Ziconic, Training at Mayberry Farm

Ziconic at Mayberry Farm. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Ziconic at Mayberry Farm. Photo by Kyle Acebo

Happy Monday!

Ziconic is on his fourth month of early training under Jeanne Mayberry, and we went to Ocala earlier this month to visit.

We arrived early on a Monday to find him excited to start the day. He has the same routine that Coz did this time last year. He’s even in his brother’s old stall.

We watched Ziconic’s morning workout and then hung out around his paddock while he enjoyed the Florida sunshine. He loves peppermints just like his mom, and we had plenty on hand.

At the end of the day, Ziconic even got to FaceTime with Zenyatta.

We didn’t leave without asking Jeanne, April, and Jackie to answer questions from this fans. Check back next week for a Mayberry Farm edition of Ask The Experts.

Ziconic has an official Facebook page! Like him here.

Team Z

Photos by Kyle Acebo.

Ziconic in his stall.

Ziconic in his stall.

Ann, Ziconic and Daisy.

Ann with Ziconic.

Ziconic looks forward to morning exercise.

Ziconic looks forward to morning exercise.

Ziconic walks around the barn before heading to the track.

Ziconic walks around the barn before heading to the track.

On their way to the track.

On their way to the track.

Ziconic on the track.

Ziconic on the track.

Ziconic in his paddock.

Ziconic in his paddock.

Ziconic in his paddock.

Ziconic in his paddock.

Ziconic and Zenyatta FaceTime.

Ziconic and Zenyatta FaceTime.

Ziconic gets a mint from his cousin Lindsay.

Ziconic gets a mint from his cousin Lindsay.


  1. @ Anne B.-So glad you came through everything OK–it all looked really scary on CNN!! They said people were running for their lives there when the seawall broke.

    I have a friend who lives on Nantucket and it sounded awful there too–still don’t have an answer from my e-mail to him

    there are so many thought-provoking and memory-stirring things on the blog today, it is just amazing. So glad that the wonderful Bloodhorse article was posted here. Sandy had very kindly e-mailed it to me and I was so grateful. The Taylors have a home here in Sun Valley and are here a good part of the year. It is always so fun to talk racing with her when she comes to the store! I just love her. Their story really SHOULD be made into a movie!!! I got to see Slew shortly after he won the TripleCrown, when they had a Seattle Slew Day at Longacres race track, near Seattle. I watched from the grandstands and then cantered him back. Of course, the tears were running down my face!! I was watching all this with the love of my life, who actually flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain and was also on Churchill’s planning staff for a time All the talk of the great Sir Winston this past week surely brought up a lot of memories for me. Last time I was in England, I went to the War Rooms museum,which they have looking as it did during the war. It was not a busy day there and I felt as I walked through the rooms that Barney might come around any corner any minute. Later that day, I went out to the Imperial War Museun to see the Spitfire on exhibit there–it was wonderful. At the time,they also had a great exhibit from the BBC and PBS series the 1940’s–just loved it!! I so loved hearing Barney’s flying stories and about his working with Chuchill!!

    Barnaby is still having some nose and coughing issues. His vet is out of town until the first of the week. He still has no temp or anything. I actually think Sue is right about his having aspirated something up his nose that he is trying to get rid of. When the vet comes,I want to start out by having him irrigate his sinus cavities–I think that may well fix everything. We went down to check on him yesterday morning,early,before work. Boss Mare Sue fixed him a hot bran mash–which he LOVED. He and Traveller have gotten hooked on them these cold winter mornings. He galloped around a bit yesterday so seems to be feeling pretty good–just keeps trying to clear his nose. Will keep you all posted.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful night tonight!! Kiss on the wind to Zenny,Coz, Zi–and some heaven ward for precios Princess Z.

    1. Dear Sue:

      Wishing Barnaby well. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Sue Noel; I sure loved reading your post. I hope Barnaby’s will be gone soon.
      hugs, Sally B

    3. Barnaby, enjoy your hot bran mush! That should keep you feeling well. Sweet boy!

    4. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story of your seeing Slew in his retirement – what a memory to savor. Best wishes and prayers for Barnaby.

  2. Coolmore on Thursday Jan. 20 2015 PHOTO
    Regally Bred! Born overnight this beautiful Camelot filly out of Cherry Hinton,
    a ½-sister to Galileo & Sea The Stars

    1. Dear BGG:

      Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Thanks, BGG. Precious! So jealous of that beautiful grass.

  3. Dear Sue.Do hope Barnaby will be better soon.I can sympathize with any sinus problem he may have.Love and hugs to him and Traveller.Sheena.

  4. O-o-ops! Some of my words in the post did not come through!! I said that I watched FROM THE RAIL AS THEY PARADED HIM PAST the grandstand,and cantered him back. The way it came out it sounded like I cantered him back!! Don’t I WISH that I had done that—but–no. Sorry for the confusion!!!!

