Today in History: The 2008 Breeders’ Cup Ladies’ Classic

Jockey Mike Smith, left, rides Zenyatta to victory in the Ladies' Classic horse race at the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, Calif., Friday, Oct. 24, 2008.  (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Jockey Mike Smith, left, rides Zenyatta to victory in the Ladies’ Classic horse race at the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, Calif., Friday, Oct. 24, 2008. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Seven years ago today Zenyatta won the 2008 Breeders’ Cup Ladies’ Classic in 1:46.85, the second fastest time in the history of the race. Watch it again here and head over to the career section for more details.

Team Z


  1. Team Z, what a treat to see the Queen in action. We always enjoy these old videos and find ourselves screaming, clapping and crying…knowing that she won but still full of her unique drama.

  2. Dear Sheena:

    Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Bentley and all the Sweeties

  3. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Montey:

    Goodnight. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Flash, will always love you.

  4. Dear Tizgood.It was CDA’s 1st attempt at the longer distance the ground must have suited him Corinne wouldn’t have allowed him to run.I hope it won’t rain too much at Keeneland .Saw a photo of GH looking happy and relaxed in quarantine.Rajdhani Express made a blunder at the 11th fence and it cost him his life.He was owned by Robert Waley-Cohen and ridden by his son Sam.A very popular chaser he had won at Aintree back in April.Maybe you remember the Waley-Cohen’s own Long Run who won the Cheltenham Gold cup in 2011.Yes,SS is back in training I should think he will go for the Tingle Creek at Sandown.AP just enjoys life now he is involved with the Peter O’Sullevan charity now.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,
      I found an article about CDA, first time Frankie rode him and he said what you did, he traveled well, distance was just too long. Also read he will go to the Hong Kong Vase possibly; will they keep Frankie on him? Sad about the chaser; when they make one mistake at a fence it can be their life. Yes, I remember Longrun. So glad AP has retired in
      one piece although every bone has been broke; he is such a lively chap. I love to hear the At the Races. It must be on live for you. The one I watched they were giving him a hard time about the way he dresses and of course his age. Do you think he will go some of the races? I hope the rain stops too as Beholders owner already said she won’t runi the slop and AP is an expert in the slop and will most likely win the classic. The turf will be treacherous as I think the Keenland turf was where WD brushed the hedge in the heavy rain and sunk down but dug in and won. Charlie was worried about him but let him
      run and he won. I will look up that race. It was an amazing win.
      Glad to hear GH is settling in, he is fairly laid back.
      Love and hugs

      1. It was the Firecracker Handicap 2013 and it was at Churchill Downs in heavy rain- they had WD bottled in and I remember JV saying that WD gets very aggressive and will push his way through. He got through. What looked like a bad step was his foot sinking in the soft turf. Great race !!!! Not at Keenland, though.

  5. Dear Judy.I was so sorry to hear about Flash.I saw a lovely video that Angela had posted.She must be very upset.RIP sweet one.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Me too. Flash has had stomach issues on and off for a while, but he really went down hill fast the last month. I saw him one last time on Saturday and was able to tell him I love him. The scare with Bentley, losing Dubai still hurts and now Angela has had to let Flash go. He was Alex’s first Barrel pony. Feel so sad for all of them.

      As with the people you love, you have joy and sorrow. Run free and strong in God’s Heaven beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Judy B.,
        I am so sorry about the loss of Flash. Sincere condolences to Angela and all connections including you, my friend. Flash had a good home and was definitely loved. RIP sweet, beautiful boy.
        Hugs and Love to all

        1. My Dear Marshall:

          Thank you so much. Love and Hugs to you, Bailey and Smudge

  6. What a thrill to relive Zenyatta’s races… how she comes around on the outside, covering more ground than the rest, and winning every time. Wow, what a horse. Love this girl so much!

  7. October 26 Cherokee Devotional

    Thank God for things that go right. Thank goodness that we come to this place more often than we realize. And thank God that we do not go to pieces when all things do not work together.
    To be grateful opens the door for more to be grateful about. Nothing is set forever in one direction so that we never have to change. But change is prerequisite to balance-a feared thing that can work miracles if we use it right. Balance is an inside job-the set of our sails, our readiness, our ability to see beyond present circumstances. We make adjustments. We let go of what we cannot change. Then balance-but we have to believe in it.

    Our fathers were strong, and their power was felt and acknowledged far and wide.

