Today in History: The 2009 Lady’s Secret Stakes

Zenyatta wins the 2009 Lady's Secret Stakes. Photo by Cheryl Quigley.

Zenyatta wins the 2009 Lady’s Secret Stakes. Photo by Cheryl Quigley.

Happy weekend!

Six years ago today Zenyatta won the 2009 Lady’s Secret Stakes. It would be her second of three victories in this Grade I race which is now known as the Zenyatta Stakes. Watch it again here and head over to the career section for more details.

Team Z


  1. To Sandy, Sheena, Shirlee and Judy, I wrote back to you girls but I’ll put it again here. I don’t think any of you saw my post.

    I will try to do some editing and post some pics. It was early in the AM, so very dark. Also got a beautiful shot of Zenyatta’s gorgeous statue! The pics are saved in my Cloud account. Something funny is going on, my computer isn’t recognizing them. I’ll work on it and fingers crossed will be able to share them.

    Hugs, Kathy

    1. Dear Kathy:

      I think I did miss your post. I’ll look for it. Looking forward to seeing your photos. Love and Hugs, JB

  2. Tweet from one of the owners of Texas Red. He is doing well and enjoying a rest at home in a Kentucky pasture. Will return to training in December.

    1. Dear Shirlee, It’s nice to have an update on Texas Red. So glad he’s having a good break. Look forward to his racing again. Hope you have a nice evening. Pray God’s blessings for you. with love, Elizabeth

      1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Think we all can use some blessings. Just glad God has gifted me with fairly good health and loving friends and family. And of course, the people on this blog and the horses.

    2. Dear Shirlee:

      Thanks for this update on Texas Red. Power Up beautiful boy. Love and Hugs, JB

  3. Dear Kathy.All I know about clouds is they are in the sky!!!Hopefully we will get to see your pics.It was shocking to see Bear Witness I mean this is horse racing royalty whatever happens to the lesser-known horses???.He has a long way to go may God bless him.An FB friend put me on to the page I was dumbfounded.At least he is loved now and cared for.
    It was bafftime at the ratties last night!and the office is closed for Monday.I need to turtle-turtle badly today!Watched Seabiscuit again last night never fails to move me.He did it for all the little guys in the world.Fubu enjoyed his visit to Petco but momma needs to rest for her collarbone to heal.I have heard New England has some snow yesterday or at least parts of it even Ray had his warm hat on.Looks as if they are in for a long hard winter again.He has lost many friends lately.Hope William pulls through after his nasty fall he is still under sedation.Zoe’s team lost last night how many times do they play?She had to cross her paws while watching.I haven’t visited Mango yet I hope Katybug sends her a new sissy soon.Trip to Paris was a good 2nd in the Caulfield and goes for the Melbourne now.Aidan’s Highland Reel is in the Cox’s plate this Saturday.Have a great day even if it is Monday again!Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO

    1. Dear Sheena,

      I shudder to think what happens to the poor lesser-known horses. I am thankful that he was eventually rescued, and amen, may God bless him. Cute pics of the ratties getting their baths. They are wise to close on Mondays! I love the movie Seabiscuit. It was so well done. He was a wonderful little horse. I’m glad Fubu had fun in Petco. Hope his mom gets to feeling better. We’re still pretty warm here. That’s crazy that New England is getting snow. Zoe was really bummed last night. I’m not sure how often they play. I think it will be really good therapy for Mango and family to have a new furbaby in the family. Congratulations to Trip to Paris. Fingers crossed for Highland Reel. Have a good day, try to turtle-turtle as much as possible. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  4. Am reposting this.A son of Lady’s Secret and Skip Away.So sad.Sheena.

    1. Just breaks my heart. Rest In Peace Beautiful Bear. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. He’s not dead Judy.

        He was reported as dead of EPM by his breeder probably insurance fraud when he proved a dud on the track.

        1. My blood is boiling….errrrrr!

        2. Dear Z13Rulz:

          Thank you. I mistakenly thought he had been euthanized. Sheena explained he’s fighting to live. Power Up beautiful boy. Hope they investigate and punish this fraudulent owner. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Sheena,
      This is just too sad. I’m so glad you brought this to our attention. I’ll be calling my friends with horses tomorrow, and am going to talk to our feed stores to see if they can post information there. Will do a flyer about it. Beyond heartbreaking. Pray God’s blessings for you. with love, Elizabeth PS what are they companies thinking of ?? !

    3. I am speechless! So sad for Bear Witness. Know you were loved, rest in peace dear beautiful Bear. hugs, Sally

      1. Dear Sally B.Bear is not dead.He has been rescued but desperately needs help with his medical expenses.He is just skin and bones at the moment.It’s so sad given his “royal”connections.Sheena.

