Zenyatta by Jaime Corum

Zenyatta by Jaime Corum, Collector's Edition.

Zenyatta, Deluxe Collector’s Edition.

Zenyatta by Jaime Corum is available today at the Zenyatta Shop. This limited edition print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist. View all details here.

It is also available in collector’s editions, signed by Zenyatta’s owners, Jerry and Ann Moss, as well as Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith.

Shop our new Collector’s section for signed and limited edition pieces.

Team Z


  1. I’ve run out of room for all my Zenyatta pictures! Need to get a frame for the poster of Coz I got at Santa Anita on April 17th but not sure if I have wall space for it…! Maybe I’ll have to start a new Zenyatta family gallery elsewhere in the house… hmmmm.

    1. LOL amen to that!

  2. Beautiful portrait of a Queen.Love and hugs Sheena.

  3. The most gorgeous girl ever. Love you always, Zenny.

    1. Dear Barbara Woods.

      You wouldn’t get an argument from me as I totally agree with you.
      Thanks. Here’s wishing you a Happy Derby weekend. It is well a

  4. Zenny – You will always be our favorite – Absolutely STUNNING and TOO CUTE at the same time! We love you – sending Hugs and Blessings to you and your Team, George, Linda and Milyone

  5. A regal portrait fit for The Queen! Love you, Zenny!

    1. Dear Debbie E,

      Regal, now that’s the word I was looking for. Thanks. Have a fun Derby weekend. It is always well at Z Nation. Have a restful night.

  6. What a beautiful portrait! Well done Jaime Corum!

    1. Dear Kathy,

      Ditto that. Happy Derby weekend.

      1. Dear Maureen,

        Happy Derby weekend!

        Hugs, Kathy

  7. What a glorious portrait. Absolutely exquisite!! Bet it will sell out in a hurry!! Of course, they have been nice enough to keep the others available,so maybe they’ll reprint.

    Can hardly wait until Saturday–just want them ALL to come home safely,no matter what!! Am so happy that Gary Stevens will be riding–just love his bravery at having so many obstacles thrown at him over the years and he keeps riding on! What a hero!!! Think he will go down in history as one of the greatest riders EVER!!!! Just LOVE him!! Hope he gets a really great trip!

    Zenny girl,hope you have seen your new portrait–I’ll bet you love it! Maybe Coz and Zi each need one for their stalls!!

  8. This portrait captures all the special qualities of The Queen of the Sport of Kings.

  9. ♥ I have this gorgeous signed print.

    I need to open a museum LOL I started with John Henry collectables. When he crossed Rainbow Bridge he sent me a Queen. Her name is Zenyatta.

    I started collecting everything possible of Zenny!!! Now she has babies. I am in B-I-G TROUBLE. I have two photos of Z Princess. Two prints of CoZ, and one signed photo of him. I have to double check because I don’t remember if I’ve already purchased Ziconic pics! That’s pretty funny LOL

    ♥ love you ALL, Auntie Judy XO

    p.s. Happy Kentucky Derby weekend ‘ya all!

    1. p.s. Duh! I forgot I took pictures of Ziconic myself when I got to visit Zen and her then 2 year colt (unnamed Ziconic) back in June, 2013!!!! Those are priceless photos because he’s looking at me and posing! Auntie Judy :-)

  10. gorgeous girl I’ll love you forever!

  11. Perfection! Nothing else to say.

    Annie B in MA

  12. Beautiful portrait Jaime Corum, you have captured the essence of our Queen.

    1. Dear Diane,

      You have spoken only the truth. It is amazing how she was able to capture the Queen’s essence, not an easy feat, excellent job Jaime Corum.

      Happy Derby weekend, hope your pick wins, but at the end of the day, we pray that all riders and Horses have a safe ride win or lose.

      It is well always at Z Nation where the Queen resides and love abound.
      Good night.

  13. Magnificent !!!!!

    1. Dear Denise in St Louis,

      Ditto that, Perfect Brush strokes. Simply flawlessly Magnificent.!!!

  14. Despite ground that he didn’t really like Un De Sceaux ran out a convincing winner of the Ryanair today at Punchestown.Sadly the Fly couldn’t cope with 3 miles and Jezki won.Faugheen the Machine tomorrow and Miss Annie is back on Saturday!No last flight trip ups this time hopefully.Sheena.

    1. The Fly handled the ground. He had a few bad jumps and lost by only 1 and 3/4 lengths. Jezki also had his brother as a pacemaker. Next time on the heavy ground, it might be very different.
      You omitted the best win of the day. Uncle Junior wins for Willie Mullins. The horse is 14. Compared to UJ, Wise Dan is a baby.

