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Clubhouse Tote


  1. KathyR
    Andrew Bensley ‏tweet Sunday May 18 2014 with PHOTO
    Some promising youngsters entered for Saturdays 2YO feature at Doomben.
    Love the names: Hollywood Barbie, Haven Angel
    Any ones we should keep an eye on?
    Hugs, BGG‏

  2. Dear Z Fans:

    Here’s a replay of Ebby’s race today. Hope we hear how she came out of the race soon. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Sorry, should have explained it’s Race 8 and you have to click on Watch Video. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Dear Judy:

        That is bizarre – she was running well, seemed to settle into a good position, and then just floated to the back of the field. Do hope the news is only that she doesn’t want to be a racehorse, but it worries me. Hugs, KathyR.

        1. Kathy–it appeared to us on the video that she was running well and then appeared to be struggling before she was eased up. Don’t know why. Hope all is well.

        2. Dear Kathy R and Barb W:

          When I see a horse in contention and then is eased like Ebby was, I always think breathing issue. Hope that’s not the case. Love and Hugs, JB

        3. I was at the track and saw Ebby’s race. She did great in the saddling barn and in the paddock. In the post parade she was fine, too. She didn’t break to smoothly. We later learned that she pulled a front shoe. That is why Gary slowed her down gradually. She did crossed the wire and then eased. She was favoring a front hoof.

          She is fine. Gorgeous as ever! She likes the attention and having her picture taken :-) Thank you all for your concern!
          Auntie Judy

      2. Oh, hope she is OK?
        Any news?

  3. Dear Sheena,
    Oh my, I am late but very sincere — sending you belated good wishes for a very Happy Birthday and many more wonderful years to come! Hope you had a lovely birthday.
    All the Best, Always. Lots of Hugs and Love

  4. Dear Trina,
    Thank you for posting the poem for Sheena! Also, thanks bunches for the poem to us Z’sters — it is lovely! Glad you are enjoying your birthday; you deserve the very best.
    Lots of Love and Big Hugs

  5. Dear Z Fans:

    Think you’ll really enjoy this interview with one of CC’s owners, Mr. Coburn. Quite a gentleman. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. Dear Judy:

      Thanks for that one – what a really nice bloke! Hugs, KathyR.

    2. JudyB. It’s nice to hear from someone who speaks from his heart. He’s definitely right about one thing: no one knows exactly why Chromie is the one. You can breed the best to the best and still come up with nothing. And suddenly seemingly out of nowhere comes a champion. It’s all like magic.

      1. Magic indeed, Max.
        Thanks, Judy B.
        I think it was, Aga Kahn who said this breeding is one big chess game!
        I like the Forest Cump outlook….one big box of chocolates. Look at, Jay Trump!

        1. Dear Ann:

          Like that comparison ; “……….like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get”. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Max:

        So, so true. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Wonderful interview. Thanks, Judy!

    4. Thanks Judy. The CC connections seem to be wonderful people who make everyone feel good about them and their horse.

      I wonder about the “talking heads” calling CC’s pedigree humble. With Pulpit as a grandsire and names such as AP Indy, Cozzene, Mr. Prospector, Raise A Native, Northern Dance, Caro and the great Seattle Slew and Secretariat among others in his blood line-not too humble!

      1. Don’t forget Ribot, perhaps the greatest and meanest horse of his generation. In Chromie’s case, the real talent is back a generation or two in the bloodlines, especially on the mother’s side. It looks like it has staged a dramatic comeback in him.

        1. hi Max and all…
          follow CC’s bottom line thru the girls….one had a date with Princequillo…now if you subscribe to the “large heart” gene…this is his direct line to it…
          ps-who could forget the unbeaten Ribot?

        2. Max & Carol, Sorry I didn’t mention Ribot. There were just so many of the greats in his bloodline. Carol, many years ago I visited Claiborne when Secretariat first went there and asked an elderly groom who was the best horse he had ever seen. His answer “Princequillo.”

        3. carol. Did you notice the pony with Chromie at the Preakness? Very colorful. It sure was not Perfect Drift unless PD had gone for a disguise.