  5. Timetest is coming to the Breeders Cup Mile- Ryan Moore will be riding him.

  6. Dear Sheena,
    Just looked up Gleneagles pedigree; his dams sire
    Is Stormcat- he is bred for the dirt.
    Love and hugs

  7. I was so sad a couple of weeks ago Mr. Commons was in an optional claiming race and lost badly. I love Mr. Commons and hate watching a fine horse like him slip down the claiming ladder. Please let them retire Mr. Commons to a happy and well deserved life. He always tried. I can’t bear for him to wind up on a muddy track in Louisiana being run until he drops dead.

    1. Dear Vicki:

      I noted where Mr. Commons finished in his last race. Would very much like to see him retired to a loving forever home too. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Z Fans:

        Another boy that I am worried about is TT’s, I’myoursugardaddy. He last raced at Delaware in August finishing third, but no listed works or races since then. He is the only surviving foal of TT’sm as you know, and would very much like to see him in a safe, healthy place for the rest of his life. I contacted Canter Mid Atlantic over a week ago. They do work at Delaware Race Track and I asked if they could check on him there and let me know how he’s doing and if he’s no longer at Delaware, where he’s gone. Have had no reply so far.

        It’s my hope that he’s just getting some R & R, but we know only two well how fast they can just disappear. Will let you know if I hear anything.

        If any of you have any news on him, would really appreciate hearing from you. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Vicki and Judy,
      This race was an $80,000 allowance optional claiming,
      A high end claiming for someone who thinks they can
      Train him better. John Sadler claims a lot of horses at this
      Level very successfully. Lava Man was claimed at this level.
      This is not the bottom of the level claim. He may just need
      A new trainer to work with him.
      Love and hugs

  8. I hate to see these wonderful horses constantly running in claimers.He deserves a dignified retirement now.It’s too sad.Sheena

  9. Dear Vicki,
    I have felt this way about him for a while now. He is getting much older now and wish he could be retired maybe at Old Friends or somewhere similar. Each time I saw a work on him by John recently, I got depressed. He has a different owner.

    1. This is what is so sad about the ones that did not make it big. I want them loved and in a good retirement home.

  10. Beholder has arrived at Keeneland looking superb.Hugs Sheena

  11. Dear Max.Just hoping all is well with you and missing your posts.Thinking of you.Sheena.

    1. Dear Max:

      What Sheena said. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Max,
      What Sheena and Judy B said.
      Hope all is well with you and yours.

  12. Carol,
    Just got my 10/17 issue of Bloodhorse. Your boy Rivers won the Best Of Ohio Sprint Stakes-$90,000. He must be getting close to that million mark.

    1. Lucky you! I have not yet received ANY October issues, and all of the September ones were weeks late. I’ve called several times, and everyone is always very nice, but they don’t seem to be doing anything to solve the problem which extends well beyond me. You’d think non-delivery would be more of a priority! Grrrrrrrr!

      1. Sandy,
        I know what you mean. I have to call and fuss every once in a while. Some issues I get within days and as you said, others a week or so late. I accuse my mail delivery person of reading them. Just a joke. Here in Indy there is not much interest in horse racing. Good luck in getting your issues.

        1. My issues have been running late as well. I thought too my postal carrier was enjoying it before me! hah

  13. Dear Sheena:

    Congrats to RM on his third win in the Canadian International. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Frank, Bentley and all the Sweeties

  14. Dear Mama Z, COZ, ZI and Montey:

    Goodnight. Happy Dreams to all of you. Sweet Baby Dreams Z. Love Ya. Hugs, JB

    Z Princess, Dubai, will always love you.

  15. Dear Judy:Bear Witness is very much alive!!!But sadly has been starved and abused.He has been rescued by someone called Jessie from Tennessee.He has an abscess on his hoof now and she has a gofundme page for his medical expenses.I was horrified that such a close relation of Secretariat should come to this.He is skin and bones but surviving.He is 15yrs old and was a racehorse.Secretariat must be turning in his grave.I have never given to a fund page before (I support my UK charities when I can) but had to donate a few dollars.
    Yes Ryan done well!!!nNo change with William more tests today.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      I’m so sorry. I misread what was posted in the link. I thought Bear was euthanized due to his terrible condition from neglect. Happy he is fighting to live. Will keep him and William in my prayers.

      It doesn’t matter what their breeding, so many of them are in trouble and need rescuing. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. I am also worried about TT’s boy I’myoursugardaddy! Checking all the time n there are no workout times. As a matter of fact his former workout times are no more available!
    Hopefully someone will get some information on him!

