Remembering Z Princess

Zenyatta and Z Princess, April 2014. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

Zenyatta and Z Princess, April 2014. Photo by Kyle Acebo.

We’re remembering Z Princess today.
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With love,
Team Z


  1. Sure doesn’t seem like a year since Z Princess left this world, but we all know she is running with the Angels now. Thanks Team Z for the memories.

  2. It’s still hurts a lot to look at the little beauty’s pictures. She was such a special girl and I loved her from afar. Will always remember…

  3. Still breaks my heart……Love to ZENYATTA!

  4. One year ago today God broke a lot of hearts by taking one of the best; ZPrincess was special from the minute she came into this mortal world. I think she is playing tag with Barbaro and hide and seek with Secretariat and laughing at both of them saying….”na, na, na….I’m faster than either of you!” I so hope the 2016 War Front foal is another filly!

    1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I loved that little girl so much and Barbaro and Secretariat were my favorites. I can just picture the three of them, and Ruffian right along with them….

  5. Dear Team Z, hard to believe it has been a year. I sometimes wonder how Great ZPrincess would have been? Her Independence as the crew at LEF said she had, as good as her Mom?? Sadly we will not find out. She is running free in the Heavens now. Lots Of Hugs To All.

  6. Run free beautiful baby girl. Love and Hugs, JB

  7. I was stunned and when I heard and really angry a paddock accident how could that be? As they say anger is part of the grieving process. I hope is a colt simply because is too soon and the poor filly will constantly be compared to princess z, instead of zen. My prayers are that she is happy now and laughing at slow bother down here and looking and protecting mama.

  8. God Bless Ann Moss with peace in the loss of this little girl. Looking at the pictures of them together makes me realize that no matter how sad I am at her loss, it is nothing compared to the hurt Ann felt and must still feel. I hope she finds much joy in the new foal.

  9. I know deep in my heart Prinsess Z spirit lives on in all our hearts. Never to be forgotten.and now, another precious Zen baby will come. And in all glory, I have faith it will be a sweet filly. Everyday I pray for her. Hugs. ❤️🏇

  10. Doesn’t seem like it has been a year since that tragic day. The video of Z princess is breathtaking and beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for sharing. My love goes out to Team Z today and also my biggest thanks for keeping us posted on the life of our beloved Queen. Hugs to all and extra peppermints for Z.

  11. Dear Judy.A wonderful tribute to Princess.I am getting concerned about Max especially no message today and,of course, the Beast has retired.Bei-Bei is so cuddly now and Mei-Xiang gets more experienced with every cub.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank Bentley and all the sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

  12. These pictures are still very painful to look at. I can’t imagine how hard it was for the Mosses to go through such a difficult experience. Regardless of what the Queen has in store for us next I can guarantee the good Lord will smile on her and bless big Z with only what she is capable of handling. It’s up to her followers to accept the gifts she gives us and continue forward without comparisons. PrincessZ will always be the Princess. You watch….when has Zenyatta ever failed to amaze us?

  13. Thank you to Ann and Jerry Moss & , Team Zenyatta for giving us a look into some unseen and most likely private photos and videos on this day of losing ZPrincess..
    I love the song that was played with Z Princess’s video, sad to think the singer was also lost too young. That particular song makes me smile, watching Zenyatta and her Princess made me smile.
    Thank you for all you give us today and every day with Z, her boys and her upcoming foal. Mr and Mrs Moss and Team Zenyatta go above and beyond what many owners do.

    I miss you, I miss you!
    RIP! Sweet little Princess!
    I will love you forever and ever!

  15. I still cry when I look at my photos of her and this Memorial of her but I also smile such loving memories xoxoxoZ,Coz,Ziconic&ZPrincessAngel

  16. The memorial was heartrending. Z Princess was remarkably beautiful and stood out among her peers in all the still photos. Zenyatta is a superb dam…caring for her foals with the utmost tenderness and ever-vigilant eye…she guides her babies in a gentle supportive manner. Thank you to the Mosses for the memorial tribute to one regal princess! Love to Z…be safe, healthy, and warm through the winter.