      2. Shirleeinindy,
        I agree, have made mention before about the remarks that have been made about his mediocre pedigree, ha, ha I laugh, as they cut down Slew when he was running too. Not too shabby to have TWO Triple Crown winners on your sires side. There are horses running now that have supposedly better pedigrees that are doing a thing. CC is the real deal. hugs

        1. They say the same about Dan. The critics usually confine the pedigree remarks to the immediate sire and dam. In both cases, Dan and Chromie, moms and dads are not considered to be first class race horses. However their sons certainly are.

    5. Thank you Judy.

      Mr Coburn speaks from his heart and truly appreciates ALL of what has become California Chrome nation. America’s horse, people’s horse, whatever suits one just shows that you can follow your dream. Just can’t keep the “little guys” down!
      Sometimes dreams do come true.

      1. Dear Kathy R, Max, Ann, Barb W, Shirlee and Mary:

        Yes, this gentleman and the rest of CC’s Team (Not So Dumb Ass Stables) are refreshing and a bright spot in the Industry. Hoping CC wins the Triple Crown, but even if he doesn’t he and his connections are the perfect example of what the sport of horse racing could and should be; love of the horse and the challenge. Love and Hugs, JB

  6. Dear Max and Z Fans:

    Here’s an interview with Trainer Mark Casse (Dynamic Impact) on CC’s win in the Preakness. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. JudyB. Good interview. Most people feel that way about Chromie. They want to see the horse do well. I’d like to hear about Tasty from him or anyone. Tasty, how’s it going?

      1. Dear Max:

        Very kind and classy gentleman is Mr. Casse. I wish we could find out how TT is doing too. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Thank you, Judy, for this clip. Mark Casse seems to be such a gracious and kind man. I love the competition, but I love it even more when the competitors (trainers, owners, breeders, fans) have kind hearts. That’s one of the exceptional characteristics of Zenyatta’s family – Jerry and Ann Moss and the Shirreffs, the people at Lane’s End, and Zenny’s fans here on her website – graciousness and kindness.
      It has been such a thrill about CC!

      1. Dear Elizabeth:

        Yes, I agree. Love and Hugs, JB

  7. Dear Z family:

    Just wanted to comment on watching the Preakness from Downunder. Sky only dropped in late, as the ceremony took place for the jockeys to mount – not something we see down here. Just loved the way each entrant had a horse to escort them to the barrier, but was a little concerned that your barrier attendants, while having protective vests on, didn’t have helmets. And just loved the three buglers! All of this contributed to a really great build up and sense of theatre for the event. Unfortunately our coverage dropped out after the equine athletes crossed the line. Great viewing though. Hugs, KathyR.

    1. So neat hearing your thoughts about racing here. It was a beautiful day.
      The horses escorting the racers are called track ponies, or lead ponies.
      Love it,on a special race day, their riders go all out and groom them with special touches.
      They are a hard working group, riders and horses, keeping those highly charged racers in line! CC had a beauty leading him, looked like most pony riders gave well wishes to all as they handed them off…. my heart was ponding so fast!
      Thanks for sharing your homeland beauty, Kyla Stra!

      1. Kayla Stra is one of the most improved jockeys now riding. I would not be afraid to put her on any horse I might own.

  8. Trina, a belated, belated Happy Birthday! I was aware of it the day before, but didn’t make it back here again until now. You got a nice Chromie present this year! We are all looking forward to his followup in 3 weeks! And hopefully at the BC in November, we’ll all be able to revel in his wonder yet again!

  9. May 19 Cherokee Devotional

    If there is one thing that scares us, it is the thought that any part of life has been wasted. We look back and ask why we let it happen-what was so important that it could steal our youth, our strength our capacity to be somebody-to just be happy. Is it too late to begin again? Never. It may be with a different set of rules, a standard of values that has changed drastically, but begin again? Yes. Many have started over an have had more happiness and contentment in a short time than all of what is known as the wasted years. Anyone who has ever traveled a trail of tears wishes they had known then what they know now. But we did not know, and life is not lived by hindsight. We did what we knew to do-sometimes with great ignorance. But if we know the difference now and want to begin again-then why not? And why not now?