      1. Dear Max:

        Welcome back. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. JudyB. Saw those photos of Frank. It must be wonderful to be a handsome emu living in a barn with horses and with admiring women bringing you treats all of the time. Emu heaven.

  15. Love your ears Zenny xxxx

  16. I have my fully signed and beautifully framed print strategically placed at home. I see Zenyatta every day as soon as I walk in my front door!

    1. Dear Especially Horses/ So Cal,

      As it should be, she once lived in your neck of the woods at Hollywood Park. At one point if am not mistaking, her picture adorned the streets flag posts.Were you able to visit her at Hollywood Park???. Sometimes, I try to imagine what she’s thinking when she reads about her Z Nation.

      It is well. Has first Prince shipped??. I love that kid.
      Have an awesome weekend. It is always well at Z Nation where our Queen resides and reigns supreme. Goodnight to all.

  17. I bought this print of Zenyatta and one of The Queen with Secretariat when they were available for sale from Santa Anita a few years ago. I had them both custom framed. Their purchase was well worth the money. You can look at that regal, beautiful face and those impressive ears whenever that you want and feel very good. Zenyatta has a positive effect on everything.

    1. Max, I too have the print of our Queen and Secretariat but also Zenyatta dancing. I also have a print of Zenyatta with Ann and Zenyatta running in winter for the first time at Lane’s End. All are priceless aren’t they!
      hugs, Sally B

      1. Dear Sally and Max:

        I have the print of “The Queen’s Dance” too; also by JC. She did a lovely likeness of Z’s face in this one. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Dear Max,

      Praise the Lord, you are back, got everyone worried. Glad to know you are well and it must be heart warming for you to know you are well loved. Yes, the Queen sure does have a positive effect on everything and that’s why its always well at Z Nation where love abounds.
      Have an awesomely Blessed Derby weekend and may horse’s and rider’s come home safe. Much love and good night.

    3. Max,
      Good to see you back. We were all worried about you.

      1. No worries. Sometimes the wild things come for a visit, and they need attention.

    4. When I took the prints to the framer, the guy knew Secretariat right away, but he had not heard about Zenyatta. He remarked however that, from the prints, he could see that she is a gorgeous horse. We had a nice conversation about her. You can make a lot of friends by talking about Zenyatta.
      BTW I had planned to purchase the least expensive print as a keepsake, but that quickly went out the window when I talked to the lady at Santa Anita. In no time at all, I had laid my money down for the signed ones. I am very happy that I did. I look at these prints each day, and I am happy.

  18. Hi All Zysters,
    Just checking in before the Derby to see who everyone is picking. There are so many good runners this year and can’t really make up my mind. I certainly wish all horses and jockeys a safe trip for this the first of our Triple Crown series…….best racing bar none!

    One of my favorites Honor Code is running Friday in the AlySheba stakes at Churchill in race 8, will be screaming him home….and our Judy B’s namesake Judy the Beauty will be running on Saturday at Churchill in the Humana Distaff so I’ll be screaming for her too. Hope I’m not hoarse by the Derby.

    Been reading and getting caught up with everyone’s news always so much to read on Zennys blog, horsey stuff and personal stuff.

    Good luck to all you bettors it could be anyone that wins it, maybe we’ll have a TC contender again this year.

    Love you Zenny, Zi, CoZ, angel Princess and my boy Indy. Hugs to all

    1. Dear Sue Fredrick Happy as a lark,

      With all the screaming you’d be doing, I’ll be praying that you don’t lose your voice. Maybe you should start now oiling your vocals by drinking green tea with lemon and Honey!.

      Have fun, It is always well at Z Nation where the Queen resides and love abounds.

      A restful night is wished you and a Blessed Derby weekend.

    2. I like Honor Code too. I have to admit my pick was Palace Malice until he was scratched. Safe trip to Honor Code and all the rest.

    3. Dear Sweet Sue:

      So tough to make a choice in this Derby. Hope we have a TC this year too. Godspeed Honor Code, JTB and all our beloved horses; safe and sound. Love and Hugs, JB

  19. Beautiful portrait Jaime,beautuiful girl! You captured her so well,those soulful eyes and those ears are perfection. Love you Zenny!

  20. The prints of Zenny are just beautiful!

    Just like everyone else, I am so looking forward to the Kentucky Derby. There are many good horses this year. I think I am going with Dortmund for the KD winner.

    Take care.

    Love you Zenny.



  21. SHE IS OUR QUEEN. Congratulations to your John with Smart Transition today!

    1. Dear Sue Fredrick Happy as a lark,

      With all the screaming you’d be doing, I’ll be praying that you don’t lose your voice. Maybe you should start now oiling your vocals by drinking green tea with lemon and Honey!.

