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     13Z, April 2012 / Photo by Tyler Matson

Happy Friday!

Today we are expanding our selection of exclusive photographic prints! Add Zenyatta family photos to your collection while supporting an important cause.

Proceeds from the Zenyatta Shop will fund the ongoing maintenance of as well as charities that benefit retired and rescued thoroughbreds.

The new prints can be ordered today, and they will begin shipping June 12th.

-Team Z

Photo by Tyler Matson

     Zenyatta & Cozmic One, April 2012 / Photo by Tyler Matson


  1. dear stacy a very happy birthday to you hugs sheena
    dear trina have run out of superlatives for your poems just wow!!!!!hugs sheena

    1. Thank you, Sheena! Hugz and love in Dumplinghood, Trina

  2. Is the shop eventually going to have sweatshirts,tshirts, mugs, jackets, etc? I hope so.

  3. sheena & Peggy, here is what is being said today Hugs, Keta
    Channel 4 Racing ‏ (UK not NY) tweet Thurs. June 6
    They’re running scared of Animal Kingdom in the Queen Anne Stakes.
    Farhh might be switched elsewhere, now Cityscape is out

    1. I read this too! LOL

      Looks like the battle cry and our World Cup winner spooked some connections. America always was the loudest and most jubilant corner. I like that here; it’s kind of like Europe and their soccer teams. When the teams go to a match, they come prepared. When we go to the races, we come prepared with our posters and our best spirits!

    2. That’s Our Boy. Go Animal Kingdom….Show em how its done…………….

      1. Yes! Yahoo! Show them Animal Kingdom!

  4. Clockers Corner ‏ tweet Thurs. June 6
    Game on Dude worked 5F in 100.2 with Garcia up
    @santaanitapark for Baffert Barn

  5. Tim Wilkin ‏tweet Rosie Update
    Napravnik won’t get to Belmont til Saturday. She’s riding at Churchill Downs.
    And, yes Saratoga fans. She will be riding at Spa this summer

    1. Hey Zsters,
      Wouldn’t it be great if she would ride Ebby…….what a combo that would make!

      1. Dear Sue Fredrick:

        That would be something. Rosie and Ebby. Hugs, JB

  6. Remembering D-Day, June 6, 1944. Many died that we may live in liberty.

    “June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and by day’s end on June 6, the Allies gained a foot- hold in Normandy. The D-Day cost was high –more than 9,000 Allied soldiers were killed or wounded — but more than 100,000 soldiers began the march across Europe to defeat Hitler.”

    1. My dad landed on Utah Beach that day. I always tried to get him to talk about it. He never did, although he was proud to show me his decorations. They were truly the greatest generation.

      1. Indeed they were Terry. May they never be forgotten!

        1. Amen!

      2. May they never be forgotten.

    2. A lot of our boys are buried on foreign soil in cemetaries all over Europe. We should constantly be reminded of their sacrifice to rid the world of that horrible man.

      1. Indeed! Many of them probably helped free my great grandfathers on both sides of my family from Aushwitz and a work camp (the name escapes me). They both survived but came back in horrible shape. One would talk about his time in the work camp but the one who survived Aushwitz never said a word about it. We never pushed the Aushwitz angle, and he died a few years later. We never knew what he had seen and heard, but I imagine it was too horrible to speak of, hence his silence on the topic. The downside of being a country everyone occupied and took over but we are a proud people. We fought tooth and nail to be free. I have heard whispers in my family that my great grandmothers ran underground resistance papers and helped smuggle food and clothing into the cities of Poland during the occupation. I have quite the interesting family. I am very plain in that regard, all I have done up to this point is graduate high school.

        1. Dear Trina,
          Thank you for posting this remembrance of D-Day. We must never forget those brave soldiers who landed at Normandy and turned the tide of WWII. We cannot hope to repay the debt owed, but we can honor them with gratitude, pride and vigilance.
          My father was in England, my uncle in Italy and my great-uncle was on a ship harbored at Pearl on Dec. 7th, 1941. They all made it back home; although, my uncle died young in 1946 (three years before I was born). My great-uncle was at the battle of Midway, also. He did not wait for his 30 years to retire — he put in for retirement at 27 years service because he felt very lucky to have survived those episodes. Uncle Jack was a solid rock!
          May we be always faithful. Hugs

        2. Bless you, Pati! And bless your wonderful family, too.
          Thank you for this bit of your history. You are doing them proud!
          Love and Hugs

      2. More and more of the brave men and women who served in WWII are leaving us on a daily basis. When they are all gone, a precious resource will be forever lost. If any of us have contact with such a person, seek them out and talk to them. Maybe they won’t talk about the war, but I am sure they would all like someone to talk to.

