Remembering Z Princess

Zenyatta and Z Princess, April 2014. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta and Z Princess, April 2014. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

We’re remembering Z Princess today.
View the Z Princess Memorial

With love,
Team Z


  1. That photo is a tear jerker!

  2. That beautiful photo says it all. She was very special and will not be forgotten.
    Can’t hold back the tears.

    Best to all,
    Annie B. in MA

  3. Today we remember Zenyatta’s only daughter.Adored from her first breath until her last.She will live forever in our memories.Sleep tight cariad.
    Love and hugs SheenaXOXO
    Somewhere in time’s own space
    There must be some sweet pastures place
    Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
    Some paradise where horses go
    For by the love that guides my pen
    I know great horses live again.
    ~Stanley Harrison~

    1. nice poem :)

      im sure z princess is having a blast being w/ all the great 1s.
      gone but not forgotten <3
      hugz/prayerz, vamp

  4. Zenyatta I already posted a note on other blog.
    Beautiful Picture, my eyes are welling up again.
    Love You Baby Z, Always

  5. Beautiful. Remembering Z Princess always and forever.

  6. Beautiful. Remembering Z Princess, always and forever.

  7. Such a beautiful picture. Always remembered Z Princess. Hope your running with all the others that have passed, wish we all could has seen it.

  8. never forgotten always remembered with love

  9. I still can’t think of her without a tear coming to my eyes. :'( Such a beautiful filly! Such a tragic loss! ♥

  10. The video’s were beautiful – she was beautiful. I have to think that she was just too lively a spirit to stay long in this dense physical world. But she came anyway for a brief period only to bless us with her bright shining light. It is painful – but she was a blessing to all.

  11. You are and were truly a gift to us humans! We were lucky to have you in our presents. You have helped the human consciousness evolve! To teach us to respect all species and there gifts! Thank you for what you gave to all of us. Most importantly, Thank you for allowing us to connect more to our hearts! You showed us how in a profound way. We love you always :-)

  12. Dear Zenyatta,
    I think of your filly, we all nicknamed Z Princess, so often, so many days, so saddened by the passing.
    My heart aches as it did, when hearing the shocking news a year ago!
    Shes running in greener pastures, never forgotten.
    Stay safe, love you forever, and I hope to see you some day.

  13. Thank you for posting this. I remember last year how close it was to the Breeders’ Cup. Many fans left flowers, etc. at Zenyatta’s statue in remembrance of Princess Z. It was sad, but it looked so beautiful.

    1. Me, too, The picture of the pink rhinestone tiara laying amidst all of the flowers on Zenyatta’s statue brought me to tears.

      1. Oh Lord…that picture of that little pink tiara amongst all the flowers…broke my heart….

      2. The little tiara was placed there by Z Dumpling, Karen Gogue ♥

        I will never forget seeing Zen’s statue. Very touching! Many tears were shed…….

  14. Dear Team Z.Thank you for this beautiful memorial for Z Princess.The photograph is stunning.Black and white is timeless just like Zenyatta and her Princess.Forever in my heart .Hugs SheenaXOXO

  15. Forever and always in our hearts and souls. Sending Love, Hugs, and Blessings, George, Linda, and Milyone

  16. Zenyatta, That Beautiful Picture Of You And Your Beautiful Princess Z Daughter Walking Together In The Pasture. Z Princess Is Such A Beauty Just Like Here Mother.. Princess Z Will Always Be In My Heart. I Love You Princess Z And I Love You Zenyatta. Princess Z Will Never Be Forgotten. I Miss You Princess Z. R.I.P. Princess Z Angel

    I Love You Always Princess Z
    Love Always Beth H. (So Cali)

  17. ❤ Dear Team Z,
    Last year, we mourned in shock, too devastated to find even the most faint glimmer of joy. We wanted to share your grief, but the newness of it seemed to isolate us from each other. Now, a whole year of seasons has passed since Zenyatta’s precious Princess lit our world. We still mourn, but not alone. Now we are able to hold one another close, and even manage to smile at the remembrance of Princess Z and her shining specialness. “Gratitude is the heart’s remembrance.” Sharing these beautiful words, pictures and videos is a gift of healing. Thank you with all of our hearts. We will never forget. ❤

    1. Beautifully put.

  18. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since that tragic day. ZPrincess will always be in our hearts, no matter how brief her time with us was.

