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Clubhouse Tote


  1. Dear Kathy.Hope it’s still cooling down with you and the smoke will clear,there are dreadful floods in the Balkans 20 have died,the worst for a century.It’s another lovely day here,Blue 24 was causing disruption on the Dyfi again,seems she’s alternating between them and Glaslyn.Another intruder there this lunchtime chased off by both birds.Marty’s had a busy night loved his tee-bee dinner!now it seems he owns the Australian Cricket team he’ll have to stuff them with yogis and corms maybe England can retain the Ashes!!!
    Fubu’s mouth looks very sore,he was having a job finding his nippy!Did you see the mini-horse Lily on Zoe’s FB?I loved her little tribute to the forces and she supports CC dressed in his colours to watch!Have a wonderful Sabbath.Hugs to you,Kisses for Holly,Nikko and Sugar.Sheena.

    1. Dear Sheena,

      The temperatures are much cooler now. A welcome relief! Sorry to hear of the floods in the Balkans and the loss of life. We certainly are at the mercy of Mother Nature! That darned Blue 24! She needs to stay in Glaslyn. Marty is so cute. He’s running the cricket team but has yet to see any crickets! Cute rat-sized tee bee dinner. He’s SO entertaining. Poor Fubu. I worry about him a lot. Yes, I saw Lily on Zoe’s page. Adorable! Her Armed Forces tribute was wonderful, also loved the pic of her watching the Preakness. 2 down, 1 to go. Maybe CC will be a Triple Crown winner!!! There is a nice pic of Ray in the lilac bushes. He is so endearing. Good Sabbath. Hugs from me, kisses from Holly, Nikko and Sugar. Kathy.

  2. Huge Congratulations to California Chrome. Wonderful Race

    Wise Dan “Power Up” I’m off to Church Dan, Many prayers sent your way.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Trina!
    What a day.
    Congrats to, California Chrome, what a beautiful race! Congrats to Team CC…so deserving!
    Happy too for, Matz, Edgar on his winning ride, Class Leader and watching those up and coming young riders chasing the greats….so exciting, thrilling! Bens Cat and KL, wow!
    Chromie, yes, you needed more interview time, but your barn area was gorgeous with the flowers and interview bench.
    Wise Dan, get well you, firecracker, hedge trimming, pinball wizard you.
    Gosh, have never prayed so hard, Danny for you!
    Love to all….safe and sound racing prayers, as we go to NY.

  4. Calif Chrome!!! Yippee, way to go!! I missed it on TV, but found out shortly after toasting to the bride and groom, my son Ryan and Gianina. Sue F. was at the next table and said “Sally, Calif Crome won!!” We both razed both arms and cheered.

    I came here as I knew one of the Zsters would give me a link to watch the race this morning. I like the way Espinoza was able to settle him into third just waiting to strike for the lead. Ride on Curlin really came charging up but I was ecstatic that CC won. I truly feel CC deserves the Triple Crown. There is something very special about this horse!!
    Happy Days are here again! Sally B

    1. Dear Sally,

      Congratulations on your son’s and daughter-in-law’s wedding. How special for them that their wedding day was the day California Chrome won the Preakness. My wedding day was May 19, 1973, the day Secretariat won the Preakness, made even more special when we won the Belmont Stakes 3 weeks later, becoming a Triple Crown winner. Fingers crossed that California Chrome will break our Triple Crown drought! You’re right…there’s something very special about CC. Go California Chrome!!!

      Hugs, Kathy

  5. Dear Trina.Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and delightful poem!Hope you had a wonderful day.Love and hugs Sheena.

    1. Thank you, Sheena! And yes, I did have a wonderful day. The pleasure continues still today as I am catching up with reading everyone’s lovely birthday greetings. Thank you, everyone! Love and hugZ, Trina

  6. Dear Elizabeth.Thank you for your birthday greetings.I’m glad you enjoy my news from the UK and we all love Hovis,don’t we!Love and hugs Sheena.

  7. Happy Birthday Sheena!!!

    I am happy to know things were caught very early for our beautiful Wise Dan.

