Leather Halter Tag Bracelets

Leather Halter Tag Bracelets engraved with Zenyatta’s name.

Today’s addition to the Zenyatta Shop is the Leather Halter Tag Bracelet, available in two colorways.

By popular demand, now available in the combination of teal and pink together!

Classic fashion from the backside is sweeping the fashion world and the racing community – the Leather Halter-Tag bracelet. These stylishly fun bracelets available in the combination teal and pink racing colors of Zenyatta represent the finest in equine couture.

Like the halters worn by Zenyatta herself, each individually hand-stitched bracelet is constructed with rolled leathers and features solid brass halter-tags fastened with copper rivets like those found in the finest saddleries and tack shops. Halter-tags are engraved with “ZENYATTA” but may also be personalized with anything you wish, from your own name to the name of the future star in your barn. Available in standard 7″ length, larger and smaller sizing by special request.

Edit: This item is no longer available. January 2013.


  1. Is this a bracelet for a person, or something for a horse’s halter?? I am a little confused.

    1. Linda, it is a bracelet for a person.

    2. Love these bracelets, they can be worn by human or equine !!!

  2. Love these !! Adorable.

  3. Another opportunity to shop at Zenny’s store! I really like this.

  4. Dear Z Dumplings and Z fans,

    Here is the Talkin-horses done with Charlie Lopresti, the video is part of the link.
    It is great, love to hear him talk about Wise Dan !!!


  5. those bracelets look cool
    thx team Z
    hugs/prayers all

  6. Adding more bling to my collection.. ;-);-);-);-) There gorgeous, also a nice Xmas stocking stuffer.

  7. How cool! Thanks for offering these bracelets for us fans of the Queen!! Might make a cool Christmas gift for my granddaughter, too.

  8. Really cool, have to get them for family as Xmas gifts. Thanks Z, how so thoughtful of you, how is Prince? do you get to see him sometimes? Be safe and LoL to the little one.

  9. Wow…I really like these. And, they will make them smaller than the standard 7″. One of these is sooo mine!

  10. I bought two in Ky last year, guess I will need to purchase more!
    Have you thought about how thankful you are to have been apart of the great phenomenon called Zenyatta? How lucky and blessed we have been to have witnessed her amazing racing career? Our Queen is so very special and I feel blessed to have been alive during her reign and also Sectretariat’s. Her wonderful connections and care givers have been so giving of Zenyatta and I will never be able to thank them enough.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a safe holiday
    Love, hugs and kisses

    1. Well said, Trisha. I am so grateful to all of Team Z.

  11. Wow! These look fun!

  12. I have the aqua with brown leather bracelet with Zenyatta engraved! trendy with the leather styling, sentimental because of Zenny, but it’s also elegant in its simplicity. i love it! bought aqua with brown leather when they were first introduced and am planning on 4 xmas gifts with relatives names on them. it’s a fantastic fit. it has a little curvature to it, not straight stiff like a watch, so you don’t even notice it’s on.