  19. Crying, just as I did a year ago . I miss you Z Princess and hope you are running in greener pastures. I will always remember you with love and a little sadness for what might have been. I l lo ve you Zenny. What a wonderful mom.

  20. To Zenny and Team Z…
    We miss her now and always will. She was a bright sunbeam, a whisp of wind, a glittering star…most of all she was and still is greatly LOVED.

  21. Such a sad day when we loose such beautiful spirits. RIP

  22. When you wean a 4 month old baby from her mother it is a tramatic time for the weanling. We still do not know what the paddock accident was. But these are precious baby’s and should be watched closely.. Someone was not doing their job when this paddock accident occurred…SHAME ON YOU……

    1. What the hell is wrong with you? Ann and Jerry love their horses like human children. It was an accident and if you belive otherwise you certainly do not belong on this site!

    2. “SHAME ON YOU” for posting such vitriol. She was over 5months old when weaned, and had been weaned for about a month when this happened. Lanes End provides the best ogf care, and safety is paramount. If someone had been standing watching these youngsters, I would say, there would have no way to prevent this accident whether the filly reared and flipped, crashed into another horse, or slipped and fell wrong.

    3. That’s cruel of you.For all of us who mourn the Princess today,the Mosses,Lane’s End Team Z and all of us on the blog.One cannot wrap these foals or horses in cotton wool.Accidents happen and we have to accept.Our Kauto Star was 15 when he died after an incident in his paddock back in June.We will never know what happened to him either but he will always be mourned.RIP Princess and Kauto.Sheena

    4. Dear Alice,
      It is very obvious that you are not a horse owner. Paddock accidents happen all the time.
      Horses are gods creatures but they are flight animals; when they spook the run and what ever is in their way impails them, they slip on and fall, take a bad jump and often have such severe injuries that they die. The accident happened at night; no details were given
      but one can assume that she spooked at something and ran into something that caused a severe injury and her eventual death. Thoroughbreds are hot horses and known to spook very easily so unfortunately the it was an accident like all of the horse paddock
      accidents that happen every day.
      Love and hugs

  23. Of course this brings tears. No use in asking “why” when something like this happens. As I paged through the photos, I was surprised and glad that the Mayberrys got to meet her. As we wait for Z’s 4th foal, it’s a universal wish that Z bring us another filly. Nothing, of course, will ever take the place of Z Princess. She will always occupy a special place in our minds and hearts, never to be forgotten. Thank you Team Z for sharing these wonderful photos and your memories. It means a lot to be even a small part of Zenyatta’s world. Hugs and love to all.

  24. A year already…she was suck a stunning little creature so full of promise.

  25. I miss you and will love you always Little Curly Mane.

  26. Will always remember and miss little Curly Mane. The pictures bring tears. As has been said, “The saddest words are, It Might Have Been.” As I said on the other page, sent a little donation to Our Mims in her memory. Did last year and will continue to do so as long as I am in this world. Sending up a little message to her to watch over all the little girls on Saturday in the Juvenile Fillies.

  27. Broken heart, tears still fall. A rare brief blessing to us all.

  28. I am so happy that you put up this new blog today, Team Z.

    I am one of those who believe that those we love are always home in our hearts. And so The Princess is for me, her Auntie Abigail From Montreal. I say goodnight to her every night before I fall asleep, just as I do for my dear departed Jericho Braveheart and Kali, my two babies who are no longer materially present. And I tell Jericho, Kali & Princess that I love them forever. Just in case they need some reminding.

    Jericho comes back to me often, although he died 5 years ago, and he brought me my new Spirit Dog, Daisy Devine. I know that because there are several “threads of gold” that connect them to each other and to me. And Kali — like many cats — I often catch in the corner of my eye.

    So I have no doubt whatsoever that Princess is alive within our hearts, and that her spirit is never very far away. And, being a descendant of a Welsh grandmother — and the Welsh tradition is one in which there are living spirits all around us all of the time — I can’t help but feel that Z16, or even a later Z baby, will hold within its own unique self a part of that golden thread that flows from Our Princess.

    Love & hugs to all. Peppermint kisses to my Big Girl and her boys. And a special kiss for Our Princess, who will always be close to us in her very own ways.

    To Team Z: My heart is with you today. I am just one of a virtual family that forms a Healing Circle around each of you. Sending you my love.

  29. Always and forever in our hearts…

  30. Remembering you beautiful Z Princess. We will always carry you in our hearts.

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