    1. Hoping for some good news.

  17. Dear Judy and Vicki,
    Mr Commons was in a high level allowance claiming race at $80,000. John Sadler
    Claims a lot of horses at this level successfully very often. Lava Man was claimed
    At this level and was a very successful claim. He may need a new trainer. He is by
    Artie Schiller and they are very stubborn and difficult to train. This maybe a positive
    Thing for him.
    Love and hugs

    1. Dear Tizgood:

      You make a good point. Mr. Commons may be competitive in lower level claiming. Hopefully, if he continues to race and is claimed, it will be by caring folks who will do what’s right by him. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Judy,
        He was in a $100,000 Allowance optional claiming race in 2013 and came
        in 5 th and was not claimed.
        Love and hugs

        1. Dear Tizgood:

          Mr. C just seems not to be competitive in the higher level Allowance/Optional Claiming races. I noted none of the entrants in that last race on 10/10/15 (Allowance/Optional Claiming) ran for a tag.

          Either he is just not interested in racing or maybe he would be more competitive at say the 40K to 50K Allowance/Optional Claiming levels. Just hoping, if they do drop him down to Claiming Races (which would run the risk of losing him to a Claim) and he doesn’t do better, that the owner(s) do the best thing for him. He is not a Gelding, so maybe they have breeding plans for him. Some decisions to make. These are just my humble observations. He is owned by St. George Farm same owners as Eblouissante. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. Dear Judy,
          I am not sure they are going to drop him down the ranks, I think he is a stuborn Artie Schiller. I don’t think he is at all comparable to “E”, she only had the drive to run in her first two races, when she started getting hurt and having gate issues she threw in the towel. She did not have the mental strength to get over these things and put them behind. Mr Commons is a multiple graded stakes winner. They may just retire him as a stallion prospect, especially since he is not a gelding. I guess I am not seeing things for him very ominous at this time. $80,000 is a good bit of money and someone good could claim him. As Criqitte (sp?) Head says not every horse wins all the time. I do understand your concern; St Georges is a reputable
          owner. Will have to keep watching.
          Love and hugs

  18. October 20 Cherokee Devotional

    Every person’s privilege is to stand on tiptoe and take a look over the edge. What is the edge?
    A place where fear lurks and no one dares to get too close.
    Many a dream has taken us up to the edge and with quaking knees to look over the immense distance between what could be and what is reality. Most people end it right there and refuse to be scared any longer.
    Change is here. We can fall over the edge or we can believe in something greater than the tangible. Let go of the weak and impossible and stand in the Light that never goes out.

    Let him be just and deal kindly with my people.
    Dwamish Chief

  19. Just read on that Beholder had a fever this morning and did not work. Not a really high temp. but they are worried. She missed last year’s BC with a lung infection.

    1. Nooooo!

    2. Oh no, Shirlee. Prayers going up for Beholder!

    3. She is a delicate traveler for sure- would not make it on the European circuit !!!

      1. She has “shipping fever” some horses get it when they are shipped last year it went into pneumonia- hope this year it clears. Article says fever clears in about 12 hours after shipping.

        1. Sorry not pneumonia but very close. Waiting for todays report, fingers crossed. She is a very delicate shipper.

    4. Oh no!
      Praying it is minor and she can forge ahead.
      Love you beautiful girl!

    5. Dear Shirlee:

      Oh, sorry to hear this. Power Up beautiful girl. Love and Hugs, JB

  20. Dear Kathy.Great devotional.I feel I have been on the edge a few times.It’s turned quite mild here today rain expected later.It’s 33yrs today since I lost my favourite auntie (mum’s sister)I have been thinking of her a lot.It just doesn’t seem that long though.
    The UK has certainly pushed the boat out for The President of China today No one does ceremonial like the UK.The coaches the household cavalry.I’m dying to see the banquet and what our very-left wing Labour Leader wears!!I hear there is a Trudeau back in Canada I well remember his dad.
    Poor Zoe mommy is working and daddy is at home.Methinks she is a mummy’s girl!The Force is with the ratties except Mr Fibbs he’s got his doughnuts!Ray is losing many furiends these days plus Mango’s friend Scooter died yesterday only 10months old seizures like Katybug.Mango won the contestYay!Abby took the car to try and visit Shortie is it?She was in deep twouble.Fubu is well-prepared for Halloween.I didn’t know JJ’s mum has been a hospice nurse 22+years She’s that old JJ said!!Hoping to get more news of Bear Witness soon he has a gofundme page to help with his medical expenses.When I think of Istabraq who was also out of a Secretariat mare called Betty’s Secret and the wonderful he has at JP’s stud in Ireland.An accident of birth!Have a great day.Love and hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.SheenaXOXO