  17. She was a blessing only graced to us for a short time. May she run and “dance” in the fields above forever!

  18. I cant bring myself to watch the video. It’s too heartbreaking. RIP sweet one..

    1. Debbie, I tried to watch the video earlier today but couldn’t without tears streaming down my face… It’s tough as hell to watch!!!
      Auntie Judy ♥

  19. In my philosophical studies, I have examined the meaning of fate, as it might relate to this precious filly. How might we explain what seems to many loving fans as a tragedy, and we, the mourners, cannot go past the futility of our desires for this ‘girl’ and wonder of Zenyatta only girl. What could have been seems so senseless at this point in Zenyatta life, but I often think about how her nature might change sensing the loss of a child. We lift you all up with love from us, and challenge you to make sense of this loss through love and comfort of Zenyatta and her two boys. There is good in Zenyatta, I know there will be good in her children. Bye, for now.

  20. It doesn’t seem like it has been a year since little Z Princess left us all. I still get tears, especially after reading Ann’s lovely letter. And the videos and pictures made me sad, but happy and feeling blessed that we had Z Princess, even for her short life.
    Thank you to Team Z and Lane’ End for letting us be a part of Zenyatta’s life. We share their joys and their sorrows.
    Peace be with all of us

  21. Impossible to understand. There are no words, except thank you for this post. Thank you.

  22. Words can never describe the loss of Z Princess one year ago.
    It was an overwhelming sadness that enveloped the blog that day.
    Time will pass, the loss of this beautiful filly will ease, but never completely go away.
    She was our candle in the wind. Such a price to pay loving these equine beauties that come into our lives. I can never thank Ann and Jerry Moss enough for sharing Zenyatta and her offspring with us.

  23. I thank you from my heart and soul for these wonderful memories of zprincess. I shared the tears with the wonderful videos. She lived up to her name that was given her while so young! I will love and think of zprincess forever as I do my dear Sir . October was such a heart breaking month losing zprincess and I still get so sad about it.
    Sally B

  24. Angel Z Princess,
    You were such a blessing who gave us so much joy in your short time here. We will always remember you with love & cherish your memory.

    1. Dear Donna Z.,
      Our thoughts were definitely streaming along in the same vein.
      I finished my post and then saw yours. My post echoes yours perfectly.
      Hugs and Love

  25. Here such a short time, but truly a blessing forever.
    We remember little Curly Mane with love today and always.

    Love to Zenyatta, the Mosses, Team Z and all at Lane’s End.

    Hugs and Love

  26. Thank you, Jerry and Ann, for the beautiful Memorial for Z Princess. I will remember her forever in my heart.

  27. ♥ Dear Team Z
    Your precious baby girl has been my profile picture on Facebook this past year as my way of mourning the loss of Z Princess’ untimely passing.

    I couldn’t stop the tears! My ♥ was shattered! Why!? It was difficult today to watch the video of Ann and sweet baby Z… the tears came again!! I’ve always said, I cannot imagine the pain Ann experienced…..

    Dear Z Princess:
    Sweetie Baby Curly Locks Girl. I remember early Easter morning when you were born. Giddy! Happy! A girl! We had a girl!

    I will never, ever forget where I was when I got the news you crossed Rainbow Bridge. Many, many months of tears that I couldn’t control. Grief.

    I wanted to find the “reason” God took you so young. I never found an “answer”, but I’ve found some comfort knowing you were in the arms of God.

    I could visualize old uncle John Henry kissing you at Heaven’s Gate!

    John likes to run in the meadows with you. Your curly locks blowing in the wind!

    Oh, who is that? It’s your grandmother and grandfather! You are family. One day (hopefully, a long, long, long time from now) you will be reunited with your big momma, Zenyatta ♥

    All my love Zenyatta, CoZmic One, Ziconic, and Angel Z Princess XO Auntie Judy ♥

  28. Dear Mr. and Mrs Moss, and Team Z
    Thank you for the awesome pictures and Beautiful videos of Z Princess.
    She will always be in our hearts

  29. Z Princess had such a presence and certainly was the leader of the pack!
    Still thinking a lot about her and the tears were just not stopping when watching
    the beautiful videos.
    Rest in peace sweet little princess!

  30. That beautiful picture at the top of this page made me cry again, but I’m so glad to see it anyway. What a little Miss Thang she was! At least we got to know her, even if it was just for a little while.