Zellda Turns Three!

Please join us in wishing our Zellda a happy birthday!!

Zenyatta’s Medaglia d’Oro filly is celebrating her third birthday at Santa Anita, where she is currently training with John Shirreffs. She has been with John since she graduated from Mayberry Farm last fall. We love John’s frequent updates, and we’re happy to share these latest photos.

We are so enormously proud of her and we are confident she is getting lots of love & attention, especially today.

Hugs & Blessings!

Zellda at Santa Anita getting a Birthday Cookie. Video: John Shirreffs
Like mother, like daughter. Zellda has DAPPLES! Photo: John Shirreffs
Zellda is wearing Mom’s halter for her birthday. Photo: John Shirreffs
Zellda at Santa Anita this week. Photo: John Shirreffs


  1. happy birthday Zellda, você é linda.

    1. Como e essa reposts e em Portuguese?. que
      otimo! g. mcdaniel.

  2. And wishing our all-time favorite, beautiful Zenyatta, a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

    1. Zelda is absolutely gorgeous and is looking just like her beautiful mother! Happy Mother’s Day great one💕

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.
    Thank you for the photos. Zellda is gorgeous under tack and just being Zellda. What a lucky girl!!!
    Love to all.

    1. I love her she’s gorgeous ❤️💙
      Dapple heaven.
      Dapples are suppose to make them run faster 😉
      Love that halter.
      So awesome!!!

  4. Dear Tram Z:

    Thank you so much for this update and beautiful photos of ZELLDA.

    Happy Birthday ZEL; beautiful girl. Love and Hugs, JB

  5. Zellda, we know you are having the most wonderful birthday. Enjoy those cookies! You look terrific!! Love the photos.

    Zenyatta, Happy Mother’s Day to you, The Queen!

    Thanks to all for the photos and on going updates.

  6. Happy 3rd Birthday big girl. I see you were spoiled by some of Mrs. Pasture’s yummy Cookies, pretty Zellda! 🍪So sweet to see Zenny’s dapples on you, too. Would love to see more training videos from John, so let him know, ok? 😊 As always Team Z, thanks for this special treat today. ❤

  7. Thank you SO much for sharing these wonderful photos and the video! ! !

  8. Zellda worked today at Santa Anita. 4 Furlongs in 49:40. First work I have seen from her in some time. Guess it was because Santa Anita was closed down.

    Happy Birthday beautiful Princess.

  9. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday beautiful girl. How elegant you look with those gorgeous dapples and Mom’s halter.
    Many thanks to John and Team Z for this treat.

  10. Dear Z, COZ, ZI, ZEL and DC::

    Goodnight and Happy Dreams.

    Z, tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. Maybe we celebrate with a new baby filly😊. Love and Hugs, JB

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday Zellda you are turning into quite the beautiful girl!! Looking alot like your Mom. Love you and the family and looking forward to seeing your new sister soon!!

  13. Happy birthday, Zellda! Be safe and swift!

  14. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. She is just gorgeous. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Zellda. Hope you are out there streaking down the track very soon.

  15. Happy birthday, Zellda! Sure hope I get to see you race one day. I’m ten minutes away from you and can’t go to the races. :(

  16. Happy Birthday to Zellda and Happy Mother’s Day to Zenyatta! Can’t wait for the news of the new foal.

  17. Just taking a closer look at the photos. Whoo hoo, look at those dapples! Great shots! Thanks for posting these. And, Happy mothers day to one Zenyatta! She’s the BEST!

  18. Happy birthday, Zellda! You’re as beautiful as your mom!

    Hugs to all,

  19. Wow happy birthday zellda same birthday as beholder how awesome

  20. Happy Birthday Zellda. Love those dapples.

  21. Happy Birthday, Zellda.
    Thank you John for the photos and keeping us informed on the precious filly.
    Love her! Please keep giving us her progress.

    hugs to all

  22. Adorable Zellda, Happy Birthday!!
    You look like your dad a lot, a litter to your mammy.
    Love you girl, big hugs Ingrid.


  24. Good morning beautiful Zellda! I love to see you wearing your mom’s clothes – shows your royalty! Shows how much you are loved and cared for – thank you Team Z. I hope all of you have the bestest of days ahead; take care baby girl, will keep checking on you and of course waiting for your little sister to arrive xoxoxoxo.

  25. Happy Belated Birthday, Zellda!!! You look absolutely gorgeous wearing your mama’s halter. So looking forward to see you race.

    A special thank you to John for providing the video. Helps to cheer up our day.

    Take care.

  26. I love her she’s gorgeous ❤️💙
    Dapple heaven.
    Dapples are suppose to make them run faster 😉
    Love that halter.
    So awesome!!!

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