    Judy Berube my dear friend, The entire wedding day from the ceremony to dinner and reception could not have been more perfect! Thank you for the wishes and for sending me an email of the race!!!
    love n hugs, Sally B

    1. Dear Sally B:

      You’re so welcome. So glad the wedding day was perfect. Love and Hugs, JB

  8. Everybody needs to call the New York Racing Commission, keep their phone lines tied up, reason: they are talking about not letting California Chrome run in the Belmont due to a breathe strip that he wears across his nose. The New York Racing Commission lets harness horses wear them but will not let race horses wear them. The DAP is stating that if they decide to exclude because of a little piece of plastic on his nose, that they will take him back to California, and run him in a derby there. History is slipping away because of a breathe right strip. Please everybody do anything you can think of to stop this from happening.

  9. Dear Sally B.Thank you for your birthday wishes.So glad the day went so well for your son and the family plus CC winning.A day to remember.Hugs Sheena.

  10. Bluegrass Girl, Thanks for the comprehensive video. It had the elements of a good story, a well defined beginning, middle and end. Perfect!
    Chrome is the peoples’ horse and as in the Seabiscuit story, times are tough today and the people need a hero. The beauty of this story is that as CC approaches his date with destiny he is backed by a triangle of success; his hard working owners, a trainer with many years of experience and common sense and a jockey who knows his horse so well that at the end of this race, it looked like their hearts beat as one.
    Although 12 others before him did not win the Triple Crown, California Chrome has proved to be an anamoly and will carry the hopes and prayers of many with him.

  11. OMG, everything is right with the world again. Congratulations to CC, Owners, Trainer and all his groupies. He is the REAL DEAL!! I do have to send Congrats to his sire and dam, RIP dear Pulpit and my favorite boy Indy. This is a Great horse, with Great owners, and a Great trainer and most of all he’s GREAT for horseracing!!

    Sally’s sons wedding went well, we had a really nice time at the reception and when my hubby said “do you want to know who won?’ I just had to know, even though I was taping it. I yelped and then told Sally and we woohooed across the room.

    My Danny boy is doing great, soooo happy about that, hope he’s out of the woods.

    Dear Trina, hope you got my personal birthday wish but I’ll add one here, hope you had the best one ever, it sure was memorable with the CC win. love and hugs

    Love and kisses to Mama Z, Lily, Ziconic, Coz and my proud GGPA Indy

  12. Dear Zenyatta, Know my love for you spills over to Wise Dan. So hope you don’t mind me using a little of your space Because I believe its so important.
    Dan, I so know Jesus needs us and I think we sometimes forget this. I was reminded in church this morning that Jesus needs us, And in return we so need his blessing. Its a Partnership. Dan I am so praying for a blessing for you to get your great health back. I don’t want to slack up on this because life can at times be so serious.

    Even if i’m not posting here at times. Dan I’m praying for a miracle for you. Know that.
    Not only you Wise Dan, but all horses to have good health and to be blessed in this life and taken good care of.
    Love Ya Dan …………………..I’m looking for a miracles

    1. Peggy. Count me in. Miracle for Danny. Power Up Danny.

      1. Dear Peggy, Max, Sue and Z Fans:

        Me too. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Prayers, prayers and more prayers.
      Luv ya, Peggy!
      Come on, Danny!

      1. Dear Ann:

        Ditto. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. Dear Ann,
        Ditto from me, too, both for this post and for your previous post today at 7:13 AM.
        Cheers, Hugs, Woofs and Love

    3. Dear Peggy,

      I’m with you too. Been praying for Dan and he’s doing really good so far.
      Power Up Wise Dan!

      1. Oh my gosh, yes just loved seeing the picture of Dan Grazing. .
        We don’t want any fevers, no infection, no huff problems.
        Power Up Danny

    4. Peggy, Praying is a necessity for Dan. I thought I read he was recovering nicely, but one never knows about this stuff. Has anything turned for the worse that I do not know about?
      hugs, Sally B

      1. Sally nothing has turned for the worse. Just think its so important that we pray real hard for him. The first days and weeks are crucial for healing also with humans. Need God’s help.

  13. Sheena. Cannot believe it. Thousand Stars won the Prix la Barka. This horse is amazing. Some thought that he was done at 10 years old, but he’s back with a vengeance. He’s owned by the same working guys who own Quevega, the Hammer and Trowel Syndicate.
    Free the Moose and Power up Danny.

