Little Zen Pewter Figurine

Little Zen Pewter Figurine

Happy Friday!

New to the shop today is the limited edition Little Zen Pewter Figurine.

This “Little Zen” is an exquisitely detailed portrayal of the thoroughbred champion, Zenyatta sculpted by miniature specialist Maggie Bennett and painted by the acclaimed equine figurine painter Caroline Boydston. Their collaborative dancing depiction of the 2010 Horse of the Year is the culmination of countless hours of meticulous study and hand-work manifested in this unique and officially licensed fine art piece.

Zenyatta was renowned for her racing achievements as well as her physical conformation and the artists capture the essence of her muscular majesty in perfect miniature scale.

Golden finish.

Each piece in the collection is individually hand-cast from the finest quality lead-free pewter. From the arch in her neck through her powerful withers to the playful extension of her front leg, the mighty mare is detailed in exact precision. Upon the completion of casting, each miniature is painstakingly painted to recreate Zenyatta’s rich bay color enhanced by her distinctive facial stripe and two white socks. Boydston’s unique dimensional shading technique completes the intricate process.

For the most discerning collector, we offer the first 25 pieces in the edition in an elegant 18K gold-plated finish. This Golden version represents the ultimate in Zenyatta memorabilia.

Each figurine comes with its own engraved felt-bottomed pedestal as well as a numbered certificate card hand-signed by trainer John Shirreffs and his wife, racing manager Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs, also known as the “Voice of Zenyatta” for the beloved on-line Diary.

Measures 2.5″ wide x 2″ tall. Limited to 250 total pieces in all, and available on a first-come basis with earliest orders receiving the lowest numbered certificates.

Edit: This item is no longer available. January 2013.


  1. Today is Sandy in NE Ohio’s birthday. I owe her special thanks this year because she graciously photo-shopped me into the group portrait of the Z-Dumplings that Jeff Mallard so kindly took. Have you seen it? Click on PHOTOS above, click on the Breeders’ Cup 2012 Fan Gallery, and click on any photo to view as a slide show. The group portrait is almost at the very end, #70. See a close up of our dear Sandy (on the right) in photo #51.

    A Birthday Poem for Sandy in NE Ohio 2012
    (November 27, 2012)

    Our dear Sandy
    Is even sweeter
    Than candy–
    ‘Twas so great to meet her
    At the BC.
    All the Dumplings there can attest
    Sandy is simply THE BEST!
    For the group photo shot
    Of the Dumpling lot
    At the statue of Z,
    I personally
    Was missing in action
    Due to a distraction.
    For me it was ever so dandy
    That dear Sandy
    With photo-shop is quite handy.
    At her deft touch—
    There in the photo I am!
    Thank you, dearest Sandy, so much!

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Sandy, and many, many happy returns!
    Love in Dumplinghood,

    1. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Sandy. Hope you have many many more.
      Trina those were great pictures of you all and that was such a nice poem.

    2. Dear Trina,
      Lovely lovely poem, so glad we have such great “photographers”
      in our midst. Sandy have a great special day of “eating bon bond”,
      having pedicures and or doing whatever make you feel HAPPY
      on the HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday.


    3. Dear Trina,

      The photos of everyone her are absolutely wonderful and really
      show the fun and spirits for Zenyatta everyone has.

    4. Sandy,
      Happy Birthday to my fellow Capper!
      You are a wonderful fan of racing and a quick study of capping!!!
      Hope you have a fantastic day,sweet Sandy!!!

    5. Excellent, Trina!
      Sandy is the best! Not only that, she puts me to shame with her expertise with computers and cameras, never so much as when she tries to teach me how to do something new. An impossible task! Hugs to you, dear Sandy. Wish we could all celebrate together. Life would be one constant birthday party among the Dumplings! Hugs to you both.

    6. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Sandy,

      As Trina said in her wonderful poem you are The Best!

      It was so wonderful to meet you at BC. Hope you have a fantastic birthday and many more! Hug and love in dumplinghood.