        1. Thank you, Terry, and thanks to your father, also. You have stated this very well indeed. We should take every opportunity to say “thank you” to these heroes and to talk to them whenever possible.
          Take care and Hugs

        2. Dear TC GP:

          Russ was of that great generation. Each Marine reunion there were less and less of them left. I think there are only two men left in his unit. God Bless all the soldiers, past and present. Hugs, JB

        3. Judy-You have often referred to Russ’ WWII service. Those guys were all heroes and deserve the utmost respect.

      3. Amen!

    3. Amen Trina. My grandmother had 3 sons and all 3 went to the war. They were all in the Pacific rather than Europe. Thanks be to God all 3 came home. It is too bad they did not know about PTSD then as I am sure at least 2 suffered greatly from it.

      If you all know any WWII vets, please encourage them to record their stories. Their wonderful deeds and everyday lives should not be lost. In later years none of them glorified war. They just saw it as something that had to be done and they did it.

    4. Trina
      Thank you for remembering
      We should never forget to honor those who fought & sacrificed so much
      Your Dad was like so many who served, but did not talk about the war.

      1. Thank you, Keta. Dad would have appreciated those sentiments. Like the folks Pati referred to, I always had the impression that he saw things that no living person should see.

  7. Kathy R, I’m hoping maybe you’ll check in today. Allies in WWII, allies forever!

    1. Yes, indeed, Trina.
      Kathy R., you are my , Miracles of Life line. Hope our feral filly is doing well and will be back soon. That was fun following her journey,thanks to you!

    2. Trina,

      I second that.

  8. dear keta that’s great news about AK maybe farrh will go for the prince of wales our lovely mare snow fairy is expected to run. beautiful pic of her swimming at trainer clive brittain in Newmarket (he’s a neighbour of ed Dunlop)hugs sheena

    1. Sheena. Still no word on Moosie’s Ascot plans. He says that he’s running. Hope so, especially out of the starting gate.

      1. Dear Max and Sheena:

        Too funny. With Moose you never know; he may be running back to the barn. Hugs, JB

        1. JudyB. All too true. Run Moose run, toward the finish line.

        2. Dear Max:

          Let’s hope so. Hugs, JB

  9. dear trina remembering all those brave young men who gave their lives this day in 1944 they truly were the greatest generation.our shared history we must never forget them RIP love and hugs sheena

    1. Dear Sheena,
      You are so right. As your Sir Winston said during those years, it was “…our finest hour”.
      We could have no finer allies, ever. Hugs

    2. Dear Sheena:

      Love and Hugs, JB

  10. Mr. Bossy Pants (7-Year-Old Gelding) Workout
    Date: June 6, 2013
    Distance: Five Furlongs
    Time: 1.01:60 Handily
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: All Weather Track
    Rank: 7/29

  11. dear max yes moosie’s plan is to”run”at ascot maybe with the queen there he may be on his best behaviour!! I went on the new beginnings website(where meg lives} she and harry visit the Yorkshire race tracks the horses have a forever home it was while at York she met moose but he was so shy!!!hugs sheena

  12. Dear Z, COZ and Little Red Prince:

    Sweet Dreams. Love Ya. Hugs, JB

  13. Dear Pati

    Just wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday. You know you just have to celebrate all the month. That’s what I say anyway…………………………

    1. Well thank you! Yep, we’ll have to celebrate for the next 30 days!

  14. A question for anyone that knows.

    I know Royal Ascot starts on Tuesday the l8th, but what day is the Queen Ann that Animal Kingdom will race in.

    1. Dear Peggy:

      Here’s an article from Bloodhorse with infor on the Queen Ann Stakes and AK. Love and Hugs, JB

  15. One more question, if anyone knows.

    When does Wise Dan race next. Have they decided. Didn’t they change it from the Stephen Foster.

    Have to keep track of our great Chestnuts.

    1. Dear Peggy:

      WD had a workout at Keenland today. Five Furlongs in one minute even, breezing; ranked 1/4. Here’s an article from The Paulick Report on his next start. Love and Hugs, JB

  16. Zenyatta and all, I just returned this evening from a normal evening with a volunteer cleanup time of all areas of the barn at the horse sanctuary for two hours and a horse sanctuary meeting for two hours to a sudden eventful time back at the barn. We had gotten a call while our meeting was going on from a volunteer that could not make the meeting but had driven by.