    Claire Novak The Blood-Horse tweet with PHOTO
    Amy LoPresti sent along pictures of Wise Dan & Charlie. 2x HOY recovering from colic surgery, grazed 20 mins this am

    1. BGG. Thank you very much. Wow! Look at that grand ole chestnut in the sun! That Danny must be a miracle horse. Power Up Danny.

    2. Dear BGG:

      Thank you for this very encouraging photo of Danny and Mr. L. Praying for you Danny Boy. Power UP! Love and Hugs, JB

    3. BGG, Thanks for the post and photo of Dan. He sure does look good. Hope he continues to do well.

    4. Thank You so much Blue Grass Girl.

    5. Thanks, BGG.

    6. Thanks for the info!! I hate the word colic with our beautiful horses!!
      Sally B

      1. Doesn’t he look terrific! So pleased to see that photo – keep it up Dan. And thanks for the post Bluegrass Girl. Hugs KathyR.

  15. Dear Max.I’ve been searching for news of Thousand Stars.Thanks so much, have always liked him.No luck for Long Run and Shorty,I cannot understand why Nicky sent him over to France he’s had a long season.Sam said it was like watching your love getting into bed with a rival!!!Leading Light is now ante-post favourite for the Ascot Gold Cup.Free the Moose!PU Dan.Sheena.

    1. Sheena. I sort of thought the same thing about shorty. Kauto also might not be so happy either as Long Run was his rival. Kauto however is a very kind horse and only wants the best for his fellow athletes, as long as they don’t try to out jump him. Time off for LR might be a good thing.
      I still cannot get over the comeback of Thousand Stars. It is heart warming to see this. Katie was riding. Shorty was third with Dalkali. Not the best of outings for the short one.
      What happened to poor Kenny Powers?
      Free the Moose and Power up Danny.

      1. Here’s the story on Thousand Stars. Love that horse. He looks like Tasty. He never gave up and just kept trying to win his races. Mullins also never lost confidence in him. Perseverance pays off.

        1. Dear Sheena and Max:

          Congrats to Thousand Stars, Mr. Mullins and Katie. Beautiful Grey. Love and Hugs, JB

        2. JudyB. Not certain if you know this. Sheena and I are smiling because Katie Walsh is Ruby’s younger sister. There are few female jockeys anywhere, but a successful female jump jockey is quite rare. The Moose however wants one. He also wants a visit to his yard from Annie Power. No luck there either.
          Free the Moose and Power up Danny.

        3. Dear Max and Sheena:

          I did not realize that Katie is Ruby’s sister. I see why you guys are smiling. Good for her; it is indeed rare to find a female Jump Jockey. There are not that many women jockeys in Flat Racing.

          Just a thought on Kenny Powers. As Sheena said, no collision, it just happened. Makes me wonder if the jumping takes a toll on some of them more than is detected. Some are more fragile in their bone structure than others. He was only five years old. Did he always race jumps? Rest In Peace beautiful boy. Always so sad to hear. Love and Hugs, JB

        4. JudyB. As far as I know, Kenny was never in any jump races. He was a flat racer. Very sad. His birthday is tomorrow. Only 5 as you said. He was a nice looking horse too.

  16. Y’all–I just thought of something. I was watching the video of CC walking back to his barn after the race, and I noticed something about him for the first time. When he stopped and surveyed the crowd, I thought to myself, “There is a horse just like our ZENNY”, who loves people because he has been treated kindly by all who have worked with him. This is a lesson that could be learned by many who call themselves horsemen.

    @Sally B. and Sue F.–so glad all went well at the wedding. I can just hear you whooping at the news of the race. I can’t believe we will be driving to Colorado on the day of the Belmont! Who knew?? Thank goodness for videos!

    @Peggy(N)–thanks for the lovely words. Hugs.

    1. Barbara,

      I thought the same thing to myself when I saw CC stand still and survey the crowd and his surroundings much like Zenyatta. I read or heard one of the team (I’ve seen and listened to so many interviews) say he will often stop for 10 minutes to look about.

      I’m not knowledgeable on horses behavior so I wondered if this is common or not. Is it dependent on the treatment and kindness they receive? I just loved seeing Zenny stopping to look at everything and everyone!

    2. Dear Barb W:

      I noticed that pose and stare about him too. He’s got IT. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Barbara, Awesome, so glad you picked up on that.
      hugs, Sally B

  17. Don’t know if anyone posted this earlier:

    Eblouissante #6 – running in race 8 – Adoration Stakes at Santa Anita at 4:44
    Gary Stevens in the irons.

