Ziconic’s OTTB Ambassador Debut, The Thoroughbred Holiday Classic Horse Show

Ziconic and Sarah Jumping at Templeton Farms.

Dear Fans,

We hope this finds you enjoying the Fall/Winter weather and the beginnings of the holiday spirit – another year that’s racing by!  

We have some very exciting news to share…

With Ziconic retiring from racing this past June, one of our visions and dreams is for him to be an Off The Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) Ambassador for the West Coast and beyond.  We believe Ziconic can be a great inspiration as well as demonstrate the possibilities for Thoroughbreds in a post-racing career. Supporting special venues that hold our same values is central to Ziconic’s OTTB ambassadorship; From Racehorse to Sporthorse.  

The Thoroughbred Classic Horseshow (LA Equestrian Center) Jump Signs Sponsored by 
Ziconic in Collaboration with Templeton Farms & Sarah Pollock Sporthorses
Featuring Ziconic’s New Logos (Left).

As our 1st OTTB Ambassador opportunity, we have found the perfect venue for Ziconic to champion and at the perfect time of year. In collaboration with Templeton Farms (Ziconic’s Home) and Sarah Pollock Sporthorses (Ziconic’s Trainer), we are delighted to support CARMA with The Thoroughbred Holiday Classic Horse Show, December7th & 8that the LA Equestrian Center. Our “Holiday Trifecta”!  

We are honored to help promote this wonderful event and debut some of Ziconic’s new branding.  These images will be featured on a jump we are sponsoring in the jumping court and will also be one of the jumps in the Trainer & Jockey Calcutta, held on Saturday evening, December 8th, where Trainers and Jockeys compete in jumping rounds on OTTBs. Such Fun!

If you are in the Southern California area, we hope you can attend.  Here is additional information about the Show and the Trainer & Jockey Calcutta event Saturday evening:

Trainer & Jockey Calcutta:  Competitor & Trainer, John W. Saddler
(Photo Courtesy of The Thoroughbred Holiday Classic Horse Show)

You can also learn more about Thoroughbred Holiday Classic Horseshow Trainer & Jockey Calcutta on the event page, which also features a great video narrated by Lucinda Mandella, Executive Director, CARMA. 

And find out more about CARMA, dedicated to providing funding for the rehabilitation, retraining and/or retirement of California-raced Thoroughbred horses.

Just like his Mom, Zenyatta, Ziconic does things on his own time. While Ziconic will not be attending the Thoroughbred Holiday Classic Horse Show this year, we could not be happier with his transition to date with Sarah at Templeton Farms – we are so proud of him and what they are starting to demonstrate in the jumping court.  We are already looking forward to 2020 and great things to come!


  1. Dear Ann:

    So happy for Max. Yes, Charlie’s by himself AGAIN, so nobody to play “pull the blanket off” with. Hope RL is doing well. Love and Hugs, JB

  2. Dear Sheena:

    Thinking of our Hovis and sending healing prayers. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  3. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Hope you had a wonderful day. Goodnight and Happy Dreams. Love and Hugs, JB

  4. Great info here!

  5. Dear Judy.A very stormy night over here.Thinking of Hovis too.Karen was dressing his hoof today she cannot bend because of her back then she forgot the scissors and had to cut the duct tape with her expensive veneers and she thought one faise move from Hovis but he is such a good boy.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10213152949098695&set=gm.2582079581858055&type=3&theater&ifg=1

    All is well with Hovis.If squeamish photos are in comments.Much better than I expected.Onwards and upwards Big Guyxx

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Thanks for the post/linki on Hovis. The photos are very interesting, and I certainly do hope and pray that his healing will now progress smoothly and completely.Get well soon brave Hovis, and please let him stay healthy!

      Hugs and Love

  7. I’ve been away too long from your blog sweet Z. I would have gone to the horse show in LA EQUESTRIAN CENTER. You always have such great information.
    There is a mare I like that in a small way, reminds me of your racing style. Queen Be To You, runs in the back like you did and them mows them down!
    She won the Bayakoa on Sunday at Los Alamitos. She is beautiful just like you.
    I hope the holidays are happy days for you and everyone At Lanes End.
    I will check in more often. Your boys are doing great! And we love Zellda at SA.
    THANK YOU Lanes End for giving us this gift of the Zenyatta fan page.

  8. Dear Judy.Hovis was magnificent as usual.Hopefully he will heal now.More stormy weather due this week.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

  9. Dear Sheena:

    Thanks for the good news update on Hovis. Continued prayers for his complete recovery. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  10. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Have a peaceful evening and Happy Dreams. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

  11. https://www.racingpost.com/bloodstock/bloodstock-latest/death-of-notnowcato-three-time-group-1-winner-and-dual-purpose-sire-at-17/413172

    Sad to hear Notnowcato died after covering a mare.Just 17yrs old.Always remember him beating Derby winner Authorized.Rest well CatoX

  12. Just saw a replay of the Cigar Mile. Go Max!

    1. Dear Barbara:

      Max was brilliant. So happy for him. Love and Hugs, JB

  13. Dear Sheena:

    Those Mini babies are just adorable. Thanks for sharing. Loved the Santa video too.

    RIP beautiful Notnowcato.😪😪😪

    Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM and all the Sweeties

  14. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC:

    Stay comfy and cozy and Happy Dreams. Love You. Hugs, JB

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