    7. Dearest Sandy,

      Big birthday wishes to an integral part of the “Best Western Bangers” of BC fame! Will those two hotels ever recover? They better – we’re all coming back next year!

      Enjoy your birthday evening.

      Love and Hugs,

      diastu in tempe

      1. Thanks so much Diana – we sure had fun didn’t we :-) ♥♥♥

  2. Sandy,
    Happy Birthday! Good photoshop job!

    love the poem. Sandy seems to be as nice in person as she is on the Blog.

    As I have said earlier, it is so nice to have faces to go with the names.

  3. Keta Note: Published confirmation to post on page 4.
    Black Caviar relation named for racing
    Posted by: AAP Filled in: Australian Horse Racing | 27/11/2012 at 6:30pm

    Black Caviar’s unraced two-year-old half-sister now has a name – Belle Couture.
    The filly had been known as “Pippa”, after the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, until a racing name was decided by her owners.
    A daughter of Redoute’s Choice out of Helsinge, the filly was purchased by BC3 Thoroughbreds for $2.6 million at the Australian Easter Yearling Sale in Sydney in April.

    “Belle Couture is a filly with tremendous poise and strut, she is the princess of our stables,” BC3′s chief executive Bill Vlahos said.
    “It’s fitting to have a name that reflects such high-end beauty and style.”

    Belle Couture, who will be trained by Danny O’Brien, has started pre-training.
    Read more: #ixzz2DQ32acnB

  4. Loved the photos from the Z Party! You all took me with you in spirit. This year’s BC was fabulous. Watched every race except the Classic live on NBC Sports. Missed most of the Classic thanks to overrun of a football game. Local NBC in SE Michigan opted to carry local news instead of the post parade and winner’s circle. Hope NBC does better next year.
    Anyone know when the HRTV Zenyatta Documentary (extended version) will be available?
    that will be my Christmas gift to me!
    Blessings to one and all here.

    1. So nice to see you posting, Helen! Blessings to you!

  5. To ALL Z FANS, DUMPLINGS in this season of gratitude:

    For this new morning and its light,
    For rest and shelter of the night,
    For health and food, for the love of friends,
    horses and animals, we care about so much.
    For Zenyatta and her human and equine family,
    For every gift His goodness sends
    We thank you, gracious Lord.


    1. U2,Sign!

    2. Thank you, sign. Even when our funds are running low, I am reminded I have so much to be thankful for.



    Dunaden thriving ahead of Hong Kong Vase date;
    David Redvers told ATR: “He’s in great shape apparently and about to set off any moment now. Craig Williams is flying over from Japan to ride him on Tuesday so we will know more then. He goes to Hong Kong with a great chance.” (57 mins ago)



    King George next for Court
    Martin Keighley says he was “delighted” with Champion Court’s second at Ascot on Saturday. In his website blog, he added: “The plan is now to head towards the King George at Kempton on Boxing Day as I think he deserves a crack at it.& (14 mins ago)

  9. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG Sandy! Love you! ♥♥

  10. Have a very happy birthday, Sandy!!

    Trina, a very cute poem.

  11. Happiest of Birthdays to Sandy…have the bestest day
    Great poem, Trina….
    Gentildonna going international next yr….USA ..please…
    well off to do battle with dmv, social security, car insurance and health insurance offices…..ugh…..will need spa treatment by end of day….oh wait…i live in a spa town…
    bathhouse row is just down the street…hmmmm

    1. So Arkie Carol is the name for your Z Dumpling name tag, eh? Tee Hee! So glad you made it there – and jealous you have a spa so close. You’re inviting all of us for a sleep over at your place during the Apple Blossom, right?

      I’d love to see Gentildonna here too!

      diastu in sauna in the summer tempe

  12. dear sandy have a wonderful birthday another great poem trina!! hugs sheena
    dear sign lovely prayer!! hugs sheena

  13. Couldn’t resist adding my wishes for a good day for a special lady. Hope it is the best ever, Sandy.

    1. Sure am glad it’s your birthday,Sandy!
      So nice to hear from you TC. Hope all is well. We have missed you very ,very much.
      Stick around and I will pull out my Hunting Horse joke,just for you.
      Over and out, good buddy!