    1. Dear Kathy
      Lovely devotional and so very true. Too much rain here it is like the UK
      with Patricia dumping all of her aftermath. Hope all the rain stops for the
      BC. Lovely article on AP Indy’s last two starter from his last crop in 2010
      in the BC-Honor Code being one. He does have his daddy’s low head carriage
      what a great trademark to have. Did not realize AP is the oldest living BC classic
      winner at 26. Change is so important and then to reach that balance again and to
      have thing right and to be able to make things right when they are not is very special.
      Love and hugs

      1. Dear Tizgood,

        Just reading your note today, Tuesday. Always enjoy hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.

        Love and hugs, Kathy

  8. Another one of the Queen’s performances to be enjoyed. I never tire of watching videos of her.

  9. I love watching the Queen run. Thanks Team Z

  10. Beautiful Zenyatta!
    Thanks Team Z.
    Everyone enjoy the BC.

  11. Dear Sheena,

    All the FB furbabies I have visited are doing fine. Milo has canceled Monday, plus he gave a good lesson on beans. Have a great Monday and remember to turtle-turtle. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

    1. Dear Kathy,
      Just read the Oct 25th devotional. It was wonderful – such wisdom. Will scroll up and read today’s. Pray Monday’s blessings for you. with love, Elizabeth PS am just catching up to today – will scroll and find today’s devotional

      1. Dear Elizabeth,

        Just reading your note today, Tuesday. Thanks so much for writing back. Many times I imagine not many are reading the Devotionals so it’s good to know quite a few Z-sters seem to be enjoying them. Have a great day.

        Love and hugs, Kathy

  12. Dear Kathy.Brilliant devotional as always.I will definitely turtle today not a good start to Monday,my computer playing up and my smoke alarm bleeping all night!Hope you enjoyed yourself last nighi.Grampa is very poorly with Judy.I hope he can survive until she gets there.It’s very dull here today but milder.Frankie is thrilled with his rides in the BC.Hoping for some flying dismounts!Enjoy your Monday(if possible)Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO.

  13. Coz works:

    This notice is to inform you that one or more of your horses has worked out.

    Cozmic One (3-Year-Old Colt)

    Date: October 26, 2015
    Distance: Five Furlongs
    Time: 1.01:99 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 9/15

    1. lauraj
      Thanks for the post. Hope he does get in another start soon. I’m still a believer!

    2. Dear Laura J:

      Thanks for this info on Cozzie. Prove ’em wrong COZ. Love You. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Thanks, JB.
        Listen to your Aunt JB, COZ!!! Ha!!!
        Get ’em kid.

        1. Thanks for the update LauraJ.

  14. hi zsters :)

    todays devo:

    Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
    When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
    and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.
    When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.
    For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, Your Savior.
    Isaiah 43:1-3:

    hugs/prayers, vamp

    1. Amen!!!

    2. Dear Sue, Loved this quote from Isaiah. Thanks for posting it. Pray God’s blessings for a wonderful day for you. with love, Elizabeth

    3. Vamp,
      A scripture that moves my heart. In days of trouble, what a comfort. And even when things are going well, it is a good reminder that we don’t walk this path of life alone. Love the idea that He claims me as His and He knows my name.

      Prayers for all the horses and jockeys on Friday and Saturday.

  15. Thoughts are now the turf at Keenland is going to be soft.
    Beholder had a great work timed same as her last one in CA-
    it was fast.

    1. Dear Tizgood.Can’t they change their mind and return to SA??Not sounding good for GH or Beholder.Hugs Sheena

      1. Dear Sheena,
        I wish they could, Beholder ran today on the main track and it was ok. Concern is for the Turf; Bill Mott moved Lea to the Dirt mile instead of the BC Mile; pray for lots
        of sun!!!! Maybe they could send a plane over with a heater !!!! Our US horses don’t like soft either; Pizza Man won’t do well. So much for Keenlands first try at the BC.
        Maybe GH needs to run in the BCC instead, would that not be something !!!!
        Love and hugs.

  16. Oh wow! Beholder just worked 5 FL 59:40 Rank 1/8. Go girl power! I ‘d say she more than ready.

  17. Tears of Joy every time I watch Zenyatta race. Luv u, Zenyatta!!!

    1. Dear Mary Margaret, Me too! Go Zenyatta! Her races are always thrilling, Pray God’s blessings for you to have a wonderful day.
      with love, Elizabeth

  18. That was a FABULOUS race!! Yay Zenyata!!

  19. Just sent a small donation to Our Mims in memory of little Curly Mane. Almost a year since she left us. I know the Z team likes another rescue group, but ever since I sobbed my way through the story of Our Mims in Barbara Livingston’s More Old Friends, have felt a place in my heart for it. Bless all those who dedicate their lives to rescuing these wonderful animals. A special prayer for blessings for Rosie and her husband for saving Sugar.