    It appeared that one section of our wired fence was down which was put up to give Sir much more pasture within the large lower pasture. Four of us volunteers stopped to check things out to find that Frito, our more frail horse, got inside Sirs pasture. Sir was chasing Frito around, Sir’s head held up high. (Could not help notice the beauty of it) At least Sir did not come at him aggressively to bite. We needed to get them separated. Sir finally came running into his other pasture we call the goat pasture and we had to act quickly and close a gate! We did that, we got Frito back into his area and repaired the fence. It looks like Frito came against the fencing to graze and dislodged a connector on the T-post so the lower wire fell to the ground. We do not use electric fencing. Outside of getting my good shoes all muddy, all turned out well. hah

    On a disappointing note, we are financially in the hole over $2700. Cedar Valley-Cedar Community makes up the difference. A spokesperson, a go between, indicated our vet bills have been enormous and our special meds, special needs, are too great. So the indication is when a older horse has his/her death, she indicates unless we as volunteers can come up with a pool of enough money to support taking on another older horse, we can not get one.
    Then there is Sir. A few at the meeting say he is our greatest liability to those who may stop by to visit at the fences, (we set up his pasture so that he can not get to an outside fence!) Oh, but some one could hop over the fence they say. They say he is un happy. ( I think since the chiropractor he appears much more content.) They appointed a small board to determine what they will do with Sir. I am sick about this, he still is the gentle giant to me; I do love Sir. Perhaps I do not see clearly

    Goodnight all, hugs, Sally B
    Goodnight & sweet dreams Zenyatta, Coz and 13z with many kisses,
    Auntie Sally B

    1. Dear Sally,

      I wish only the best for Sir and you and all the volunteers. I have the greatest respect and admiration for all you do. You and Sir will be in my prayers.

    2. Prayers for you and Sir, Sally. Hugz.

    3. Dear Sally B.:

      Sorry your equine sanctuary is having financial problems. Such a difficult time for rescues and so many others.

      I wish the news on Sir was better. Glad that he did not attack Frito. Will keep you all in my prayers. Love and Hugs, JB

      1. Judy B, I have been taxing my brain as to “who is wealthy enough and loves horses to sponsor the cost of a horse’s care yearly”. Hmmmmm, I thought about Toby Keith, I met him at the Ocala sales this year! Unfortunately he did not give me his address! hah I wish the best for all rescues because so many are hurting financially, people are hurting financially. Our country has a mess on its hands.

        Give Charlie a big kiss from me
        hugs, Sally B

        1. Toby Keith knows firsthand how unexpected happenings can have a devastating affect. His family. I believe, is from Moore, Oklahoma.

        2. Dear Sally B:

          It’s an average of about $15.00 per day to feed, shoe and give minimal vet care per horse (deworming, etc.) Angela has told me. So, yes, it takes a good amount of money to run a rescue. So many are feeling the pinch right now because so many horses are in need. People have not been able to keep them and the rescues are struggling to help.

          Angela’s monthly boarding fee is very reasonable and she takes wonderful care of her charges. She has 37 boarders and she owns TBs Charlie, Gigi, Hudson, a paint, Dakota (her young daughter’s horse) and she just acquired a 15 hand paint for her young son. If some of her clients run into problems paying board, she agrees to let them help out at the farm until they get on their feet. She has rescued horses on her own before and has found them homes. She’s quite a lady.

          Will give Charlie a kiss for you. Love and Hugs to you, Sir, Frito and all the horses, JB

  17. National Donut Day Friday June 7th.
    Come celebrate with us (Dunkin Donuts) on National Donut Day!
    Enjoy a FREE donut with any beverage purchase on Friday, June 7th.
    Make sure you come by Dunkin’ tomorrow to grab your special treat.

    1. Some of you experts help me out. What is the difference between a claiming race and an Allowance Optional Claiming? One of the horses I really liked at the track Sat. was entered in an allowance optional claiming race and I was hoping that meant he wouldn’t be claimed.

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        If you enter your horse in an Allowance Optional Claiming Race you have the option to put him/her up for a Claiming Price.

