Ziconic in Yearling Prep

Ziconic. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Ziconic. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Happy Friday!

During our June trip to Lane’s End Farm, we spent a morning with Ziconic and some of the people who oversee his training at the farm. Todd Claunch, Assistant Manager of Lane’s End, and Yearling Manager Peter Sheehan explained the ins and outs of the yearling prep process, which Ziconic started at the beginning of June.

Ziconic enjoys his morning work and the attention he receives. The staff at Lane’s End lovingly refers to him as Z, just like his mom.

In the video below you’ll hear Todd and Peter in conversation with Ann Moss as Ziconic and other yearlings work out in the farm’s walker.

-Team Z

Ziconic enters the walker. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Ziconic enters the walker. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Photo by Bob Moyers.

Ziconic with Ann. Photo by Bob Moyers.

Ziconic with Ann. Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Photo by Tyler Matson.

Our Experts


Todd Claunch

Assistant General Manager, Lane’s End

Todd graduated from University of Kentucky with a degree in Agricultural Economics. He worked at several small farms before joining Juddmonte Farm in their stallion barn alongside Known Fact and Raft. His experience includes breaking yearlings and prepping them for the sales and foaling mares. In 1990 he joined Lane’s End Farm as a yearling groom, working his way up to Yearling Manager and is currently the Assistant General Manager, overseeing all aspects of the farm.

Peter Sheehan

Yearling Manager, Lane’s End

Peter, originally from Co. Kildare, Ireland started his career in the thoroughbred industry at Derrinstown Stud while he completed his education at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. After graduating with a degree in geography and math he then completed a post graduate study in statistics. Peter arrived at Lane’s End in 2008 and is currently the Yearling Manager.


  1. Well….so in love with Ziconic that I can hardly stand it….Thank you for sharing! Much love to all!


    1. Sandra – AGREED! I absolutely LOVE him and his whole family! :) Thanks to Team Zenyatta for sharing all the wonderful pictures and videos!!

      1. Team Zenyatta is so generous to take the time to document this incredible mare and her progeny. I am in amazement at every post, photo, video, and press release. I love and adore Zenyatta and her progeny and am so thankful for their sharing these moments with the public.

  2. Don’t you all just love the picture of Ann and Ziconic face to face? They seem to be communicating on a special level. Just like Ann and Zenny. If fact, from the side he looks exactly like Zenyatta. Wonder what they see in each other’s eyes?

    1. It looks like love to me.

  3. Dear Max.We live in a 24hr media world now so I suppose the news was bound to come out.Yes,I saw a few nasty tumbles in that race and hope all horses were unhurt.Mullins has said he’s a bit concerned about Pique Sous,hopes the ground is good.
    I didn’t know about Diana’s mother.I do remember Diana referring to them as a leper colony and the Queen Mother was the chief leper!!As you may have guessed, I am a Monarchist always have been and always will be.We have much to be proud of in this little island of ours!We even have a horse who gets banned for doing nothing!The Moose must be freed!Niss4Senate=^..^= Sheena

    1. Sheena. Diana was a really superb individual. I always liked her sense of humor. Enjoy being a monarchist. One might find another Declaration of Independence on the horizon by the time that and if young Bruce ever makes it to the throne. Remember Bruce III and what happened to him with tea and taxes.
      Saw some photos of Bruce in which his hair looked ginger. Is young Bruce turning into a chestnut?
      Mullins is concerned that Pique may not have the experience to tackle Galway well. He’s still a baby at 7, and Galway is tricky.
      The Moose should be free. Declaration of Independence for the Moose.

      1. The Ascot Umbrella Caper still makes me laugh. Diana was a lovely person.

  4. Dear Max.Yes,I have noticed Bruce’s hair turning quite gingery. A new member of the chess club.He may turn into a mini-Harry.No matter how much I like Kate and William there will never be another Diana.She was an icon.A troubled, fragile young woman who blossomed.Of course people have moved on over here but somehow I could never see them accepting Camilla as a Queen.Many would prefer to skip a generation and have William as King but Charles hasn’t waited this long to hand his throne over unless, of course, he dies before his mother.Only God knows the answer to that question.Her Majesty’s horse Estimate has made the main news!Free the Moose!Niss4Senate.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. The Spencer genes may be overtaking those of the Mountbatten-Windsors. There are no Germans in the Spencer clan. Young Bruce could be welcomed into the Chess Club if his hair turns chestnut.
      Think it’s unfair to Estimate to have her or any other innocent horse singled out. I understand why Buck House had little choice but to issue a statement. The Queen loves that horse. The beak better solve this issue ASAP.
      By the way you are right that you have much to be proud of in your island kingdom. However most of it was accomplished by the so called commoners.
      Let the Moose out of the Tower. Free the Moose.

