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Zenyatta Key Tag

Zenyatta Key Tag

Happy Tuesday!

We have new leather goods available in the Zenyatta Shop, just in time for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts!

Show off your love for Zenyatta with our limited edition Clubhouse Tote or the Zenyatta Key Tag. Proceeds from the Zenyatta Shop support charities that benefit retired and rescued thoroughbreds as well as the ongoing maintenance of

-Team Z

Clubhouse Tote

Clubhouse Tote


  1. I want both!! I have the track bag already and it’s great!!

  2. I have used these keychains for years. Tres Kentucky Blue Grass hip. Having one with Zenyatta on it would be very cool.

    1. That must be a copy of Zenyatta’s personal hand bag too, I’m assuming.

      1. Lots of room for oats.

        1. And Guinness.

        2. True, dat.

  3. Both are very nice! ♥

  4. I just had to “gift” myself with a keychain. Everything I’ve ordered from this site has been of the highest quality and the shipping always prompt. Anything I can do to support horse rescue and this site is well wothwhile. Love you, Queen Z!

  5. Team Z surely knows we need to keep our big girl close to us and the high quality leather accessories are so perfect. She is all around me whether it’s drinking my favorite coffee in her mug or adoring her breyer horse model. Can’t wait for the key chain I ordered. Even equally important, this site continues to fund the care of horses in need and the continuation of all things Zenyatta.I am so honored to be part of it all.

  6. Wow! That’s pretty!

  7. If we ignore everything beautiful and look down the road to some future time, chances are it will be the same. This is the time, the e to a, the now, the present, to see the dearness of other people, the chance to be grateful-to enjoy. Why wait? Perfect times are elusive. They create an atmosphere that life should be lived on some high emotional level instead of experiencing the most ordinary times with the most extraordinary love. Time goes by. The peaks were not what made life worthwhile-but the in-between times that gave us a chance to stand in the quiet of a wooded glen, even if it is just in our hearts, and know that love made it all worthwhile. Love will continue to make each a giant of peace in our souls.

    I want to tell you if the Great Spirit had chosen anyone to be chief of this country, it is myself.
    Sitting Bull

  8. Dear Kathy.It’s a stormy day in Wales today wet at Chester,not a typical may day!Glesni certainly had them scratching their heads at the DOP when her 2nd egg finally arrived last night.They had posted on their FB that any more eggs were highly unlikely!The rule books have been torn up!!Blue 24 is still around her eyes are on Monty now not the nest!Poor Fubu his tumours are spreading but he has put on weight which is good.He enjoyed himself at Petco after the vet.He’a tough little lad.Marty had a great party and a lovely cake!Had to laugh at him with the kitchen towel.Joey is having some lovely weather gets a great life. Zoe looked so cute doing her visits in her nurse’s uniform,anyone would feel better seeing her.Have a great day.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Sorry the storms are back. Stay dry! I read about the second egg last night. That’s great! I sure wish Blue 24 would leave Glesni and Monty alone. I read that Fubu’s tumours have spread. Poor little guy. I’m surprised he has put on more weight. That’s certainly a good sign. Marty is quite the celebrity. His cake was beautiful! He’s one lucky rat. I’m glad Joey is enjoying nice weather for the moment. The weather in this country has been crazy. Fluctuating all over the place! Zoe is a precious little girl. No matter what is going on she makes you feel better. Have a good “hump day.” Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy

  9. Good Morning Zenny….hope you and PrinZess are well….
    ok…my boy Rivers is running tomorrow on opening day at Ballterra? its in
    Ohio….he is in the Tall Stack Stakes which is the feature…its for Ohio breds
    which he is…all fingers and toes crossed…I think its at the site of the old
    River Downs….but is supposedly a completely new facility outside of
    My Roxy is slowing down…but she is happy….she has been beating the
    odds against her for almost a month now…and I hope she continues to
    for a while yet…PURoxy
    I hope Cigar is better….would love an update if anyone knows anything…

    as always…kisses for all soft noses world wide

    1. Dear Carol,

      Prayers continuing for Roxy and you, too.


    2. It is Belterra…..not Ballterra….makes more since

    3. carol-Roxy is lucky to have someone such as you in her life. God bless you and her.