      Have fun, It is always well at Z Nation where the Queen resides and love abounds.

      A restful night is wished you and a Blessed Derby weekend.

      1. Dear Maureen,
        Ha, ha, I’m afraid I’ll be oiling my vocals with something a little stronger than tea although I do love it……maybe one mint Julep!! hugs

    2. Ditto that.

  22. Dear Max.Welcome back!!They do not usually get such good ground in Ireland as you say it will be different for the Fly next time.Sheena

    1. I’m very impressed by Uncle Junior. He’s something of a mystery as a horse. Unlike The Fly, he keeps a low profile. He’s known only to be grumpy and very keen to run. Willie’s son rides him. He does cross country too. His birthday is June 20, when he turns 14, although he’s officially 14 now. Congrats Junior. Keep going as long as you are healthy.

      Moosie has congratulated AP on his retirement. He tweeted that they both retired at the top of their games. Ha! The Moose continues to be the Moose.

      1. Cute, Moosie, cute!

        1. Dear Ann, Max and Sheena:

          Our Moosie is a classy guy. Love and Hugs, JB

  23. Dear Judy.Nissy’s doing quite well again today.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Cap Hercules Frank and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Ditto that.

    2. Dear Sheena:

      So glad to know Nissy is doing better. Will keep praying hard for him. Love and Hugs, JB

  24. You are a magnificent Queen, Zenyatta!! I’d buy every single picture available of you if I had the wall space and the money! I do have a couple especially with you dancing Z ! Do you have any DVD’s full of pictures of you?
    Goodnight, love you with kisses and your young
    loving memories of zprincess and dear Sir
    Auntie Sally B

  25. Dear Team Z,
    Thank you so much for offering these portraits to us! They are gorgeous, but then with Zenyatta as the subject and Jaime Corum the artist, how could they be anything other than exquisite!

  26. Oh,Hovis needs to be adopted immediately from his evil mother!!!Can we all club together because megastars such as Hovis cost a lot of money!!!He’ll go anyway in the world!Safe trips to all horses and jockeys both sides of the pond this weekend!Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      Thank you for this important update! I’m sure there will be many people interested in adopting Hovis. Maybe Zoe’s mom would like a Therapy Horse! Safe trips for all the horses and jockeys. Happy Derby weekend, everyone! Hugs, Kathy

    2. Dear Sheena:

      Thanks for our Hovis Diary today. He always makes us smile. Love and Hugs, JB

  27. Dear Max.I always thought Uncle Junior had retired remember him winning the Glenfarclas at Cheltenham twice I think.One wouldn’t expect less from a superstar such as the Moose!!!!Faugheen today.Sheena.

    1. I read that Uncle Junior is ridden daily at Closutton by Willie Mullins’ wife. They think that this training keeps the horse going at 14. He might prefer lady jockeys like the Moose does. His win in the La Touche yesterday was just thrilling. That is a very prestigious race. He really nailed it at the end. Mullins says that Junior usually takes 3 miles to get warmed up. He’s also a bad boy. Stay tuned on this one.
      Faugheen has made it 10 for 10. Tomorrow is his birthday. Waiting to hear about Annie.

  28. May 1 Cherokee Devotional

    Hi’ Ski

    Ana sku’tee

    The Long Hair [Custer} came,
    …They say we massacred him, but he would have done the same thing to us had we not defended ourselves and fought to the last. Our first impulse was to escape with our squaws and papooses, but we were so hemmed in that we had to fight.
    Crazy Horse
    Sioux Military Genius

    May 1

    Fear of obstacles makes us u d nu lv hi, lazy or indolent as the Cherokee calls it. Shy in nature and reticent in manner, most Indians avoid appearing forward. It is easier to put things off than it is to take the bit.
    One of the greatest discoveries is to start out in faith. Start-and boldness and energy will come in. Start out-and wisdom will flow, spotty at first but it will come. If people who are afraid they are not capable will just start out to do a thing, it, or something even better, happens.

    We are nothing compared to His power, and we feel and know it.
    Black Hawk

  29. Dear Zenny,
    I know I am getting ahead of myself but just think. The Red Prince just might be all the talk of the Derby field this time next year! Whether he is or not, we love him. You sure have beautiful babies.

  30. Judging from the works and what is on Stonestreet facebook, it might be almost time for Taco (Jess’s Dream) to start. Hope he does well. He is a month or so older than Cos and I think at 3 that makes a big difference. Now that both are at Belmont perhaps they can be pals.

    1. Dear Shirlee:

      That would be neat. Will be rooting for Jess. Love and Hugs, JB

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