  5. Ziconic looks like he has already won the Kentucky Derby. It is going to be very exciting watching him develop into a star. Oh what’s wrong with me, he’s already a star, he’s Zenny’s boy. And what a beautiful boy he is!

    The next several years watching Zenny’s kids race is going to be awesome! Very exciting time for all us horse racing enthusiasts!

    Love to all,


  6. Dear Terry:

    Very pleased to have you back with the rest of the Zenyatta family – but sad for the circumstances of your visit to Oregon. I’m sure your presence would have helped your friend – you are a top bloke for caring. Hugs KathyR

    1. KathyR and Peggy–Thank you.

  7. Dear Terry

    I am so sorry for your loss, but it was sure nice that you were there. Knew you would like the news about Native Diver. So glad your back.

  8. Sounds like Tonalist will be racing in the Jim Dandy on Saturday. Will be nice to see him again. Glad they didn’t decide to ship him to New Jersey. I always like it when they don’t have to ship. Sounds like Shared Befief is resting up for the Pacific Classic and Califorina Chrome sure looked great in the video the other day. Just love these fabulous 3 year olds. You guys all stay healthy and hope to see you in the Classic.
    Wise Dan I haven’t forgotten you, Your the man. Stay healthy. Love you all.
    I so hope you all return next year too. I really want to get to Keeneland for the Breeders Cup next year. OK, now you all have to be there.
    Hey Coz, You know you gotta be there.

  9. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Z Princess:

    Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

  10. Dear Judy.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs.SheenaX

  11. Dear Sheena:

    Goodnight. Thanks for the sending me Nissy and Sparkle. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc and all the Sweeties

  12. Dear Terry,

    Accept my sympathy on the loss of your friend. I am sure it was special to him that
    you made the trip. While it is sad, I am sure you are glad you went and was able to see him before he passed, as well as be there for the funeral.

    Glad you are back home with your Z family.

    1. Janet-Thank you. It was like the old joke. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?

  13. Dear Max:

    The Beast had another work at Saratoga:

    7/20/2014 Dirt training 4F 48.74 Breezing 4/46

    Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Run Beast run.
      Free the Moose!

  14. Max and Z Fans:

    TT’s brother, White Gladiator, had a work at Woodbine:

    7/18/2014 All Weather Track 4F 48.80 Breezing 5/17

    Love and Hugs, JB

    1. JudyB. Very glad to get this news of TT’s brother.
      Free the Moose!

  15. Dear Shirlee:

    Lea had a work at Saratoga:

    7/19/2014 Dirt training 4F 48.83 Breezing 11/54

    Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Thank you Judy. Hope he is feeling well and completely recovered from his illness.

      I am going to have to concentrate on him and Palace Malice since my beloved Muchie is retired. Haven’t yet picked one of the 3 year olds. Gotta wait until you get that special feeling about him or her.

      I am, of course, absolutely daffy about the beautiful Ziconic. Just something about the big red horses.

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        I have a fondness for Chessies too and ZI is absolutely a gorgeous one. Hope Lea has recovered fully and continues to train well. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Terry
    It had to give comfort to your friend to know that you were there at the end.
    And, it had to give comfort to you to be able to go to his funeral.
    It is a long trip from California to Oregon-but, well worth it.
    I am so sorry for your loss-you’ve had several over those past few years-never easy.

    When I posted the photo of Native Diver’s monument, I thought of you.
    Glad that the commitment to do this was kept.
    Thinking of you during these difficult times BGG

    1. BGG-You are correct. I keep thinking how I would have felt if I had not made the trip. Very grateful you posted the info on Native Diver. I had not heard anything about it in a long time and was relieved that somebody finally keep their word. He was the first Cal bred to earn a miliion.

  17. This article seemed so appropriate for this Blog on the amazing Ziconic BGG

    Liz O’Connell ‏@nythoroughbred · on Twitter July 22, 2014
    Since everyone loves the Shackleford photo in my post, here’s my ode to Shack, 2012 …A Good Horse Is a Good Color

    A Good Horse Is a Good Color
    Liz O’Connell The Huffington Post Posted: 09/04/2012
    There’s a saying, “A good horse is never a bad color.” Good race horses do come in all colors. Man o’ War was Big Red, a chestnut. Native Dancer was the Grey Ghost. Currently, the magnificent Get Stormy is a mahogany bay with white markings. And then there is Shackleford.
    Shackleford is a chestnut with white markings. The reds of a chestnut can vary from bronze to terracotta to copper. Shack is a clear copper chestnut, with a broad white blaze that runs down his face and flares out to include his nostrils.