      1. Second that thought.

    4. Go Rivers!
      Roxy, you are one fine pup! Keep showin’ em girl.
      Love and hugs.

    5. PURoxy.

    6. Carol,
      So happy your Roxy is fighting the good fight, they can be amazing can’t they……everyone had given up on my Cisco with his blood disease but he is shouldering on like a real trooper…….always hope. hugs

    7. It is at the site of the old River Downs. They tore down the old grandstand (which I rather liked–it was nostalgic) and have put in a completely new facility, which has both a grandstand and VLTs. They put in a whole new track–full size! They built a bunch of new barns and painted the old ones that they left up. I think they built new dorm facilities. Last Sunday they were installing a new walker. Trainers had started to show up and one trainer had his/her sign put up at the barn.

      This year they’re only running dirt races. The turf track couldn’t be seesed until a few weeks ago, and the grass is just now coming in. The turf track will be ready next year.

    8. Roxy girl. Hang in there. Be like Dan. Kick some butt!

    9. Dear Carol,
      I sure hope Roxy can hang tough for awhile. Power up, Roxy! It is good that she is happy, too. Blessings to you and Roxy. Lots of Hugs and Love

    10. Dear Carol:

      Godspeed to Rivers and Power Up Roxy Girl. Love and Hugs, JB

    11. Is Rivers’s full name name Rivers Run Deep? If so, he won decisively by 12 3/4 lengths.

  10. Dear Carol.Prayers and, as always, Pawsitive thoughts from Wales for Roxy.PUR.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena, I love those pawsitive thoughts for Roxy! Love and hugZ, Trina

  11. SA Press Box ‏tweet Wed. May 7 2014
    California Chrome jogged a mile “on his toes…looked great” this morning at CD.
    “Still feisty as ever” & will gallop normal 2 miles tomorrow.

    1. Dear Bluegrass Girl:

      Terrific to hear Junior is fit and feisty. Hugs, KathyR.

      1. Love that name, Junior.
        Kathy R, thanks for the race news about Barbie, our Feral Filly.
        We will miss, Lauren, wishing all the best for her.

        1. I’m partial to his other name, Chrome Dome. Think that his exercise rider uses that one.

        2. Dear Max:

          I like Chrome Dome too – but the term is often used here to refer to a bald headed bloke. Cheers, KathyR.

        3. KathyR-Here, too.

  12. Team Z- love the leather items!
    Dear sweet family of mine- don’t you just love that key tag!
    Hi Ho Pimlico!

    1. Old Hilltop is in the line of fire for CC.

      1. ” THE Stall ” is ready!
        Now that Dusty Springfield song is stuck in my head.
        Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin’

        When is CC arriving?

        1. It is my understanding that CC is due to arrive at Pimlico early next week, subject to change.

  13. Dear Peggy.I saw a post from you asking about Goldikova,she gave birth to a filly on Feb 6th by Galileo.her 1st foal a colt is named Goldikovic.I think she delivered the filly at Coolmore.Hugs Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena:

      I think I saw a piece a while back indicating that Goldikova was to be “married” to Galileo: am I mis-remembering, or is that the case? If it is, certainly indicates they’re happy with the current mix (and why not!). Although it’s still a mystery as to why Galileo didn’t appeal to folk Downunder. Hugs, KathyR.

      PS: Great news about the eggs!

    2. Dear Sheena and KathyR

      Thank You both so much for the info on Goldi. I try to keep track of her. Feel a little connection to her as I saw her at Churchill win the 2010 Breeders Cup Mile. She is just magnificent. I bet on her to win and I feel a little guilty about betting on them because I love them so. But I just had so much confidense in her. Was she flying at the end or what??? I miss her.
      Did you all see that man running the fense (part of her connections) I saw it later on TV, that was just a wow.

      I heard she was a biter too, Wonder if that true. I heard it from somewhere. But just love these fiesty girls and boys. And, of course the gentle and sweet horses. I know we just love them all.

      1. I read somewhere that she’s OK–not warm and fuzzy, but OK–except when she is in her stall. She is very territorial about her stall. IIRC she’s also a protective mom.

        1. Dear Laura

          Yes, that is it. Something about her in her stall. You are right. Read where one of her connections said something about they didn’t like to get in the stall with her.