      1. Ann-I look forward to that.

    2. What a welcome surprise to find your post this morning, Terry. You have been missed.

    3. We have missed you!

      1. The Kennedys are a true class act.

      2. Barbara-Ditto. We have not had a meeting of the redneck club in quite some time.

        1. Terry,
          Oh how you made my day!
          Welcome back!
          As they say down home, I wish I could hug your neck.
          Big hugs,

    4. Dear TC,
      So glad to have you back.
      Welcome Back !!!

    5. Yay! You’re back!!! :-)

    6. Terry

      So good to see you back.
      Welcome Back

    7. What a wonderful surprise! Terry Crow, you have been sorely missed! It sure is good to hear from you.
      Welcome back and consider yourself hugged!

  14. Want to add my best birthday wishes to others for our dear Sandy. Have a great day!! Hugs

  15. Bonne Anniversaire, Sandy! And thank you for photoshopping us into the BC Zenyatta Sculpture photo. Like Trina, we were distracted by all the BC excitement and missed the appointed time.

  16. hi dumplings :)

    @Kathy R.- thx for the info on frankel ;)
    @sandy- have a very happy bday! may god bless u richly today <3
    @trina- lovely poem :)
    @sign- nice prayer
    @terry crow- glad ta see ya <3

    love ya gyus, big hugs, vamp

    1. Thank you, Sue.

      1. Terry Crow, I have missed your posts so much! So happy to see you!

  17. I see that there is a new post (groan) so I hope I’m not too late with the thank yous! A friend decided that I needed an “adventure” as I start a new decade (another groan) so she took me to downtown Cleveland where we visited our new casino. It’s in a building that previously housed a department store – Higbees (for those of you who would know the name), and we had heard that they had put up all of Higbees Christmas decorations. That didn’t turn out to be quite true, but it certainly WAS an adventure, and after a visit to the buffet, I don’t think I’ll be eating again for a LONG time.
    SO – first of all, thank you SO much Trina for the fun poem. I really consider myself a novice with Photoshop, but I was so glad to be able to add you (and the Kennedy’s and Stacy Ferris to the picture). I smile every time that I see it, and remember how great it was for us all to be in one place!
    Then, thanks so much to Peggy N, Sign, Ann, Barbara Wood, Darlene Daniels, Keta, Karen Gogue, Marty R, Carol in Arkansas, Sheena, Terry Crow (nice to see you!), the Kennedy’s, Sue Frederick, and Sue Colvin (hope I didn’t miss anyone) for your good wishes. We may be far apart distance wise, but the feelings of warmth and friendship are very real and something that I will always treasure!!

  18. Hope this is in the right spot–it does say page 5 on the 27th.

    Happy birthday again Sandy! I second, third and fourth what everyone else has said.
    And Terry Crow, how nice to “see” you again!
    Trina, once again a great poem.

    More again, it’s getting late–for me–hi to all you Dumplings out there!

  19. I will post this here and hope it will be seen.

    Thanks for another great poem, Trina!

    More birthday wishes to you, Sandy! I posted a greeting on the Ask the Experts site, but you can never have too many happy wishes! Hugs!

    Once again, our Terry Crow is back among us! YAY!! Life is good, again!

    Cheers everyone!

  20. Thanks so much Anne and Marshall!!! Your good wishes mean a lot!

  21. Hello Dumplings
    Sorry I have not been keeping up with you, I have moved from my beautiful Ky, but Missouri is nice & I am adjusting to the change.
    So great to read all your comments, but we miss the days of Dottie’s diaries, don’t we?
    I am trying to get unpacked & organized before I have to have surgery in Jan.
    So good to hear the redneck jokes from Terry—can I be an official in the RN club from Mo?
    Our little Z, is not little any more, is he, wow, he is growing like a weed!
    Take care, everyone—Lil

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