    1. Ha, ha – was going to ask you about this bit of your past :-). I know you always tell Barnaby of our good wishes so please add me to the group above.

  5. Dear Sheena:

    Thanks for Nissy, Sparkle and Speedy. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Boo and all the Sweeties

  6. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, V and Montey:

    Goodnight. Happy Dreams. Stay comfy and cozy in your stalls. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, will always love you.

  7. @Annie B.–Welcome back. SO glad you are safe. I would not last 10 minutes up there in those winters!

    @Sue Noel–thanks for the update on Barney. Power up, big boy. We love you.
    And I agree the War Room was fantastic. We didn’t even know it was there.

  8. I was not well yesterday….but felt better today
    Assualt on Oaklawn was awesome..
    I am going to get to meet RIVERS….OMG…
    Talking to folks by paddock…
    First met Sarah….an exersize rider …..she works for the guy who was
    Rivers trainer last yr and has ridden Rivers…says he is a sweetheart
    Then met Aiden….a trainer….her barn is across the way from where Rivers
    lives…she is a doll….if he won today she arranged that the hubby and i
    would have been in the winners picture
    Rivers came in second…..again….seems to like to be second at Oaklawn..
    She gave me her number…if i call she will sign me in to her barn and then
    we will go across the way…
    I am going to buy carrots and peppermints tomorrow…
    Can you tell how excited i am!

    1. Very exciting. Am so happy for you, Carol. Those track folks are The Best to take care of the fans! Enjoy! Look out for Beastie Boy, he will be in his super hero blankie.

    2. Dear Carol:

      Wonderful that you will get to meet your Rivers. Please gives us an update when you get back and give him a big hug from all of us. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Have fun, Carol!

    4. Hope you are feeling better by now, but how cool that you will get to visit the backstretch!! Have fun!!

    5. carol,
      Sounds like a fun day. Sorry you and Rivers did not make it to the winners circle. What fun it is going to be to meet him! Glad to hear he is a sweetheart and won’t take a few fingers when you pet him.

      Let us know how it goes. If you see ROC, give him a shout.

    6. Should have sent my $$ to you for carrots rather than betting on Rivers yesterday. At least his second was way ahead of the rest of the pack! Hope you continue to feel better and have a wonderful time when you visit him. Agree – hubby should stay home :-)

  9. Dear Judy.Keep warm and safe.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Boo and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs Sheena.X

    1. Dear Sheena:

      You too. Love and Hugs, JB

  10. Dear Carol.Glad you are better.Enjoy your day with Rivers!!No wonder you are so excited.Hugs Sheena.

  11. Happy to know Anne B is alright.

    Forgot to wish Rachael a Happy Birthday.

    There is a book one can purchase at the blood horse very reasonably about Seattle Slew. After reading, I felt he was one cheated from what he had all accomplished.
    hugs, Sally B All have a good week-end!

  12. Love has know boundry with you Zenyatta! (Wi to Kentucky), Coz and Zi
    or for Sir and zprincess
    Goodnight, love n kisses on your soft noses
    Auntie Sally B

  13. Oops, should be No not know.

  14. I will keep an eye out for our Beast….Aiden should know where he lives…
    I …on advice…have decided to call on a non-racing day….armed with every carrot and peppermint i can afford…the hubby says i have gone round the bend…told him he gets to stay home….

  15. Courageous, beautiful Barbaro,
    Always remembered. Forever loved.

  16. Love seeing all the new foals! So beautiful. Hope everyone stays warm and cozy tonight. Storming here – but not too bad. Loved reading everyone’s posts. Many blessings to everyone and especially you, Zenny, and your Cozmic One and Ziconic.
    with love, Elizabeth

  17. Hovis is should be back at work soon!He’s getting bored.Had a slight accident with mum’s pink arm!!!Safe trips to all horses and jockeys this weekend.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Thank you for our Hovis update. I can totally understand why Hovis had to taste the cast. It could have been the most delicious thing he had ever eaten! Enjoy your last days of light duty, Hovis. As you say, though, you were getting bored, so getting back to your regular schedule might be a good thing. TGIF and Happy Weekend, everyone.

    2. Sheena,
      “Constipated cocker spaniel” really broke me up this morning. Our Hovis really knows how to coil a phrase. Thanks for posting.

    3. One can only imagine what might happen if Hovis continues to be “bored.” Hope he is really mended (and has no ill effects from tasting the weird pink thing :-)

  18. January 30 Cherokee Devotional

    Nothing is sweeter than having a friend to rely on. We need each other to ease worry, to give and get reassurance. But when that reliance focuses on nothing but problems, then there needs to be a change toward solutions.
    Problems can make some people feel significant. The struggle can be too important and having someone hear all about it can detract from friendship. We can never do another person a greater service than to stop being a prop for unstable emotions. Love and care and support-but never be a prop. It steals the floor where a person needs to stand.