    Hoping she runs like the wind and comes home safe.

    1. Dear Mary:

      Thanks. I think someone else did post it. You can watch it live on Registration is free. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Hope she and Gary do well. He might be just what she needs. Above all, safe trip.

      1. Dear Shirlee:

        Yes, rooting for her and GS. She needs some good racing luck too; no gate problems, etc. Love and Hugs, JB

    3. Yes, Ebbe, run like the wind and put every other horse behind.

  18. Dear Max.I had no idea Katie was riding and got to beat her short brother!I remember her riding him once at Aintree and she was a good 2nd.I know Kauto is one of the nicest horses around and only wants the best,even for his rivals I have always loved the fact on his twitter they remember Paul and Ditcheat.Poor Kenny Powers fractured his pelvis no collision or anything just happened and he was sadly put down.It goes to show how delicate these magnificent creatures are.Great to see Dan looking so good and on the road to recovery.
    My favourite cat Nissy is annoyed he hasn’t received an invite to meet Charles and Camilla,I didn’t even know they were in Nova Scotia.Free the Moose.PU Dan. Sheena.

    1. Sheena. I laughed when I read that Katie won over shorty. See also that reference to Abby racing. I love that horse too. I guess that Mullins plans to stay in France for awhile. When is the jump season over in France?
      Looks like Chuck and wife are on a royal tour to Nissyland. Did you see his story about snakes? I did not know that domesticated cats go after snakes. Peep annoyed Nissy by saving the snakes. Next time he’s going after mouses. Bro Seville apparently peed on the peep’s new plant. Seville is a wild man.
      It’s very upsetting when a horse is in an accident and has to be euthanized. Even hearing about it is tough. I sure hope that Dan is on the mend. He looks that way. He’s hungry. The grass looks nice at that hospital.
      Free the Moose and Power Up Danny.

  19. Hi all just got home from Pa. It was a fast trip and I am tired. I have a different Chromey story to tell.

    After my mother in laws service a large group of us went to eat at her favorite restaurant.

    I sat across from a couple that helped her with home repairs and all sorts of other odd jobs. With them was a lady I never meet. A nurse that helped take care of Ruth. She had retired but still helped out with Ruth and was at the home before her last days.

    Mary was very interested in the race when my niece and I started watching on her I phone. I could tell of all the people besides me at the table this lady really wanted to watch and loved horses. I took the phone and went around the table put it in her hand and watched over her shoulder. I narrated it to her and the table. We where routing Chromey home together. Mary was very thankful for me bringing the phone over so she could watch and I was thrilled to meet a new friend. I went back to my seat and said it was fait that she would have taken care of Ruth and that yesterday we would meat and watch Chromey win together. I am glad to be home and always amazed at God and what he does for me. Earlier that day I was stuck in an hour and a half wait to get through a tunnel in Pittsburgh and was cursing just about anything that moved. Later I was thinking how blessed I am and what a great day we all had together. Yes it was sad that Ruth passed but we had not been together as a family for 9 years. I am so glad I could go and be with my family in law. I am going to find something special to send Mary. She told me after the race when she was a little girl she would sneak to the socky track after school and watch the horses train. That must have been in the 40’s. My trip was fast and I loved being with my family but I am also glad to be home with my Angel.

    I hope you like my Chromey story. I sure do and will never forget it.
    Coz I Can 2015
    I like Ik 2016

    1. Dear Sue:

      Great Chromie story. Small world it is for sure. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Sue,
      Great story, sure is amazing how this horse has become the “darling” of almost everyone and connections are made all the time, with fans old and new. You are truly a giving person, God bless you. hugs

    3. Sue Fl, That was a special story indeed. I know you will hold this close into your memories.
      hugs, Sally B

  20. Dear Z, COZ, ZI and Princess Z:

    I bet the Princess has grown quite a bit. Will be great to see new photos of both of you. Sweet Dreams. Love all of you so much. Hugs, JB

