauty even after two foal!!! Hard to believe how tall she really is which is so apparent in these pictures. A belated Happy Birthday to you. A truly amazing Horse.

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