  18. I was looking back at some videos of Zenyatta tonight, her final year racing, her Good-bye from Santa Anita and her welcome at Keeneland. Then her early days at Lane’s End, her friendship with Tasty.and happy times with her firstborn, Coz. So wonderful to follow her babes growing up and heartwarming to see her talent, grace, presence and beauty in every stage of her life. The stunning photos of: Iconic in all his glory and beautiful Z Princess, ( qlso Coz in NY) are treasures -each an individual so unique and amazing..As Judy B. said-Zenyatta leaves her stamp on each one- and there is no question who their MOM is.
    re the posts, getting caught up abit
    Terry,I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Kathy,thank-you for this devotional as always
    Like so many of you, I have also loved elephants for years and have been concerned about poachers and the ivory trade.
    I missed the documentary on Aisha but cried my eyes out when I watched Project Nim on the weekend,almost couldn’t watch..
    It was about a chimpanzee called Nim who was initially raised by a family as part of an experiment to test if chimps can communicate,,then abruptly sent away at age 5 to a centre with cages where chimps were used for social and medical experiments.
    The saddest thing was when the man who raised Nim as one of the family paid a visit to the experiment centre a year later (only for publicity purposes). Nim squealed with delight and ran into his arms and hugged him for dear life.The man left that night and never came back,Nim would not eat and was devastated .His life went from bad to worse and it was so painful to watch.
    In the end, a man who had tried to help Nim to no avail made sure that 2 chimps (released from a lab when it was closed down) went to live with Nim in a caged area where he had been alone for 10 yrs! Not ideal but an improvement, thank God the labs were shut down. Nim died 5 yrs later. A heartbreaking story.
    Animals do feel deeply and have so much wisdom to share with us, if we listen.
    To all those that are abused,forgotten and neglected-animal and human-sending you love and prayers..
    Thank-you Zenyatta for your light that shines soooo bright.

    1. Debbie,

      Poor Nim…this just breaks my heart. RIP sweet baby.

    2. Debbie–Thank you. I attended all of Zenyatta’s retirements, except the Keeneland one and I still keep in touch with a woman from Canada who came to the last one at Hollywood Park. I remember how glad I was when Z came back to race in 2010.

      1. Terry, Yes!! Sue F and I went to Kentucky to see her in the Breeders Cup. I never could make it out to Calif. And then Oaklawn in Arkansas; we were there that April 9th, when Rachael did not come after all.
        Thanks for some of you bringing up Z’s outstanding moments and your memories.
        Sally B.

    3. Dear Debbie:

      Find it extremely difficult to watch some of these programs. So many animals, like Nim, at the mercy of humans in the world. You’re post touched my heart. Love and Hugs, JB

  19. July 23 Cherokee Devotional

    Much is lost through misunderstanding-and often because we want someone to know we are angry. We choose to think they intentionally displeased us, though we know nothing of their circumstance or what their thoughts really were. It must be an ego-building thing to believe that someone is trying to offend us. Somehow it gives an importance where there had been none. We have the uncanny knack of building a sad story with such realism that it makes us think we are more important than we are. It is not enjoyable to be the kind of person who wants to misunderstand-not only other people, but also life itself. It is painful to be unhappy and disagreeable, but some cannot resist the temptation.

    It has come to me through the bushes that you are not united (agreeable); come to me when you re united.
    Big Bear

  20. Zenny you can see easy breezing Esti one second after finish in right side of picture, youtube ” 2014 Gold cup Royal Ascot Racing UK ” , Miss United breezed first almost all of race then tired, she finished 3rd, horses were very near, Esti was needed to do some turns on full gallop for safely to pass horse of blue green colors at right side, Esti drink clean not cold water, eat green grass, have good rest in paddock, carefully recover legs, often quick race is difficult travel, Zenny lil 14z ziconic Coz and mates kiss your soft noses

    1. andrej
      So sorry for the tragedy and loss of so many of your people on the flight.
      The ceremony of bringing the bodies home has been quite beautiful and moving.
      My sympathies to you and all those who lost loved ones.

  21. @Sheena– count us among the ones who would like for the monarchy to skip Charles/Camilla in favor of William. Unfortunately, they don’t consult us Texans on the matter.

