Z’s Diary

Here WE are! All of today's photos...Courtesy of Mathea Kelley and Team Zenyatta

Diary Post #457

Dear Beloved Friends, Wouldn’t you know those EARS anywhere? I love looking at THEM and every single part of MY… Continue Reading

He's resting! Isn't he TOO CUTE! Photo by Matt Martinez

Diary Post #456

Happy Monday to All! It has truly been a very eventful few days. My foal and I are adjusting beautifully… Continue Reading

Diary Post #455

Diary Post #455

Happy Friday, Everyone! It is amazing how things in one’s life can change so much in just several hours. Here… Continue Reading

Diary Post #454

Diary Post #454

Dear, dear, dear friends, I am so proud and elated to share the news with you that I am now… Continue Reading

Here's some of my LANE'S END TEAM! Photo by Ann Moss.

Diary Post #453

Good Morning, Well….what can I say! It has been another fabulous evening…and I’m still very relaxed, in foal, and happy…. Continue Reading

NO BABY YET! Photo by John Shirreffs

Diary Post #452

Happy Wednesday Dear Friends, I have heard that everyone all over the country is PACING, PACING, PACING waiting to hear… Continue Reading

Company is here! Photo by Jerry Moss

Diary Post #451

Good Morning, Look who arrived to share all of my ‘new experiences’ with ME during the next several days….MY OWNERS!… Continue Reading

IT'S ME....this morning out in the snow! Photo by Sarah Campion

Diary Post #450

Hello from LANE’S END! Happy Monday everyone! It was a very pleasant and normal weekend here at the farm. My… Continue Reading

HELLO ZENNIE!  It's your pals from BARN 55! Photos by Michelle Jensen and John Shirreffs

Diary Post #449

Happy Friday! The weather in Lexington has been quite ‘active’ lately and we’ve had several storm warnings. This part of… Continue Reading

BABIES, BABIES everywhere. Photo by John Shirreffs

Diary Post #448

Good Morning, I guess BABIES are a very popular topic everywhere these days. At home, in California, MY JOHN and… Continue Reading