  21. Dear Max Yes,I read about Nissy and his snakes.My cat Katie would bring in snakes quite often,our garden led onto a park where I assume she found them,the trouble was they would always be alive!!Cats just love to bring little “gifts”.Nissy’s peeps must have a lovely garden.I found another cat from St Andrews in Scotland called Hamish Mchamish he sort of belongs to the Auld Grey Toon and all it’s people love him, he’s 15 now and has roamed the town most of his life.
    Jumps racing goes on now throughout the year,we used to have a 2 month break but that stopped years ago.The main season is always the winter months when the more well-known horses run.I should think it’s the same in France.Free The Moose. PU Dan.Sheena

    1. Sheena. Mullins and other top level trainers must rotate their horses in races because few horses can keep in top shape all year long. I’m surprised that Thousand Stars and Long Run are still racing in May. Mullins is talking of further races in three weeks in France for some of his horses. Glad that The Fly is on vacation. Moosie is also on vacation from his vacation. Even when he’s racing, he isn’t. Great horse.
      Thanks for the insight into cat behavior. Nissy must be fast to catch those little snakes. His blog is very well written. Also very amusing. Does Hamish have a blog?
      Free the Moose and Power up Danny.

  22. Dear Z Fans:

    Oh my gosh, if you can, please register and log in to Cal Racing. Eblouissante is dancing and prancing in the paddock. Oh, the great memories. This is E’s “Baptism by Fire”. Godspeed Ebby. Love and Hugs, JB

  23. Dear Z Fans:

    E just stopped. I think Gary S felt he should ease her up. Don’t know what happened, but appears something isn’t right with her. Hope it’s nothing major. Really can’t tell until we hear a report from JS. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. It didn’t appear to be an injury, but more of a “I’m not doing this”.

      Maybe time to think about a stallion for 2015.

      1. Dear Especially Horses:

        Could be. Hoping rather that, than an injury. Love and Hugs, JB

        1. Always worry when they’re eased down during a race. Hopefully the news will be good. Hugs KathyR.

        2. Dear Kathy R:

          It’s so strange; she looked good and was prancing in the paddock being led by her groom. Hope she’s OK. Love and Hugs, JB

  24. Dear Max.I loved that”a vacation from a vacation”!!!Hamish is on FB you should be able to access him.He’s a large Marmalade.Free the Moose.PU Dan.Sheena.

  25. Dear Judy.Sorry to hear of Ebby’s mishap,might not be interested in racing anymore.As Max told you Kenny Powers was a flat racehorse,it’s bad enough to see a fall or breakdown in jumps let alone on the flat and a young gelding too.Goodnight God bless you LM PC HT Ruby Diamond Little Cap Hercules and all the Sweeties.Love and hugs SheenaX

    1. Dear Max and Sheena:

      Thanks for the info on Kenny Powers. Yes it is very sad. Love and Hugs, JB

  26. Dear Sheena:

    Saw Ruby and Diamond today. Diamond has gotten so tall and she’s full of herself. Goodnight. Love and Hugs, JB, LM, PC, HT, Cap, Herc, Ruby, Diamond and all the Sweeties

    1. Dear Judy

      Diamond is just beautiful.

      1. Dear Peggy:

        I think she is beautiful too and I think her sire (although we don’t have any way of knowing) may be a Thoroughbred because she has really long legs and she’s gotten so tall in the last two weeks. Love and Hugs, JB

  27. Goodnight my dear Zenyatta and sweet dreams!
    love n kisses on your soft nose and to Coz, Zi and foal 14z
    You are always in my thoughts

    Auntie Sally B

  28. Hi all Zsters; I hope I can keep this fairly short. This past Weds., everything seemed to happen at the barn and this very small group of visitors, part of The Sweet Haven Ranch rescue had been present, although not one of us volunteers would have known it if one gal Mary would not stopped in to pick something up.
    This was the same group that had come by to assess Sir with a Pastor Dave just 3 weeks ago. He after lunging Sir over and over with a saddle on, said that Sir was in pain, had cancer and to get a vet over to euthanize. He spoke to our Kathryn, the go between our Horse Sanctuary and Cedar Community/CV and stated he would love to bring his horses over to CV’s property and have it become their Sweet Haven Rescue. Pastor Dave had stated he had a new “good hand” that would stay there 24/7.

    This same Weds. when our volunteer came for chores horses were not where they should be, Frito, who is rather fragile now was gated out so that he could not get to water or hay. He was apart from Fancy! They are bonded so much and never are apart. Jo who has recovered from laminitus and following vets orders not to graze especially in spring, was out in the pasture. Every horse had experienced something that made them nervous, frightened and exhausted!!