    @Debbie Sutherland–thank you for your tender comments. We humans have the responsibility to care for and not abuse animals. Animal abuse just mirrors dark souls.
    RIP, dear Nim.

  22. Dear Barbara,

    If Charles ever ascends to the throne he sure won’t have a very long reign. Geez, he’s already in his 60s…

    1. yeah….but his dad is 90+ and mom is close….that’s 30yrs…

      1. He does seem to come from very sturdy stock!

    2. Wait a minute, Kathy. I’m older than he is! LOL! Hugs.

  23. Dear Kathy.Poor Charles has had a long wait to be King and it doesn’t look like ending any time soon.It would be lovely to have a young couple on the throne again but I can never see that happening.Kate took young George to visit his great-grandpapa in Buckingham Palace yesterday.It was a shock to hear about Estimate testing positive.
    It’s warm again today (as in UK heat)unlike Zoe where temps are expected to reach 114F today!!I’d drop dead I think!It was 98F at 6am Wow!
    the chicks are enjoying this lovely weather am sure they will fledge soon Gwynant will be 7 weeks old sunday.Did’nt Marty look sooo cute all snuggled up and now he can sell taters in Idaho!he’s really having his 5 fruit and veg a day!Only today left to vote for Fubu he doesn’t need much to reach 13000 do hope he makes it.Feeling so sad for our Dutch European neighbours today as the bodies of the crash victims come home.Heartbreaking.Hope your day goes well.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. The longer the better. Long long live The Queen.

  24. Dear Sheena,

    I feel bad for Prince Charles. Looks like Her Majesty intends to remain monarch for life. Charles might get a reign of what…6 months??? I’m sure there are some adorable photographs of little Prince George’s birthday celebration. He’s a darling baby. That is really shocking that Estimate tested positive. I really feel for little Zoe. Hope she and her Mommy drink lots of water and just stay in air conditioning. We were visiting some friends in Bermuda Dunes (near Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage in the CA desert) in August a number of years ago and it was 122. Literally felt like an oven. Zoe lives near Phoenix, AZ. They have some extreme heat there. So glad the chicks are thriving. My favorite pics of Marty are when he is snuggling. Makes one think it would be nice to have a pet rat! I’m so glad to see Marty eating so healthy. He does seem to be in very good health. I’m off to vote for Fubu. Fingers crossed he makes it to 13,000. The whole world is sad for the Dutch. Unthinkable tragedy. Hope you have a good day. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy.

    1. Kathy. Abdication is not on the cards after the last one by The Queen’s uncle. British monarchs are expected to stay in power until the end, although there have been executions to free up the throne.

  25. OK, here is an old chestnut. An old man, probably about my age, was walking along when he heard a voice. The old man looked around but didn’t see anybody. Again, he heard the voice. This time it said “Down here on the ground.” The old man looked down and spotted a frog. Astonished, the old man asked the frog if he was speaking to him. “I sure am,” replied the frog. “Many years ago a wizard put a spell on me. The only way the spell can be broken is if somebody kisses the top of my head. I will then turn into a beautiful young maiden and I will let you have your way with me.” The old man reached down, picked up the frog, and put it in his jacket pocket. He then went to his favorite park to meet his friend. After he told the story to his friend, the friend asked “Did you kiss the frog?” The old man replied that he had not. “You dummy,” said the friend, imagine what a good time you could have.” “I thought about that,” said the old man,” but at my age I would rather have a talking frog.”

    1. Dear TC GP:

      Too funny! So good to have you back. You brighten the day. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Terry
      This got a full laugh-out-loud!
      Thanks for fun start to day

    3. Ohhhhh, yeahhhhh!

    4. Oh, Terry! Got me by surprise on that one. Thanks for my belly laugh for today.

      You were missed.

      1. Pam and shirlee-Glad you liked it. I am somewhat recovering from the Oregon trip with the help of my good friends here on the blog. Like Wilbur said in Charlotte’s Web, this is a nice place.

        1. TC–so glad you’re back in the saddle, so to speak,

    5. Good one TC, but you know how I feel about your references to being OLD!!

    6. hah, hah Terry, good one!!

    7. Dear TC GP,
      Love this talking frog joke! Thank you for adding sunshine to our world.
      All the best and Lots of Hugs

    8. Thanks, TC GP.
      Loved it!

  26. Good one, Terry!

    1. HB, BGG and Kathy–Glad you liked it. It was the first time I had chuckled in quite some time. :Problem is, there is more truth than fiction in that joke for me.