  14. Dear Kathy R. Yes, have never understood why Galileo has no appeal down under. I believe one of the Aussie sprinters arrived here this morning think the name is Zouster?he travelled very well and will run in the Diamond Jubilee the race BC won in 2012.Thanks for the news about Sea Moon.Hope all is well with Nelly.Hugs Sheena. Oh the eggs there’s always drama at the Dyfi!

    1. Here is Galileo brilliantly winning the 2001 Epsom Derby. He raced that year in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, but came up short like everyone else. Tiznow.

      1. Dear Max

        Thanks so much for the race. Was so nice to see Galileo today.

        I think there’s some more really nice Galileo horses coming our way too…………………………………

        1. Peggy. I love to watch Galileo run. That was a very good win. Reminds me of Nijinsky. Frankel looks exactly like Nijinsky, although he does not appear to share his feisty temperament. Nijinsky was seldom well behaved like Frankel, and often refused to do any work. He was also particular about his food. Read that when he went to a Ireland from Canada, he would not eat anything at Ballydoyle so that Vincent O’Brien ordered Canadian oats to be flown in. When they arrived, Nijinsky had suddenly switched to the Irish grown oats.

      2. Dear Max:

        Thank you. What a beautiful run by Galileo. Love and Hugs, JB

        Here’s Tiz Now’s BCC win. Wow, what finish by Tiz Now.

    2. Dear Sheena:

      Zoustar is a good horse – he’s by Northern Meteor, who we lost in a paddock accident last year, so is a valuable stud proposition, and has been sold to Widden Stud in the Hunter Valley for around $20 million. He’s making a flying visit to Ascot (literally) because he already has a full book of mares for his first season, and needs to be back home for the Aussie spring. Chris Waller, his trainer, sent him the long way to Lamborn, via Germany (Frankfurt) because it was the only way to get him across early, to acclimatise. But according to reports he travelled so well he actually put on some weight. Must have been going first class! I understand they do intend to shuttle him though, so a win at Ascot would help that prospect. Hugs, KathyR.

      1. Dear Kathy R:

        So glad to have you back and giving us the latest news on Aussie horses and racing. Love and Hugs, JB

  15. OH! The gift are so pretty.

    Thank you Team Z.

  16. Dear Judy, Max, Sheena, KathyR

    I am so looking forward to the Tattersall Sales of the future. I am hoping Leroi is represented by some nice offspring by the Euro mares. A man from Hallmarc said he is going to be there waiting.

    1. Dear Peggy:

      Bet there will be some gorgeous Leroi Chestnuts. Love and Hugs, JB

  17. Dear Zenyatta,

    I meant to tell you. I love the purse above. Love, Love the color.

  18. Dear Max.Have you heard Al Kazeem is back in training?he’s infertile!Noble Mission is running at Chester tomorrow,hoping for a win for Lady Cecil,all this rain is to his advantage.Free The Moose.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. Great news for racing fans about Al. He’s a good horse. Hope that he does well with his comeback. Heard about Mission. He’s moving up to 1.5 miles. Mission might just be a late bloomer. Yes, wins for Lady Cecil are to the good. She’s got a very tough job. Seems to know what she’s doing however.
      Free the Moose! Neigh x 9.

  19. Dear Judy.Monty is very good at keeping Glesni well fed while she broods and does his share of incubating too.A crow got one the eggs on the Loch of Lowes today,the male went to chase off an intruder and now Lady is annoyed with him!! Goodnight God bless you,LM PC HT Ruby Diamond Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs Sheena.X
    The egg

    1. Dear Sheena:

      Good for Monty. I guess Lady’s mate thought he was doing a good thing. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Ruby, Diamond and all the Sweeties

    1. Dear Sheena:

      This is really terrific stuff – love their comment about wiping egg off their faces! Glesni is a very attractive bird – will they raise two chicks, or only the strongest? A pair of Peregrine falcons nest in the bush near where I live, and I occasionally see them hunting while I’m walking the dog – very, very fast, but beautiful. Hugs, KathyR.

  20. Oh Boy–I ordered my key fob this morning!! I’m SO excited–I was needing a new one anyway and this one will be perfect!! Of course,they were already sold out,so mine will come in the second (or third!!) batch,but,I don’t care–it WILL come and I’ll be thrilled!! The bag is gorgeous too!!