        Here is an example of one of these races where one horse (Driven By Solar) has a Claiming Amount listed and the others do not. Only one owner opted to take the chance of having his horse claimed for $25,000.00. This was a race from yesterday at Belmont. Hope this helps. Hugs, JB

        Belmont Park – Thursday, June 6, 2013
        Race 7 – 4:13 PM Exacta, Trifecta, Super (.10), Pick 3 Races (7-9), Daily Double Wagers
        Purse $59,000. For Three Year Olds And Upward Foaled In New York State And Approved By The New York State-Bred Registry Which Have Never Won Two Races Other Than Maiden, Claiming, Or Starter Or Which Have Never Won Three Races Or Optional Claiming Price Of $25,000. Three Year Olds, 119 Lbs.; Older, 124 Lbs. Non-winners Of $35,000 Since April 6, 2013 Allowed 2 Lbs. Claiming Price $25,000 (Races where entered for $20,000 or less not considered in allowances). Six Furlongs.
        P# PP Horse Virtual
        Stable A/S Med Claim $ Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L
        1 1 Isn’tlovejustgrand (NY) 5/H L $0 R Maragh 122 J Aquilino 12/1
        2 2 Driven by Solar (NY) 7/H L $25,000 L Saez 122 J Ness 5/2
        3 3 Tancredi (NY) 4/G L $0 I Ortiz, Jr. 122 R Barbara 8/1
        4 4 Won Great Classic (NY) 7/G L $0 C H Velasquez 122 L Rice 6/1
        SCR Marsh Dawg (NY) ————————————-Scratched————————————-
        6 6 Jeter (NY) 4/G L $0 J Rosario 122 K J Breen 7/5

        1. Thank you so much Judy. My horse Lea was not up for a claim. I feel so much better about him as he was an absolute beauty and ran away with the race. Nice to know he will stay with Claiborne and Ms. Dilschneider.

        2. Good explanation, Judy. Sometimes the conditions of the race determine whether or not the horse is entered for the claiming price. This appears to be true in this instance. If a horse does not meet the basic conditions of the race, the horse can be entered for $25,000 claiming price.

        3. Dear TC GP:

          Thank you for further explaining the Optional Claiming. I don’t have as thorough an understanding of the rules and regs as you do. I didn’t know meeting the conditions of the raced played a part in the claiming option. Hugs, JB

        4. Dear Shirlee:

          You’re so welcome. See TC GP’s post further explaining the Claiming Option. Hugs, JB

  18. We lost two very talented ladies these last few days — RIP Jean Stapleton and Esther Williams. Thanks for years of great entertainment!

    Goodnight and sweet dreams to Zenyatta, 13Z, Coz, Team Z, Lane’s End, and all Z’sters!

    1. Yes we did,Marshall and thank you for remembering these two wonderful ladies.
      RIP ladies.

    2. Esther Williams was a very talented swimmer and would have been a participant in the 1940 Olympics. Unfortunately for her, the games were cancelled due to WWII.

    3. As a kid, there were certain programs the whole family watched together on our teensy black and white TV. Any time Esther was on, we watched. She was an icon. Jean Stapleton was a riot and played off Carroll O’Connor so very well. Her real life persona was 180 out from her on-screen persona. She was a sharp cookie.

      dia-feeling-really-old-stu in tempe

      1. Dear Diana:

        I was fan of both Ester Williams and Jean Stapleton. JS was just wonderful in her role of Edith on Archie Bunker. Loved that show and you are so right, she was the total opposite of the character of Edith. Great actress. Hugs, JB

  19. RIP the lovely esther Williams same name as my grandmother! hugs sheena
    dear sally B thinking of sir every life is precious . we are having the same problems in the UK so many horses needing sanctuary huge vet’s’s a very sad situation and says much of us as human beings as to how we treat our fellow creatures keeping you both in my prayers hugs sheena

      1. Just love Hovis, Max! I don’t like dentists either. If I were a horse, I’d leave a poo too! hah
        Thanks again Max
        hugs, Sally B

      2. Max, thanks so much for the Clovis diary. He never fails to make me laugh. Wish I could leave a poo for my dentist at times.

        1. Correction Hovis. Got happy fingers again.

      3. Hovis, I feel for you buddy.
        Happy racing weekend!

      4. Thanks, Max! I love Hovis’s way with words:
        “Thought for the week: stress is like a turn onthe forehand. It takes a lot of energy, but doesn’t get you anywhere in the end.”

      5. dear hovis…sorry for all your troubles…next week will have to be better

      6. First time I have read Hovis’ diary. Very entertaining.

      7. Dear Max:

        Just love Hovis and his Diary. Thank you so much for posting. Love the line about him not trusting “old Tom because he’s a Thoroughbred” and the visual of the mice in a Conga line. Too funny. Hugs, JB

      8. Thanks for the Hovis diary, Max! This is hilarious! What a great way to end the week — with peals of laughter!!

    1. Thanks Sheena, I wish for your horse rescue preoblems as ours to go away.

      hugz, Sally B

  20. dear max poor hovis out 24hours a day without even a DUVET!! and then the dentist!! poor baby happy Friday to you too hugs sheena

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