Ziconic in Yearling Prep

Ziconic. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Ziconic. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Happy Friday!

During our June trip to Lane’s End Farm, we spent a morning with Ziconic and some of the people who oversee his training at the farm. Todd Claunch, Assistant Manager of Lane’s End, and Yearling Manager Peter Sheehan explained the ins and outs of the yearling prep process, which Ziconic started at the beginning of June.

Ziconic enjoys his morning work and the attention he receives. The staff at Lane’s End lovingly refers to him as Z, just like his mom.

In the video below you’ll hear Todd and Peter in conversation with Ann Moss as Ziconic and other yearlings work out in the farm’s walker.

-Team Z

Ziconic enters the walker. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Ziconic enters the walker. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Ziconic with Ann. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Ziconic with Ann. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Our Experts


Todd Claunch

Assistant General Manager, Lane’s End

Todd graduated from University of Kentucky with a degree in Agricultural Economics. He worked at several small farms before joining Juddmonte Farm in their stallion barn alongside Known Fact and Raft. His experience includes breaking yearlings and prepping them for the sales and foaling mares. In 1990 he joined Lane’s End Farm as a yearling groom, working his way up to Yearling Manager and is currently the Assistant General Manager, overseeing all aspects of the farm.

Peter Sheehan

Yearling Manager, Lane’s End

Peter, originally from Co. Kildare, Ireland started his career in the thoroughbred industry at Derrinstown Stud while he completed his education at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. After graduating with a degree in geography and math he then completed a post graduate study in statistics. Peter arrived at Lane’s End in 2008 and is currently the Yearling Manager.


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. He’s gorgeous, I can’t believe how big he is.

  2. Z is stunning!Looks like Mom.

  3. What a stunning colt! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I’m not given a window into the growth and training of other Thoroughbreds, so is it just me, or do Zenyatta’s ‘kids’ seem exceptional? :) They truly all look gorgeous and seem smart, curious, and wonderfully put together. Loved the exchange…. ‘like running in the Derby,’ and Ann – ‘so be it!’

    1. I so agree! I don’t know that much about thoroughbreds, and certainly not when they are young, but these babies just look amazing to my un-trained eyes! And they look so happy. :)

  5. He has Zenyatta’s expressive eyes–love the photo with he and Ann!

  6. I vote Ziconic not be trained as a racehorse. Let him finish growing up and then he would make a gorgeous hunter lol!

  7. Tapit and Zenyatta – what could be better? He is really something.

  8. Another beautiful Z!

  9. I’ve noticed he has a spot of darker hair on his right rump and a smaller one on his left. Are those his “birthmarks”? LoL

    1. Markay, many chestnuts have such coloring on their coat. Don’t know if they are considered birthmarks, but it is not uncommon for them to have them.

  10. he is really special….thanks to the Mosses and LE for allowing us this unprecedented look into this special world

  11. Wow! This made my day! Zi looks terrific and it’s so great to hear how well liked and how well he is doing. To know that Zenyatta’s boy is a pleasure to work with and that he likes to work is such a feather in momma Z’s cap. Her good spirit is passed on as well as the physical beauty.
    I looked forward to this and it’s even better than I thought. My sincerest thanks to Ann and Jerry, Tyler for great photos, Team Lane’s End – Todd and Peter.
    Love, hugs and blessings,

  12. Looks like a hint of gray on his flank… will be interesting to see if he grays out or if it’s just rabicano ticking.

    1. It’s just lighting. He is definitely not gray, and it’s highly unlikely that he has rabicano. He does seem to have a few bend or spots on his rump, though.

  13. I am speechless with ecstasy. Magnificent on display!

  14. This colt has been my favorite of Zenyatta’s foals so far. He is stunning, correct and has that “I am a star, watch me go” attitude. I love watching these videos of him and Coz working, their temperaments are superb and they are happy and enjoy what they are doing. Stay safe beautiful boy and will watch you win races in the future.

  15. TEAM Z you are simply THE BEST!

    This was such an informative and interesting post. Ann — this was a super interview, filled with warmth, humour and insight. And “Z” is looking just fabulous! I was so interested to hear that he’s both easy to be around and “workmanlike” on the walker, which really is “state of the art”!