    OK–for those who expressed interest–here is the famo0us “carrot” story!! I think that,if and when you read the whole thing,you will think it is remarkable. I have told it to a lot of horse people and none has ever heard of anything like it!!

    At the time this happened,about 25 years ago,I still had four horses,including the first Barnaby John,my buckskin draft horse,Mike,my OTB jumper, Regaro,called Lucky and the aforementioned TB Faded Rosebud,called Rosie,who was the grand-daughter of Ribot,and the great grand-daughter of Bold Ruler!! They were pastured together that summer in a canyon just east of Hailey,about 11 miles south of here. I had taken a friend out to see them with me and we had,of course,taken plenty of carrots to give them.The pasture they were in probably covered at least 5 acres and included a hilltop from which they had a commanding view of part of the town and a good part of the canyon in which they resided.

    With the four of them crowding around,each vieing for their fair share of the carrots,Rosie,being the highly tempermental and selfishlittle girl that she was,made a hasty grab for a small carrot,before I had a chance to break it in half,which I have always done for my horses,dashing away to keep one of the others from getting it. Shortly afterwards,I noticed her walking around stretching her neck out in a funny way and tossing her head. Shortly,I realized that she had aspirated the carrot!!

    I started to panic,trying to figure out how I was going to give CPR to a horse!!! As she continued to try to dislodge the carrot,instead of giving up and lying down to die,as I have been told that most horses would have,she got her dander up and had a full-on temper tantrum. First,she ran around,bucking and kicking,trying to shake it loose. When that did not work, (and you could almost see a light go on over her head,like they do in the comic strips,when someone gets a good idea) she took off at a full gallop and then threw herself on her side! When it still did not dislodge, she got up,took off at a gallop again and ,once again, threw herself on her side—at a full gallop. This finally worked and after she got up and shook herself off,she strolled back and wanted more carrots!!!! The friend who was with me said,”if I hadn’t seen that with my own eyes,I neverwould have believed it!! I could hardly believe it myself!! Her own bad temper saved her life!!

    She really DID have such a funny disposition–when she was irritated about some thing,she would stamp on of her feet,like a willfull little four year old girl in patent leather Mary Janes,saying “you’re not the boss of me!!! You coulldn’t help but smile at her antics. I used to visualize her,when the weather was bad and we would have lightning storms,stamping her feet and looking heavenward,telling the man upstairs to “stop this RIGHT now,do you HEAR??? She was her grandpa,through and through–she was little (only 14-3 and an eighth) and so fast and agile,you couldn’t believe it. And,could she kick!! She could kick four times in the time it took another horse to kick once! She a lovely bay,with a white snip and some white on a couple of her feet–just lovely,with the daintiest legs I’ve ever seen on a horse. I always said she looked like a Boehm (sp?) porcelain statue!!

    Well,it’s a long story,but a true one–it was quite exciting to “own” her–I really think she owned ME–it’s not every horse that can figure out a way to live life on HER terms,but,she surely did!! I think she would love to have lived at Lane’s End–I know that the kind of existence SHE felt she deserved!!

    So glad our Queen is going to get her year off and that we will still have the blessing of being connected to her and her babies!! Like others have said,I DO hope she will get to continue her friendship with her BFF,Life is Sweet!!

    1. What a marvelous story, Sue! Thank you!!!

      Hugs, Kathy.

    2. Amazing story, Sue, and told so well! I felt like I was right there :-).

    3. Sue,
      Wow, what an unbelievable story, she didn’t have a chair to press against so she figured out herself how to dislodge that carrot!! We had bought a thoroughbred mare for my daughter from a friend, who had no papers for her so we didn’t know her pedigree. She must have had some of these temperamental guys in there because she sure was nasty at times. She’d stand in her stall and come flying over the side with teeth bared and the meanest look on her face. We had to be so careful that no one went in the barn who didn’t know about her and was savaged!! I enjoyed your story because it had a happy ending. hugs

      1. Dear Sue Fredrick:

        They sure can show attitude sometimes, can’t they. Gotta love ’em. Love and Hugs, JB

    4. Dear Sue Noel:

      Wow, that’s amazing. Rosie knew just what to do to dislodge that carrot. The way you described her, she must have been quite a beauty. Love and Hugs, JB

  21. Sue. Great story of a great filly. She came by her temper naturally with Ribot in her pedigree. He was only supposed to stay for a short time in the US, but he developed such a bad temper that no insurance company would insure his travel. He would not tolerate the sight of any other stallions near his paddock and his farm had to move an entire herd of cows in the next property, so that he did not have to see them either. Love that horse. Reminds me of Hastings. Compared to those two, Big D was mellow.