    Years of trial and anxiety, of danger and struggle, have maintained the…Cherokee people as a distinct community…and such must continue.
    Chief John Ross

  10. Zsters,
    Just have to post this video even tho it’s not horse related it is so cute and you goat lovers out there will just love it. Gave me a much needed laugh for the day. Enjoy

    1. Thanks, Sue. That’s how I talk to my kids sometimes.

      1. Ann, too funny I can just picture that.
        Kathy, lucky you he must have been a riot!!

    2. Dear Sue,

      I had an Alpine pet goat when I was a kid. This video sure brings back the memories! Thank you again, and have a great day!

      Hugs, Kathy

    3. Too funny Sue! Maybe the goat was talking to the NYRA! :-)

      1. Sandy,
        That’s the best answer yet……..what a bunch of idiots!! Let’s hope one of them finds their brain. Ha,ha hugs

      2. Dear Sandy:

        Too funny. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Dear Sue Fredrick:

      Too cute and funny. Love and Hugs, JB

  11. Dear Kathy.A very,very Happy Anniversary to you and Steve.So many years together!Hope the furbabies will be on their best behaviour today.
    The rain has returned to Wales,turned thundery today wish I could send some over to you.The catkins are dispersing on the Dyfi and there are little balls of fluff everywhere.Did you see the video of that huge cat on Joey’s FB,found out he is part bobcat but has been allowed back home,gosh he’s a real beauty!Ray enjoyed his fundraising walk loved him in his K-9 outfit.Is Boo on his travels again?Looks like it.Marty can drive over here now UK look out!!! Is there nothing that rat can’t do??.Have a wonderful day.Enjoy.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

  12. Dear Sheena,

    Thank you so much! Alas, Steve is on a business trip in Nevada City, CA. Maybe that is the secret of staying together so long! lol Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that…Steve comes home Friday and I’ll get my lobster tail anniversary dinner. YUM!!! Sorry the rain has returned yet again. We could certainly use some here. We have a slight chance of rain over the next few days they say. All the little balls of fluff at the Dyfi would be something to see! Yes! I saw that beautiful cat on Joey’s FB. He is indeed gorgeous. Ray looked very handsome in that vest. I wish I got to travel half as much as Boo does. He certainly gets around! Wonder where he’s headed this time…Marty driving over in England. Hope he stays on the proper side of the road! Enjoy your day. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy


  14. Hopefully this comes through.So sad to hear Buster has crossed the rainbow bridge.At least his last few months were really happy ones.RIP Buster.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      RIP Buster. He was an adorable little pony. Bless the people who rescued him.

      Hugs, Kathy.

    2. RIP Buster. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Sheena,
      How sad he passed after finally getting a good home…….what a doll he was. RIP Buster. hugs

    4. Dear Sheena,
      I saw that article about the bus stop pony. I am glad he had good care and love for a little while, though. Wish it could have lasted longer for him. Bless the rescuers and bless Buster. RIP

      1. Dear Sheena, Marshall, Judy, Sue and Kathy:

        Buster had such a sweet face! In one way I’m pleased he was abandoned in a public place, where he would be found rather than dumped in some back paddock to die lonely and ill. People can be very cruel. Hugs, KathyR.

    1. Yay!!!

      Hugs, Kathy

    2. HOOFRAY!!

    3. HIgh hoof to officials with some actual common sense!!!! GO CHROMIE! ♥♥♥

    4. I am so relieved!

    5. Dear Sue Fredrick:

      Thank you for this info. Very good news. Love and Hugs, JB

  15. RIP. Sir Jack Brabham Australia’s 3-time formula one World Champion.died peacefully yesterday aged 88yrs.A true gentleman of sport.Hugs Sheena.

    1. RIP Sir Brabham. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Sports Illustrated Wire announced that California Chrome will be allowed to wear a nasal strip in the 2014 Belmont Stakes.

  17. Has anyone heard any updates on Wise Dan? I saw the report that he came through the surgery fine but not much since then.

  18. Checking to see if my post goes through OK

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