  27. Dear Terry
    Good to laugh,love the story you posted about the frog and the old man.
    How wonderful that you were at Zenyatta’s retirement celebrations (correction-Hollywood Park for the last one in California) It must have been amazing to see her. Her head was so high and she was, as always, so aware of the crowd- our Queen. I am very humble,did not follow racing until I saw her in 2010 and fell in love-smile.
    She continues to unite people for good and it is a pleasure to see her and her young on their journey.

    1. Debbie-I just wish that you and all of the other Z fans could have been there at Hollywood Park for her final California experience. She was paraded around the walking ring for quite some time before she was taken to the track and everyone, and I mean everyone, was treated to an up-close view of the Queen. The handler brought her very close to the rail and allowed those who were there to touch her. And, if someone had missed her for some reason, she was brought to that spot in all her glory so that the people in that area could say goodbye. After she was taken to the track she was united with Mike Smith, who hugged her neck. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including mine, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I am so glad I was able to be there as, unlike 2009, we all knew this was it.

      1. TC. Really enjoyed your comments about the Queen. Very real.

      2. Dear TC GP:

        What a wonderful experience that must have been. The Queen must be breathtakingly beautiful to see up close. Love and Hugs, JB

      3. I wanted to be there so badly Terry. It had to be a very special moment, a very emotional moment in your life, as well as all her fans out there. Wow
        Coming home from the Breeders Cup I was so emotional that I began balling around the house because I would not ever see her again. My husband thought I was losing my sanity of course! And then they announced a retirement celebration for Zenyatta at Keeneland in Dec. Sue F and I convinced our husbands to go. Off we ran back down to Kentucky.
        Nothing has ever been more exciting and thrilling than Zenyatta.

        Sally B

        1. debbie, Max, Judy and Sally-Since I was fortunate enough to be there, so were all of you.

        2. Dear TC GP:

          You’re the BEST! Love and Hugs, JB

  28. Well, here I go again. I have 3 younger brothers #1, #2 and #3. I’ve told you about the health woes of “3. Last evening I was out trying to teach Jackie not to bury gardening gloves in the lantana or chew on the lattice when a friend of #2 drove up. #2 had been helping him all day with chores around his house since he recently had surgery. #2 was stung by a wasp. His epi pen didn’t work and an ambulance had to be called and once again I spent most of the night at the local hospital. He is okay this morning but his head is still swollen like a pumpkin. None of us have any children. I swear about thirty people showed up at the hospital to see if there was anything we needed. What would the world be like without friends? I hope this blog never ends because you all have given so many strength, kindness, laughter and hope for a better future. We come together all for the love of one horse. Zenyatta forever.

    1. Vicki, so glad your brother is doing well. I know you were scared to death. You are right, the people we talk to daily on this Blog are friends. In fact, even though I have never seen them, I feel as if they are old friends with whom you can be comfortable telling them your joys and sorrows. God Bless our Zenny, Ann, Jerry, her team and the kids.

      1. Agree totally with you, Shirlee! I feel all the Z fans are very special friends. Very comforting words from good friends.

    2. Dear Vicki:

      Scary; wishing your brother a quick recovery. Z’sters are like family to me too. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Vicki,
      Wow, that was a close call! Glad to hear that your brother is okay and hope he has a speedy recovery. Those epi pens are truly lifesavers in many cases, and since his didn’t work, it was fortunate that he got to the hospital quickly.
      I totally agree that this site and our Z’sters are a source of strength and compassion — we are family. Love and Hugs

  29. Queen’s horse drug test: feed company blames poppy seeds for morphine in Estimate’s sample
    Dodson & Horrell, the Royal Warrant holder that supplies horse feed to the Queen’s racing stable, blames its suppliers for contamination
    By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter The Telegraph 23 Jul 2014
    The Queen’s horse Estimate tested positive for morphine because poppy seeds “appear” to have contaminated its food, according to the company that supplied it.
    Royal Warrant holders Dodson & Horrell said its own investigation suggested the contamination did not occur at its own horse feed manufacturing site, and that its inquiries were now centred on its supplier

    1. Sure hope they get to the bottom of this! I have always heard that poppy seeds can have this result so that if you are having any blood-work done, avoid any foods with poppy seeds in/on them such as poppy seed salad dressing or breads with poppy seeds on top.
      Sorry that this had to happen, but if they locate the source, they can stop or reduce the chances of re-occurrence.
      Thanks for the update, BGG! Hugs

  30. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, as always, Team Z!