    1. Wow, great story, Sue, thanks for sharing.
      Max, enjoyed yours, too.
      Funny about the cows. We just moved some horses and guess who is next pasture over, a herd of cows and a lazy bull.
      Ours stood at the fence line for days and stared, so cute.

      1. Dear Sue, Max and Ann:

        Loved both stories – whoever thinks animals are dull and boring hasn’t lived. They all have character in different ways. We have a local farmer who is upset with one of the politicians, so has threatened to organise a fight between his Angus bull and the politician. Have yet to hear if the pollie is prepared to accept the challenge. Cheers, KathyR.

    2. Robot sure sounds like he was an “in charge” horse :-). Hope the cows were able to adapt!

    3. Dear Max:

      Ribot and Hastings must have really been terrors to make Big D seem mellow. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. JudyB. They were. Hastings was called the “terror of the stud men.” They had to carry baseball bats to try to control him. When he was racing, he would bite other horses on the track. He still won the Belmont. Ribot not being able to be insured tells a tale. Very bad boys.

  22. Nice!! Will you ever have anymore of “The Queen’s Dance” poster? I want one so bad.

  23. btw…Anyone know how many hands California Chrome is?

  24. Dear Max:

    Thanks for posting the Derby win by Galileo – wonderful to watch. I particularly love the undulating nature of the course. Sheena mentioned Zoustar who has just arrived for an Ascot campaign: his trainer has been putting him over very hilly ground as preparation for the track there, which is smart, since our tracks are by and large very gentle in the undulation, and flat. Cheers, KathyR

  25. A very Happy Birthday to Zenyatta’s dad Jerry Moss.Have a fantastic day and thank you for this wonderful site.Love and hugs Sheena.

    1. Well said, and many thanks from Downunder!

    2. Ditto from me. Have a good day and a great year Jerry Moss!

  26. Happy Birthday, Jerry Moss. Your unshelfishness in sharing The Queen with all of us is such a gift to the fans. Thank you!

  27. Happy Birthday, Jerry Moss! Thank you for sharing wonderful Zenny with us, and her wonderful babies. Thank you, too, for all that great music!

  28. May 8 Cherokee Devotional

    There is something very good about suppertime. Suppertime is more than just a time to eat-it is warm with happy memories. A few sunny hours to run barefoot after school, a time of homecoming and hearing what everyone else did during the day. Suppertime means watching Grandmother make digalvnhi, Cherokee grape dumplings, and hearing her sing as she worked. A day, a time, an hour never stands on its own, but is bolstered by all those hours that have gone before. Nothing is ever lost-not even the simplest things-for time enhances what has been dear to us. We tend to look back and think something no longer exists. But it does, in all the lovely hours that wait for us-like suppertime-like singing in the kitchen and warm bread baking. This is not just memory, it is sharing life.

    We do not want riches, we want peace and love.
    Red Cloud

    1. Dear Kathy:

      This devotional made me think back to my own childhood and all the happy days my sister and I spent in our Grandma’s kitchen. She made some wonderful Italian meals and so many great treats on holidays. She would often let us “help”. Love and Hugs, JB

  29. Dear Kathy.I was transported back to suppertimes with my grandmother and the aroma of freshly-baked bread.A lot of children miss out on the simple things in life still stormy here and wet but quiet on the dyfi,keeping everything crossed for a 3rd egg!Did’nt Marty have a great time so many photos and more gifts!Think I will ask him to be my financial adviser.!Fubu bit the vet and his Momma got upset seeing his sore mouth,she feeds a lot of feral cats too.Going to be a video of him on the nippy!
    Zoe’s post about Auntie Mitzi was lovely.President Obama has been in Arkansas should have visited Joey and got some advice from him!!Have a great day.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

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