Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs

Dottie has been involved in horse racing her entire adult life. She often says that it more than a profession…it is a LIFESTYLE…as it’s actually a 24-7…on call…way of life. That is why it is so important to absolutely LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

After completing graduate school, Dottie taught school for several years. She truly believes that there is a strong correlation between the 2 professions she has enjoyed.

To her way of thinking, the more individual attention given, whether working with students in a classroom or racehorses…the better. To know them, their strengths, and then their other skills that need to be ‘further developed’ is extremely important. The constant goal is to continually meet individual differences and enable each one to be the best he / she can be!

Having been the Moss’ Racing Manager for the last 29 years, she has actively been a part of each Moss horse’s life. With many of them, since they are homebreds, she has been involved with their matings, conception, foaling and weanling stages…long before they go to the training centers as yearlings. Then at this age, the homebreds join the ‘purchased yearlings’ and continue to learn their early lessons. With all of this daily contact, the horses really do become a huge part of your every day life.

What really makes all of this even more special for Dottie is that it is a FAMILY AFFAIR. Her husband, John, trains many of the horses she manages. Her son, David, is a bloodstock agent. Needless to say, HORSES are the primary focus of the entire family. Even their dog…’the adorable Sophie Shirreffs’ shares in the fun. She loves to go to the race track for long walks by the paddock and morning workouts. She is around the horses so often that they have named Sophie the official mascot for BARN 55.

Favorite horses…this would be way too difficult for her to name. They are all special in so many ways! However, GIACOMO winning the Kentucky Derby as a homebred, and ZENYATTA, achieving such great heights not just in our sport but on so many levels, really represent some of the most amazing moments one could celebrate.

Most importantly, to share it all with GREAT FRIENDS as the Moss’, John, David, and Sophie…is something to be cherished forever!

Dottie and Sophie Shirreffs.