    The Cherokee people do not desire to be involved in war, but self-preservation fully justifies them to the course they have adopted and they will be recreant to themselves if they do not sustain it.
    John Ross
    Chief, Cherokee Nation

  19. Dear Kathy.Very wise words!I also loved the Zoeism today about the weather!We haven’t had any snow in the south(as yet) it’s quite sunny today but a bitterly cold wind.I’ve been watching the recreation of Churchill’s last journey down the Thames this morning.Dave and the gang(politicians don’t command respect these days) have been laying wreaths in the Houses of Parliament and there is a service at Westminster Abbey tonight.Poor Angel girl passed just a few days before her wedding Lucy Lu is sad she hasn’t heard anything from Fubu but momma was back at the doc again.It’s a huge strain for her caring for Fubu.I loved Joey’s video with Tom,they were great together!Mango was back in her winter clothes yesterday oh Abby wants to go to California with them!She’s packed her suitcase!Had to laugh Hovis thought Karen’s pink arm was a lick-it.Hope he gets good news with Herman the German but the iron-legged ladies will be riding.oops!Boo had to be hand fed his breakfast!that is true love!Have a great Friday.Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

    1. Today is also the anniversary of the execution of Charles I. That was the effective end of the concept of the divine right of kings. The British have always had a well developed suspicion of politicians. It’s a sign of a healthy democracy. If you recall, at the first opportunity after the war, Churchill was booted from office in a general election. Respect – that should be reserved for horses. They are God’s own creatures and are truly great.

  20. Dear Sheena,

    It’s wonderful to be able to delve in again to the life of the great Sir Winston Churchill. As I said in a previous post, he was a true statesman, something we don’t see at this point in time, sadly. Awww…sad about Angel Girl. May she rest in peace. We join Lucky Lu in being very anxious about Fubu and his mom. Absolutely, it’s a huge strain caring for him. I enjoyed the throwback video of Joey and Tom, too. You could tell they were crazy about each other. I hope Mango is taking clothes for much warmer weather out here. She can probably get by with summer clothes and maybe a sweater if there is a chill in the air in the evenings or early in the morning. Hovis is delightful as always. So charismatic! Had to chuckle at Boo wanting to be hand fed his breakfast. I suspect Human would do anything for him. I know I would! Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy.

  21. The Thoroughbred Name Game (interesting blog). Be sure to open the link “wording of the rules”… enough to make your head spin LOL


  22. Dear Z fans,
    You going to love this video!
    Cute horse….
    Hugs Ingrid.


    1. Ingrid,
      This is one of the funniest, most charming videos! Thanks so much for sharing it. I wonder if this horse does the grocery shopping too?! Many blessings, with love – Elizabeth

      1. Dear Elizabeth,
        You so right, he one of the cuties horses ever ha-ha-ha!
        So glad you like it.
        Many blessing to you too, love & hugs.

    2. Dear Ingrid:

      I’ve seen this video before. Love the way he sets he goes down the shed row unlocking doors. Too cute. Thank you for sharing. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Oops. Sorry about the typo. Love and Hugs, JB

  23. @Sally B-Since you missed it the first time, here it is again. President Obama traveled to South Carolina to make a speech. He thought that it would make him look like a regular guy if he gave the speech at a farm. His aides scoured around and found whet they thought was a suitable place, The farm had horses and other livestock. President Obama started his speech and then noticed that there were several flies buzzing around his head. The President made a show of shooing the flies away and asked the crowd if any of them knew what kind of flies these were. As luck would have it, this farm was the retirement home of Mr. Ed, who happened to be out of his barn stall. Ed, in his booming voice, said “Them’s circle flies.” The president thought that someone was playing a joke on him. He nodded his head and said “What are circle flies?” Ed replied, “circle flies usually congregate around a horse’s rear end and have been know to bite it.” “Oh,” the president said, and started to give the rest of his speech. “Wait a minute,” the president said, ” are you calling me a horse’s ass?” “Oh no”, Ed said, I have too much respect for the office of president to ever say anything like that.” “OK,” said the president. “Hard to fool those flies, though.” said Ed.

    1. Oh Terry! I am still laughing and have shared this with several of my friends. No matter your political party, this is truly funny!

    2. TC that is a good one for sure. I love a talking horse and he is so smart too. Laughing so hard that is a great way to start the day. Thank you Sue

    3. LOVE IT, TERRY!!!!!!

  24. Dear Sheena:

    Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Boo and all the Sweeties

  25. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, V and Montey:

    Goodnight. Stay comfy and cozy. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, will always love you.

  26. Hi!

    Ziconic is so gorgeous.

    Wished we could have seen a video of him. Love watching those.

    Still waiting for Coz to race.

    When will Zenyatta be bred once again?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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