Z Princess Memorial


April 20, 2014 – October 28, 2014

Photo by Kyle Acebo

Photo by Kyle Acebo

In the spring of 2014 we waited patiently at Lane’s End Farm for the arrival of Zenyatta’s third foal. The excitement we felt was alive online. It was no secret that so many hoped for a filly. Zenyatta delivered on her own schedule, with the same flair for a dramatic finish that she carried through her racing career–her filly would have an Easter birthday.

It was easy to fall in love with Z Princess. She earned her nickname with a presence that matched her mom’s. From the falcon shaped blaze that graced her forehead to her curly mane, she was unique and brilliant. She inspired dreams of what the future might hold.

She was intelligent, precocious, goofy at times, and she loved people It’s not a surprise that people around the world loved her from afar. Here, we honor Z Princess and the brief but bright life that she lived. Many of the photos and videos on this page are being published for the first time.

Z Princess brought the world a bit of happiness, and the memories that we share are her legacy. She will live on in our hearts forever.

-Team Z

Ann Remembers Z Princess

Ann with Zenyatta and Z Princess. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Ann with Zenyatta and Z Princess. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

On her very first morning, she was dancing around their stall as if she already knew where she was going and couldn’t wait…receiving her halter as if it was a tiara.

Stepping out of her stall, she stopped to notice thechange in surface and again at a puddle of water, which she eventually jumped over with everyone joking that she’s not going to be a “mudder”! It turned out the water was from a broken pipe and the plumber was on his way to fix it.

Then she was off to say “hello” to all who gathered along the edge of the fence…already like her mother. Suddenly she took off and started running. Zenyatta’s tail went straight up in the air as she chased after her daughter to explain that her legs were barely eight hours old. So filled with the joy of life, so beautiful, completely brilliant, kind and goofy too.

Deana from Texas suggested that as a memory for zPrincess we all practice a random act of kindness for a human or an animal. What a grand legacy.

Thank you zPrincess, you touched all of our hearts.

Thank you to all who love her.

-Ann Moss

Video: Z Princess is born on Easter Sunday

Video: Remembering Z Princess