  21. Dear Sheena,

    I know it can be hard to believe that someone close to you has been gone a long time. The anniversaries bring everything back as if it happened yesterday. I know you have so many wonderful memories of your auntie. May you take comfort in them. You will have to keep us posted on the President of China’s visit. I remember Trudeau’s dad very well, too. I hope Zoe has a good day with her dad. I agree, she is overwhelmingly a Mommy’s girl. Just like in my case, mine are Mama’s dogs. But when they have to they are also Daddy’s dogs. Funny! Steve always says they love me, but tolerate him. lol Fibbs and his doughnuts. Too funny. Ray has been losing a lot of his friends. Sorry to hear of Scooter. 10 months…that’s awful. That’s great Mango won the contest. Yes, Abby is with Shortie. Why was she in trouble? I’ll have to go and find out. Fubu is so remarkable, still hanging on. Interesting that JJ’s mom is a hospice nurse. I pray all will go well now for Bear Witness. Have a great Tuesday. Love and hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy XOXO

  22. Congratulations to Paul Nicholls (Kauto’s trainer).He reached a milestone 2,500 winners today with The Eagle haslanded and Abidjan at Exeter.SheenaX

  23. So happy to receive your comments about Mr. Commons. Who else would even understand? I had forgotten about Lava Man though I don’t believe Mr. Commons shows the same interest in running anymore. Kind of like Ebby. So thrilled to see CC return home to Art and Los Al. He is certainly magnificent looking. Can’t wait to see him run.

    1. The problem with Mr Commons is he is by Artie Schiller- stubborn and hard to train.
      He may need a new trainer. He was in a $100,000 allowance optional claiming race in 2013; and now in an $80,000 allowance optional claming race.

      As Adian O Brian said about all the criticism about Glenegagles “what do they Know”
      and he is correct.

      Adian is a world renown trainer as well as John Sherrifs; JS knows when he is not able to do any more with the horse but he still has potential- that is why the high level claim. Artie Shillers are known to be difficult to train, stubborn as Artie is himself.

  24. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. Let’s hope that Beholder’s fever will go down and she’ll be just fine. Bear is very much a live and seeing the pics from when they rescued him, had me in tears. How does that happen to such a well bred horse? Makes me sick.

    Mr. Commons needs to be retired NOW!! I’d hate to see something tragic happen to him. He tries all the time but, it seems that his mind isn’t into the game anymore. Let’s just hope for the best.

    Any updates on Coz and Zi?

    1. She has shipping fever.

      Sorry to say, Bear Witness has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. The link to his FB page is above. RIP

  25. Dear HeidiK,
    Checked Google and The Paulick Report says Beholder’s temp is now normal, xrays show clear lungs. So far, so good her trainer says. I am such a big fan. She is actually favored in The BC in some circles.

    1. Dear Faithful:

      Thanks for this update on Beholder. Hope she continues to improve. Love and Hugs, JB

  26. It’s the Final Four of the All-Time Greatest Breeder’s Cup Winner and, of course, Our Queen is in the mix! It’s Zenyatta vs. Goldikova (Distaff bracket) and Cigar vs. Wise Dan (Classic/male bracket). I believe the final will be between Zenny and Cigar with THE QUEEN ascending her rightful throne as All-Time Greatest. It only makes sense: Zenyatta is the only champion to win both the Distaff and the Classic and she DESERVES the title. She’s more than earned it!


    1. Try instead. The voting is at the top of the column.

      1. Thanks Deb E.! I found it and voted. hugs, Sally B

    2. Dear Deb,
      Thank you for the link!
      Hugs Ingrid.

  27. News from Shorty about some Mullins’stars Faugheen should be back in mid-November,Vautour is going to miss the betfair at Haydock and go for the King George on Boxing day and the talented Douvan is most probably going chasing.
    Treve will leave her Chantilly stables on monday to begin a new life at Haras de Bouquetot.Une nouvelle vie de maman m’y attend.Hugs Sheena

  28. Dear Judy:Thanks for the link of the mini coopers loved it.Poor Hovis has been clipped and is not a manly-man only cute!Plus there is a new puppy in the family.William remains unchanged.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Sheena:

      You’re so welcome. Keeping William in my prayers. Hove is too cute. Love and Hugs, JB

  29. Zenyatta, you rock! To watch your 2009 race again brings so much exciting pleasure.
    You have been the Queen on the track and off; you became the horse of my lifetime.
    Love you and cherish, kisses for you and to your sons
    love zprincess and my dear Sir
    Auntie Sally B

    Goodnight all

    1. Dear Sally:

      Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB

  30. October 21 Cherokee Devotional

    Don’t condemn yourself. Who of us have not made mistakes? No one is perfect, but we are too quick to call ourselves stupid.
    We have condemned ourselves for eating-even though that is what we have to do. It’s just that we eat because it is convenient, we see it, we eat it. If we can get it without having to cook it-all the better. And all the worse-because it doesn’t have in it the nutrients we need and it is gone too quickly and we are not satisfied.
    Laziness has overtaken our good senses. We let ourselves fall into making it easy on ourselves-and in turn we open the door to making it hard. It is a matter of choices, but not solved by self-criticism.

    The ground says, “The Great Spirit has placed me here to produce all that grows on me, trees and fruit.”
    Young Chief