Diary Post #452

NO BABY YET! Photo by John Shirreffs

Happy Wednesday Dear Friends,

I have heard that everyone all over the country is PACING, PACING, PACING waiting to hear the news. As of this morning….I have not foaled. I’m not quite sure when it will happen. This is such a new experience for ME!

My dear pals at BARN 55…Mario, Steve, Michelle…and ALL of the others are anxiously waiting for the updates.

I must graciously say…so are YOU. I am extremely proud to announce that we have now passed the 100,000 mark in Face Book Fans. This is truly quite an accomplishment…and I want to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! This number has more than doubled since I retired from racing and arrived at Lane’s End Farm. We have all come a long way together and have been blessed to share quite a fabulous and amazing journey. Again…THANK YOU!

As for my physical well-being….this morning’s reports are that I am doing great! I guess you could say I am taking my own sweet time to foal. You know ME…I have a tendency to keep people in suspense…on the edge of their seats…waiting to see what happens. That was definitely my racing style…and I gather it is carrying over to my new career in becoming a MOM!

I am happy, healthy, looking quite good (Blush, Blush…if I say so myself)…surrounded by people who adore ME. I genuinely feel all of the LOVE you all have for ME.

Jerry with Z. Photo by Ann.


I’ll keep you posted. Relax and have a FUN DAY! I know I will!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(All 100,000 plus of YOU! This is TOO CUTE!)


  1. Would love to see what Momma Z’s preggo belly looks like now – any way we can see a close-up photo of her before she gives birth?

  2. March 8 = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Queen Zenytta
    As I drove home from work last night I was in a-w-w-w of the Full Moon. I should have pulled over and taken a picture of it THEN because when I went outside later, it didn’t have the same a-w-ww

    However, I did talk to the Heaven’s and prayed that the Stars and the Moon – who watched you be born – watch over you again!

    ♥ Auntie Judy (On Cloud Nine while I wait for your Foal!)

    1. Awww … that’s tweet, er sweet! Paint a really nice picture there JAG – thanks GF! Relaxing ….

  3. Checking in, just checking in! Now I will go check Twitter…I figured some of it out. I have a follower…OMGoodness!

    1. No updates so far……

  4. @Zenny: Back at work – it’s 10:39AM in AZ. Half my brain is on the other side of the dateline, half my brain is in Kentucky awaiting word, and the other half is here trying to work. – – – How many halfs of a brain make me a redneck???
    dia-ditzy-stu-in – – – where the heck am I again?

    1. In lost looney tune lala land I’d say! LOL!

  5. Jeanie ~ Guess I’m going to make 2 donations to rescue the 7 horses. I forgot that I wanted to do something in celebration of Omaha’s 80th birthday, which is March 24th, by the way. I can’t give a whole lot, but I couldn’t think of a better way to honor Zenyatta and her foal and to remember Omaha. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

    1. Beautiful, Allie.

  6. Ya’ll, I don’t know about you, but my git-up had dun got-up-and-gone!!!
    karen-my derriere OUCH! tired-dunin self-in-Zennyland-waiting,waiting,waiting, notyetnotyetnotyet … sighhhh again!

  7. This is so fun waiting around for the most dearest foal to be born, Zenny. I so can’t wait to be an “Auntie.” This foal is going to be loved by so many people. I just love it.

    See ya. HUGS

  8. I’m going to get nothing done tomorrow, Zenny! I’ll be looking a million times for new posts, new pics and new videos!

  9. Zenyatta, I’ll bet you’re really excited about your foal. I’m pretty excited myself. You’ll eventually make it over the rough patches of raising the foal and become a veteran at it. Congratulations to over 100,000 subscribers to you on Facebook, including yours truly. That number will do nothing but get bigger and bigger, at least I hope.

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