    Suspicions ran wild with the volunteers. I even thought myself did someone from Sweet Haven come earlier before any volunteer would be present, and before they were to meet with Kathryn? It was not nice to think that way, but I was wondering if they were conveniently making a point that with them they would have someone there 24/7 so something like this would not happen.

    Because of all this and the fear of euthanization to Sir, Liz contacted Sirs original home when he was a show horse and spoke of the situation. She is willing to have him back!! ( She had sold him as a pet horse after his show days)
    This is bittersweet for me. I cried thinking I would not be with Sir anymore. Yet I know if I love him I need to be happy for him, which I am! The vet comes this Monday for Coggins testing and immunizations and then Sir will leave asap.
    I am to go up north with husband later Tues afternoon and it does break my heart to know when I come back he may not be at the barn.
    So tomorrow I will go out there for a bit and help clean and hang around Sir and Tues. my day of feeding and chores in the a.m., I will do the same and love him and wish him well going “back home”.
    Thanks for listening again
    hugs, Sally B

    1. Oh, Sally, I understand that this is bittersweet news, but surely this is very good news for Sir, given that the deadline at CV was fast approaching with little prospect of a reprieve for him. I don’t know, does it take any time for the Coggins test result to come back? Perhaps he will still be there when you return from your trip. I hope you can stay in touch with his former-and-once-again owner, and maybe see Sir via Skype until you can visit him. Surely she will be grateful to you for the loving care you have given Sir and your advocacy for him. I think you’ll feel better if you have a clear picture of him in his “new” home so you can think of him there instead of just absent from his accustomed spot at CV. Love and hugZ, Trina

    2. Dear Sally:

      I really feel for you regarding Sir going “back home”: I’d be really torn, knowing he’s going to be safe and loved, but crikey, it’s a tough one to bear when you’ve been his loving support for so long. Can you go to visit him? Just keep hanging onto the knowledge that you’ve been a real angel to him. Hugs, KathyR.

    3. Dear Sally B.:

      Your post made me cry. I am so sad for you because I know how much you love Sir and that will miss him. But, I am happy for Sir because he will have a loving home and the opportunity to live out his life in a good place. I know these next few days with him will be bittersweet, but I have to say try to enjoy your time together and, once again, God Bless you and him. Love and Hugs, JB

  29. Dear Sandy:

    Know I’m “out of order” in responses, but just wanted to let you know , no worries about your “US” comment – I’m actually feeling very smug and contented because I’ve got honorary citizenship from the Chromies! Heard the discussion about his nasal strips on Skysportsradio this morning – the blokes were a bit puzzled that there would be a problem as they’re used down here to assist with breathing, according to those trainers that use them. Just hope that issue will be resolved without causing too much tension – there’s enough to worry about when big races are on the horizon. Hugs, KathyR.

    1. Dear Kathy R:

      You are so right; there is enough to do just competing in the Triple Crown races let alone to be in CC’s position right now going for the last piece of the pie. Other tracks in the US allow the use of nasal strips on horses. New York Racing Association does not. CC has worn one in all of his wins. Hope this gets resolved too. Love and Hugs, JB

    2. Thanks KathyR. Just had to be sure you knew I wasn’t talking citizenship but family :-) All this fuss about Chromie’s nasal strips is beyond bizarre. It’s essentially a big piece of tape for cryin’ out loud! For him to wind up either not racing or not having his usual equipment available would be such a disservice to everyone!!!

  30. @Sue FL CPRC–thanks for sharing your story. We are glad you are safely home.

    @Sally B.–I know it’s hard to “give up” Sir to his former owner, but I am so relieved that the threat of eminent euthanization isn’t hanging over his head. I agree with Trina that maybe you can keep up still.

    Anyone hear a report on Ebby? I really, really feel that she is trying to communicate that she doesn’t want to race. Of course, I could be wrong. She didn’t appear seriously injured. Will have to wait for a report, I suppose.

    @Wise Dan–you look beautiful, and that grass looks mighty good. Keep up the good work from your end, and we’ll keep up the prayers from ours.

    @Zenny–we are all so grateful that you never fell victim to any of the perils of the track. Love you always.

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