    I was fascinated to hear about Z’s racing dreams. I didn’t realize that horses — like dogs — do this “dream run.”

    And it was special to see Ann & Z together. I’m thinking that the Mosses must have quite the album of their meets & greets, as well as kisses shared, with Zenny and her family.

    This is how this post made me feel:

    PS Would love to see a video of Zenny & family to this soundtrack!!!!

    1. Dear Abigail:

      Perfect. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Abigail

      I agree so much. Would love to see Zenyatta and family do this video. Remember the Michael Jackson one. Rock with you with Zenyatta just loved that. And, Love love love the Happy Song.

  16. He is so gorgeous!! And from the video he seems to have the same sweetness as Zenyatta. He just seems really sweet and confident in himself. I laugh about how he gallops in his sleep. My dog does that and when he wakes up I always ask him if he was chasing rabbits! LOL!

  17. I love this!! ..Totally made my day! Thanks so much for sharing, Team Lane’s End & Team Z!
    He is amazing, just like the rest of the family…Is that a birthmark on his backside? :-)

    -Hannah from Texas, admin.
    The Official “Zenyatta” Facebook Group

  18. I’m in love

  19. YOWZAA YOWZAA!!!! OMG!!!! Is ZICONIC ever gorgeous! Zenny and Tapit you did awesome with this guy :-) He is a Beast.

    His red forelock is to “dye” for LOL Smiling through tears this Friday morning.

    Thank you so much for this incredible video and photos – you have no idea (or perhaps you do ) how Team Z keeps us fans uplifted and Hope and Joy!

    All my love, Auntie Judy XO

    p.s. Sending off my email and sharing on FB right now :-)

    1. p.s. ♥ Happy Belated Birthday, Ann♥ I have it on my calendar but forgot to post birthday greetings (senior moment LOL)

      1. NOTE; A friend shared this link with me. It might be a reference guide for ZI’s “five plus”:


  20. Ziconic is so handsome, I love his his blondeish mane…..too cute!

  21. Looks like he’ll be a roan afterall… this is definitely the best looking of the 3. They should breed Z back to Tapit next year.

  22. Just stunning !!!

  23. Wow – Team Z2! This guy is so special and so excited for the what is to come! Sending hugs and love, George, Linda & Milyone.

  24. Oh thank you Team Z, Ann and Jerry Moss, and Lane’s End! You have made my day, and I will enjoy the video and pictures over and over again! Ziconic is just wonderfully put together, and he seems to have his mother’s temperament and confidence.
    Now that I can see more of Zi in the video and in these new pictures, he looks more normal sized for a yearling than my first impression. He continues to look very powerfully built, and hopefully he will be dynamite on the track.
    I am thinking that I see more of the Bend-Or spotting on his left flank, and I keep seeing in the pictures the large spot on his right flank. How interesting! I am wondering which side of his pedigree they came from.

  25. Many sincere thanks to the Mosses for making this access possible!! and to the team at Lands end for their care and love. YOU make our day, the posts are just wonderful.
    Thanks to all

  26. Love it! How handsome!!!

  27. Dear Mrs. M, Z Team and Lane’s End:

    Thank you for this lovely update on ZI. It just amazes me how Z stamps herself on her babies. He looks like a magnificent Chestnut Z. Love the blonde highlights in his mane and tail. Just gorgeous. Love and Hugs, JB

  28. WHOA!!! This was just such a great Friday surprise and lovely present for Queen Z’s devoted fans. What a handsome horse. Such an interesting video and pictures are fantastic. Thank you so much for everything . All her babies are such stunners.

    He is just such a big,big baby!!!

  29. Wow, he is one gorgeous young man! Thank you for the video, photos and update.

  30. This video was well worth the wait, What a guy this baby is, and it’s no wonder has has so much shared with his mother. Attitude, temperment, GOOD LOOKS, and Showmanship, which he gets from MOM. Thanks to team Z and all connections for the posts videos and photos they are greatly appreciated by us all.

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