    1. Dear Shirlee:

      What a lovely way to remember Little Curley Mane and an lovely post. Love and Hugs, JB

  20. Oh boy! The Juvenile Fillies is going to be something. Rachels Val and Songbird are side by side in the gate. Posts 9 and 10. Johnny V on Val and Mike on Songbird. That is going to be a sight. Neither of the girls have had anyone else ride. So anxious for little Val. Got my order of a case of Tums from Wally World on Saturday. Just be safe precious girls!

    1. It is Zenyatta and Rachel meeting at 2 yo

  21. spare Flash, spare Rajdhany Express fell on 11th fence in chase :-( ,,,,, Coz breeze on full gallop speed only on sloppy course when time workout or mile or 1 1/16 mile race in cold wet weather, in routine breeze lightly, Zenny in lil earlier photo where you stay from left to right and see on horses in near paddock you smile :-) , Coz i like your light breeze on pony course, on gallop you keep your tail like mom Zenny :-) , looks like course is soft, reins not pulled, well, i remember your photos in mayberry farm ocala florida , Coz say hello to Zi and mates in stable , :-) Coz if Curalina isnt busy now time invite her lightly to breeze on pony course :-) , Zenny Zi Coz and mates sleep in deep soft straw, drink clean not cold water, eat green light hay treats and apples, care of back legs hooves health, walk on air, beautyfull Zenny Zi Coz and mates stay comfy and cozy, eat apples, kiss your soft noses, lil 14z filly Dubai Flash Rajdhany Express im remembering you

    1. Dear andrej:

      Lovely post. Love and Hugs, JB

  22. Dear Andrej.Thank you for your beautiful posts.Hugs Sheena.

  23. Golden Horn is drawn 1 in his race.AP is 4 in the classic next to Gleneagles(5),Beholder has been drawn 10.Ryan Moore has got some nightmare draws in his races.
    Treve left Chantilly for Haras de Bouquetot this morning.A new life awaits her.Sheena.

    1. How aweful for GH, the hedge !!!!

      1. DearTizgood.Frankie got a bad draw in the Arc but then it all worked out to his advantage.He will need to break well.Yes,I can imagine AP and Glen having a good chat in the stalls.We should have some good chasing this weekend too.Cue card is back and Many Clouds may be back at Wetherby.Hugs Sheena

      2. Actually Sheena, I just looked at the posts GH is next to Shining Copper may be a good draw after all, he will bolt out of their and GH can follow in his wake, Big Blue Kittens old rabbit. He is a very fast horse even on soft ground so it may be a really
        good draw, he won’t get boxed in. Glad to hear about some good chasing as well.
        Love and hugs

    2. Beholder has a great draw- away from all the boys. AP and Gleneagles may have a nice little chat as they leave the gate.

  24. ♥ Every single race of Zen’s is enchanting and thrilling! This race is no exception.

    Thank you Team Z for sharing that special moment in our lives!

    All my love, Zenny XO Auntie Judy ♥

  25. No horse compares!! Zenyatta’s running from behind picking horses off one by one is something to behold. My love to her and looking forward to following her beautiful sons. Thank you for sharing her greatness. Wish I could have seen any of her races in person.

  26. Dear Judy.I am glad you were able to say goodbye to Flash.He was loved.Yes,we all have sorrow and joy in our lives and the special times help us to bear the sadness.I hear Frankie is riding your namesake Judy the Beauty.Better news about William.He is conscious and able to communicate with the family but is still seriously ill and the family ask for privacy.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. My Dear Sheena:

      Yes, Flash was loved. Hope William continues to improve. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Bentley and all the Sweeties

  27. How great it is to relive this race. I miss watching the Queen race so much. Thanks for sharing, Team Z!

    I went to Keeneland tonight and watched our basketball coach John Calipari draw the post positions for the Distaff and Classic. It was the largest crowd ever for a post position draw. Hoofray!! I’m beyond excited about the BC. I’m hoping for a dead heat between Pharoah and Beholder. Hooves crossed!!

    1. What fun!
      Glad you were there, Debbie G. Thanks for the report!
      Have a great time attending the BC at beautiful Keenland.
      Make sure those Zenny peeps behave! Love and hugs.

  28. Dear Beautiful Queen Z, COZ, ZI and Montey:

    Z you are unequaled. Happy Dreams All. Sweet Baby Dreams Z. Love You. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, Flash, will always love you.

  29. Dear Max:

    Missing you. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. We sure do!
      Hoping he is delivering peppermints to all his favorites.