Breyer Zenyatta Foal Available for Pre-Order

Breyer Zenyatta Foal is proud to announce the exclusive release and pre-order for the special glossy limited edition of the new Breyer Zenyatta Foal. An instant classic, this charming keepsake is the perfect complement to any horselover’s collection

Zenyatta captured the racing world’s attention with her scintillating performances resulting in 19 victories and one nail-biting photo finish loss in 20 career starts. Following her spectacular racing campaign spanning three years and culminating in a 2010 Eclipse Award for the Horse of the Year, the gentle dark bay giantess, known to many as simply “The Queen,” was retired to begin her new calling as a mom.

Zenyatta was bred to the popular sire and muliple-stakes winner Bernardini, who won his own Eclipse Award as Champion 3-Year-Old Male Horse of the Year in 2006. This coupling of royal bloodlines led to one of the most highly anticipated births in thoroughbred racing history. On the evening of March 8, 2012 at Lane’s End Farm in the heart of Kentucky’s famous bluegrass region, Zenyatta gave birth to a strapping dark bay colt with a diamond shaped white star. Born in the spotlight, he brings the hopes of a new generation for all Zenyatta fans and racing followers.

As a tribute to this auspicious occasion, Breyer Model Horses has created a special glossy limited edition foal exclusively for This charming model cast measuring 8″ tall by 8″ wide exhibits the large ears and long legs of Baby Z, features the detailed markings even down to the white markings on his front left hoof and snippet on his nose. The limited release Breyer Glossy editions have long been sought-after in the collectible horse model world and this prancing little prince is expected to be no exception. Limited to only 500 total pieces in the edition, each with its very own individually numbered Birth and Pedigree Certifcate, the specially produced glossy foal is available exclusively through

We are now taking reservations on a first-come basis for the glossy foal with the earliest reservations guaranteed to receive the lowest numbers available in the edition. Glossy Edition Zenyatta Foals will begin shipping the last week in October. Don’t get left at the gate, reserve yours now!


  1. He’s beautiful

    1. What a very cute idea, and a very cute likness of 12 Z.

      Waiting for Nina Kaiser to work her magic to.

  2. I just ordered Baby Z. Beautiful. Hail to the Queen!!!

  3. Sweet, just ordered mine…can’t wait!

    1. How did you order the glossy one?!?!? im trying to get another zenny and a matte and glossy but i have no idea where to order the glossy one please help me

  4. How cute! Wish I still collected the model horses.

  5. Beautiful, just Beautiful

  6. How stunning!

  7. He’s so beautiful and perfect! So proud of him. Does anyone else feel pride as if he belongs to all of us? Even if he never races a day in his life, I will be proud of him!

    1. Yes, I do Louise. :)

  8. I ordered 2 of these this afternoon. Does it say anywhere if I’m within the first 500? How does someone find out?? If it took my order, does that mean I will be getting one of the first 500?

    1. Yes, if you receive an order confirmation then you are guaranteed one of the 500.

  9. Just ordered 2………….. Christmas gifts for my daughter and I. Now when the box arrives, I have to be strong enought to not rip it open…… wait till Christmas :-)

  10. Hi everyone! I ordered one too. I can’t really say that I collect Breyers anymore, but I always loved the ones I got for Christmas as a girl from by grandparents and they still have an honoured place in my home. Louise: I totally agree. I feel as though he is mine, too. After all, we’re all his Aunties & Uncles, right?

    Still another dimension where Team Z has set the tone and the standard. I really do believe that if racing fans were invited to get involved with more babies, like Z-12 and Taco, it would only be a blessing for the industry. It’s a GREAT way to keep people excited — and hopeful.

    So … I couldn’t get Z-12 without getting a Zenny too …. right?

    They will be my “special” Christmas gifts from my son. I’ll be able to dream of lollipops on Christmas Eve as I wait to open them!!!!

    Love to all,

  11. When I ordered Z12 I then had to order Zenyatta, too. I ordered Secretartiat, as well. What wonderful Christmas gifts to myself. I can’t wait.

  12. Okay, I had to order one – who could resist? TOO CUTE.

  13. I Love the idea that 12 Z comes with Zenny, too.

    It has been soooo hard to get a Zenny Beyer, like mother like son and they defiately should be together.

    Is the Zenny model the racing one or a new brood mare model?

    Thanks so much for this great opportunity to get mother and son together.

  14. Just ordered mine. Hopefully, we can collect all of her kids..

  15. I ordered mine :)

    I know that the models will come with “birth and pedigree certificates”, but will they also come with Certificates of Authenticity?

    I have a small obsession with breyer Zenyattas. My eventual goal is to have 20. I currently have 8 or 9. Super excited about this kid!

  16. Just placed my order.. my weakness are glossies and Zenyatta is my most favorite TB ever as a mare equal to Secretariat. Sure wish we could have seen a baby out of that combination!

  17. Some may have seen this. I do hope everyone can and will work to cut down on this needless waste of our horses. Sorry if someone else has posted this already. Didn’t see it, as I am lurking in and out. Hugs to all.

  18. OK 12Z looks amazing looks amazing as a model horse…. WOW

  19. What a beauty!

  20. So glad they captured ZPrinz’s ears!! Will order mine now. Thank you, Breyer.

  21. Just ordered my little guy, can’t wait to see him. I show my model horses so this little guy will go into my show string and he can go beside his mamma too.

  22. I also ordered that Special Boy !!! Love you, ShariXXXOOO

  23. I so wanted a Breyer model of baby Z because I am getting the breyer model of Zenyatta herself. Will there anymore models of BabyZ available again?

  24. Name for 12Z: “Teal Zeal”

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  25. Hello, I just found out about this model. Are you going to be getting anymore in glossy? Please as I would so like to get one. EK